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Telling Tales and Whispering Secrets 

A bit of fantasy alongside the current human condition



A daily blog of Short Stories - Essay - Writer's Musings

*stories in draft 

Why Orbit? 365 days, really? Don't you have enough to do?

Author, Chere Hughes


I've been asked several times why a busy novelist would do this. I enjoy connecting with readers. Of course, I am a reader myself. I consider that after 365 days, we will know each other. You will know my work and most importantly to me, I will know you and what you love about books and the fantasy sci-fi realms, and perhaps even your favorite dessert. While we're at it, mine is pot-de-crème. Yours?


So greetings. I invite you into the world of fantasy as I draw from fringe science, ancient esoteric writings and magicks served up on the platform of current culture. My reads are filled with magicks, villains, and dreamy worlds where you may sense that most anything is possible. Of course, as we know, there may be a price to pay.


As this blogging adventure unfolds, I look forward to hearing from you regarding what resonates and what entertains. I will continue to add value from my own stores of creativity and unique life experience. For me, the writing often comes from those dark spaces that rise to be seen. I write speculative fiction mostly adult, but have YA and a children's short story previewed on this website as well.


The focus for the first 30 days is the completion of The Nine Trilogy, bk1. I will chronicle my journey as I complete my first novel. In the past, I've written academically as well as in the corporate world. Creatively, I've developed short stories and a novella. This is my first novel and I am so pleased, I find stride in larger projects. Do you have a preference? Are you an article reader, blog reader, short form reader, novels? What's your pleasure? In this blog chronicle, I will share a bit about Nine gods and the mere mechanisms (humans to us) they play games with. I have an insider page on Patreon for readers and bonus, there's all sorts of extras going on there as well. To get a sense of The Nine, here's a preview: The Nine Trilogy Bk 1 Prologue


My groove has been a multi-path career experience as you may have as well. My first stop was serving as Mortician where I operated a funeral home in northern California. I thrived in the environment serving those grieving along with their dead. I just completed a novella called Electromagnetic that is inspired by my experience as a funeral director. A fantasy ghost story, Lilith and Otto are faced with magicks as earth's electromagnetic field is changed. Electromagnetic is available for download on my Patreon page. Those daily experiences as Mortician continues to inspire my writing.


I segued into the arts earning a BFA at ASU with a focus in 19th century photographic processes. I love the old processes, the sense of time they infer as well as the methods for it takes effort, precision and patience. Life is about the journey not the destination, yeah? I continue to be inspired by old photographs, but in a different manner today. I draw colorfully saturated dark pastel renderings that reflect my writing. I actually have award tiers on Patreon that include one of a kind original drawings that are inspired by The Nine Trilogy. I'll be sure to post some of my drawings here as we adventure.


My last stop before taking the plunge and working solely as a creative writer was a master's degree, M.Ed. I leaned into academia. I was teaching English and art when the funeral service education department realized I was a licensed funeral director, embalmer and had operated a funeral home, so I leaned in further and taught for all three departments. I still smile for I enjoyed teaching as well as working in the world of academia. The spirit of possibility, that seems an underlying current within college life, was fuel as I created work (art) and wrote.


Three years ago, it was quite sudden actually, I left academia making work and writing as Chere Hughes Studio. Today, I write. My background a bit unique living in world class cities and quaint small towns. I've worked in the death care industry, the art world, teaching. The thread, writing.


My pen is anchored here in the small mountain town of Flagstaff, AZ were I write from my sweet little abode as well as about town: the coffee shops, libraries, sidewalk benches wherever I land when venturing out on my bike.


I invite you to come aboard. May you be inspired, illuminated, entertained by the chronicle, essay and fantasy writing. The train has left the station, final destination and stops along the way: unseen.


My Orbit, 365 concurrent days of blogging right here. No fail. Today is day 1. I enjoy the process. I hope you enjoy the read.


Tell me what you love love about reading. Why is that? I'd love to hear.


See you tomorrow.

Cheers and best,


Telling Tales |Whispering Secrets Day 1


Ps- I posted an intro. of a story on Instagram and Facebook 2 days ago. It's about my foray into selling books. Perhaps I'll suss that out in earnest for tomorrow's post.


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