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Telling Tales and Whispering Secrets 

A bit of fantasy alongside the current human condition



A daily blog of Short Stories - Essay - Writer's Musings

*stories in draft 

Illuminating the Path | Journey Begins Pt. 2



Quietly, Persephone requests support. Guidance that will extend throughout the intention's journey. A query from the what if, from the outer realms of consciousness.


Mindfully, she craft's her sigil.


This anchor will transform as the intention begins to rise from the depths revealing its true qualities. Smiling, she hums calming her vaso-vagal circuit. She feels quite happy though her ask is more complex than the simple emotional result that is happiness.


Even though, Perce's grateful for the sensation. Her eyes now to the sky, Persephone's hands raise upward. Joy transforms to a sense of fulfillment.


Slowly lowering her arms using her hands as wands, she targets the astral-designed fresco wall. Lines emerge.


She feels into what surfaces on the stone wall. Forty-five degree angles. A resting diamond. Four intentions now one symbol fully integrated as one.  


It is aligned.


Examining the symbol, Perce cocks her head to the side scrutinizing the geometric shape before her. She questions whether a cloven foot creature will be her guide.





She senses the wind is crossing over her face as the rest of her body is covered with ritual garments.


Harkening from her Soul's tribe, her partner for this ride resides in the animal spirit world.


This soul flies.



Making an entrance, a striking snowy owl wings spread lands elegantly on the desk.


"And your name?" Persephone is smiling at the soft creature for she knows the wisdom this magickal being imbues.


"Aldwine." Almost as if she should have known, the spotted owl busies himself pulling on a tuft of feathers that needs grooming


Perce is pleased. "Of course it is. Do you own a monocle?" She's in a light joking mood.


"Don't be cheeky." He flaps his wings settling in.


"Just sayin'." Perce senses a smile from her feathered friend. "This is a deep process for me as my sun is in the middle of the Full Moon and Stellium. I'm challenged in keeping the energies square in my head."


"Tis your heart my friend. Your heart-space is infinite. Query your heart and power center with your mind." Aldwine's whistling sounds though Perce understands the communique as a translated feeling.



Aldwine knows what Persephone needs before she inquires. "Your tools. You must carefully gather your tools. They will serve you well throughout the process."


"I've been thinking about it… I mean going in and inquiring with both my head and heart-space. I'd like to keep it simple. There are just two items and of course dear Luna."


"It's time to begin their summoning." Aldwine draws nearer to Perce.


"So it is." Persephone smiles excited for her beloved magickal ritual processes as well as her kind and clever guide.





Part 3 tomorrow. See you then.


Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 68 of 365 Orbit


Ps- I will be going live next week to talk about Alchemy and how it inspires my fantasy Sci Fi writing. This new series is a reflection of the craft.

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