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Telling Tales and Whispering Secrets 

A bit of fantasy alongside the current human condition



A daily blog of Short Stories - Essay - Writer's Musings

*stories in draft 

Illuminating the Path | Journey Begins Pt. 3



Her intuition is keen to select the perfectly aligned tools for the journey as 2020 is a year to pay close attention. Perce is listening to the inner pull that tells her consciousness that opportunity is present and it is transient.


She smiles as she begins, for the process brings her home. It is the closest sense to what she would liken as home.



Aldwine looks to Persephone awaiting her cue.


Perce embodies strong feelings of sovereignty calling her inner power to express itself. She draws upon strength that lies deep within spaces that are not accessed often. She values them; therefore, she uses them wisely.


The sense grows as power from within travels without as well. Her body warms, she smiles gratitude. Beginning her manifestation of an object to represent, she places hands to the heart and power center. Then quickly creates fists that she slowly raises to the sky. Palms facing front, they begin to burn.


Perce doesn't let go. Looking down slightly harnessing power within, she draws earthly vibrations up through her body toward her palms.


As her hands feel as if they will melt from heat, they fill. She holds a simple wooden staff. Perce looks up to the scepter and smiles before bringing in down resting one end on the ground.


She taps her staff thanking the planet for aligning with her intentions providing such a beautiful gift.


"Look Aldwine. How beautiful, yeah?" Persephone's carefully examining the exquisitely polished yew wood.


Aldwine admires what Perce has manifested. "It will support you as you integrate the past into wisdom, while also bringing you inner strength. Though I'm not so certain you need it." Aldwine is impressed by Persephone's ability to summon such a powerful wand.


"It will do indeed." Perce nods grinning placing her staff against the grotto's wall.



Steadying herself, Persephone looks to Aldwine who's anticipating her next call. It's his turn to nod. Perce returns a smile, and begins stretching and yawning as she brings herself back to center.


With a heel toe tip of the feet, she steadies into balance. Her hands to her heart and power center, her head bows in gratitude.


Next, she holds her hands out and begins slowly opening them mimicking opening a book. Her first opening results in not.


"Hmmm." Perce looks to Aldwine that actually shrugs. "Fine. I got this anyway."


She repeats the process. Her favorite book appears before her. Her Akashic records. "Lovely!" Perce responds and expresses a Whew! relaxing into the process.


She repeats the process and the beautiful rich hunter green leather book with gold embossed pages transforms to a deep purple book with silver embossing.


"Awesome. My wise-self, elders, ancestors and guides have arrived." Perce laughs. "Sweeeet!"


"Now be sure to maintain your concentration." Aldwine reminds her before she loses the precarious thread.


Perce quickly changes her features to reflect the tone of the process. With surety, she opens her hands once again. Her gorgeous purple leather tome transforms one last time to a light violet book. It is slim and its pages gleam as if they're pearl.


Perce is almost to tears. "The higher realms and souls collective has graced me with their presence. I didn't expect it. It's not often they attend."


She kneels to the ground in one fluid movement placing the book(s) on her lap. Her hands on top, she tips her head up eyes closed as she's in appreciation. Aldwine joins her by softly landing on her right shoulder.



A few minutes pass as they both are so pleased by the outcome. Smiling Perce begins to stir. Aldwine relocates as she rises. The book(s) take flight flitting about expressing personality.



Perce releases a sense of control over the objects she's summoned as they are her symbols to strengthen the anchor that will guide her through the sure process to manifestation. They need not be lead.


She looks to her feathered guide. "And now Luna. I want to recognize her as the cord throughout this entire process."


Aldwine's calm voice still rings of pride for his charge. "She knows." Perce's integrity and willingness to do the work, the practice needed to adept is inspiring.


The energy of great Goddess Moon moves. Controlling the tides as well as Persephone's illumination source of what lies within and without.


Perce's possibilities lie before her.


As the ebb and flow, the results are up to Persephone. She feels the heaviness of her intentions. They are deep. They are grand. The only way through is by going pro.



Part 4 tomorrow and so it continues.


Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 69 of 365 Orbit

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