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Telling Tales and Whispering Secrets 

A bit of fantasy alongside the current human condition



A daily blog of Short Stories - Essay - Writer's Musings

*stories in draft 

Illuminating the Path | Journey Begins Pt. 1


The new moon is upon her. In just a couple of days, Luna will be at rest, dark. Persephone has a bit of work to do. As 2020 has just began. Not only is it the beginning of the year, but an opportunity to establish a solid foundation for the decade to come.



Having journaled exhaustively, Perce's brought her intentions to four. She selects four as it is a four year.


She has been with pencil and paper since the beginning of 12th Night.


Using the sweet retro blue and silver Cross pencil she was given for her high school graduation, everything is intentional at this point. The writing implement was a special gift from a distant aunt she so adored as a young child. The object has spent time with her. It knows her. The residue of past experience enhancing ritual elements are both her experience as well as her Aunt Mary's.


She asked. Then asked again writing until she found herself repeating the same words or expressing the same thought or feeling, but with other words. She hashed out her soul's purpose by honest assessment of what went well the year prior as well as what was not for her highest good. She then poured her golden thread of desire into the pages using her feeling body.


How she wanted to feel was her focus, as Perce allowed the images to surface reflecting the overwhelming sensations.


She doesn't hold back.



As always, "This or better." She whispers smiling as recalls the 12 days of integration, gratitude and forward focus.


A ritual she's practiced for several years.



As Perce understands the value of ritual, she's resting in her chaise lounge. She places a light blanket over her and begins by taking in several long drawn out yawns. She ever so slowly stretches.


With ease, she harnesses her calm centered ritual space.


With a deep inhale and exhale, she expresses her intention to transport her consciousness.

"There." Eyes already closed, her awareness soars into the sky.


Perce astral travels, the stars bright in contrast to the midnight blue atmosphere.  The course is set for her grotto so she relaxes into the experience open to discovering something new along the way.


She is not in a hurry nor is she taking her time.



Persephone discovered this space several years ago during meditation. She was so deep in her quiet space, she thought perhaps she'd fallen asleep. Just as she felt the impetus to begin rising by wiggling her fingers and toes, her mind's eye opened to reveal her cave.



She considers it has been with her for lifetimes.


It remains her particular locale in which to begin a journey of deep intention.



Though the process is a meditative one, she mindfully dresses in particular.


First, she dons her robes over a simple black shirt, pants and socks. The heavy robes are authentic vintage Masonic robes. She found her ritual garb in a vintage shop on Mill Avenue in Tempe, AZ many years ago.


Soft red velvet with gold and purple brocade. Embroidered gold metal leaves and tassels with sleeves that fall to the floor like a wizards. One by one, she intentionally buttons the mantle.


Perce wraps an antique golden shawl around her neck and covers her head with a black head scarf that's appliqued with gold.


Her last piece of ritual clothing are the gloves made of transparent cloth transforming her hands, specially.



Now that she's placed her awareness in the space of initiating intention, Perce, gathers time.


With a large brass sand filled hourglass, she marks her process.


If she has more than enough time, she knows the task is not complete. If she runs out of time, she realizes she is finished with the task. Most often, the hourglass is in tune with her timing or vice versa.


All is understood as right timing.



Standing in comfortable balance both feet strong and sure, Perce places her hands to her heart and power center.


Her head is lowered every so slightly, in lieu of toward the sky, as she is summoning from within.


She's prepared to call upon a guide.



And tomorrow


Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 67 of 365 Orbit


Ps- I will be going live next week to talk about Alchemy and how it inspires my fantasy Sci Fi writing. This new series is a reflection of the craft.

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