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Telling Tales and Whispering Secrets 

A bit of fantasy alongside the current human condition



A daily blog of Short Stories - Essay - Writer's Musings

*stories in draft 

Illuminating the Path | Journey Begins Pt. 4


Aldwine observes Persephone as she inspects her tools.


"They're simple, yet powerful." Perce muses as she grasps hold of her long staff.


The yew wood is carefully crafted. She's pleased as Yew is her favorite right now. The wood gleams with her touch. It warms with her intensity of hand.


"I look forward to what's in store." She's speaking to both Aldwine and her scepter.



She holds out her hands in front of her.


Perce's eyes follow her summoned book(s) that is flitting about her warmly lit grotto. Soaring amongst the colorful lamps then swooping down almost extinguishing the single candle flame residing on the desk. She smiles at the playfulness.


Using her eyes, she draws the book(s) to her hands by eyes on her flying object and eyes to her ready hands in turn. The book(s) is keen to connect and quickly lands in her outstretched palms.


The warmth is loving. The book currently rich hunter green, the full account of her energetic existence before her.


Perce whispers. "It's still here…."


She closes the book opening it once again. Her eye's meet a beautiful violet book with pearlescent pages.


With a squeal. "The higher realms are still with us Aldwine!"


Her spirit guide responds. "Did you sense your summoning was that transient?"


"Well… no. I'm just so grateful." A wide smile is directed to the snowy white owl.

Persephone repeats the process.


The violet tome deepens to a rich purple.


"My people are with me always; however, here in this concentrated space," She gestures toward the book with her eyes and returns directing her gaze to Aldwine.

"they all reside: my wise-self, my ancestors, my elders, my guides… the lot of them."


Perce rubs the pages and closes the book(s.) Walking to the small desk, she places the book down. It quickly flies away hanging out by Perce's tall magical wand.


"I've gotta get used to that." Perce laughs as Aldwine lands on the desk.



As he looks over the glowing pages before them, "You have been quite thorough here, Persephone."


"Yeah, thanks. Call me 'P.' My close-ones do." Her eyes remain on the pages as her hand floats over the penciled script on vintage Speedball paper.


Aldwine gets a bit choked up. They haven't even begun and Perce is already sensing their adventure will be rich in connection. He so enjoys those spirits that are 'all in.'


"Tell about this process P."



"Well… I begin on 12th Night and for 12 days. I write." Perce takes a seat.


She leans on the desk as Aldwine settles.


Her chin resting in her hands, she continues. "At first, I take stock of the year. With honesty, I consider what went well. I write until I'm repeating myself. Then write just a bit further and the crème rises. I do the same with what went pear-shaped, challenges as well as what I was not aligned with." She looks to the pages.


"That takes courage. It's a bit taxing." Her spirit guide is fully in tune with his charge.


Perce raises up and takes in a deep breathe, letting it out. "Yeah it is. And it's not done then. I take each of the subsequent 12 days and focus on an area of my life. I decide what it will look like in following year. You know, this or better."


"You are not a Clairvoyant P." Aldwine sounds more stern than he intends.


Perce laughs. "You are indeed right about that. But that's part of the joie de vivre of life. The je ne sais quoi."


Aldwine opens his feathers a bit as he's laughing. "Oh… okay. If that's what you tell yourself P."


"I do!"


"And there's wisdom in your perspective." He smiles having ruffled Perce's feather a bit.


Perce laughs realizing Aldwine's teasing is a sign he's pleased with her progress so far, as her mentor and all.



Persephone is suddenly more serious. "I really focus on the feels. You know, accessing my wise-self. I use my mind. That is my logic, reason and intellect along with how my body feels when manifesting my purpose."


Aldwine is standing straighter leaning in a bit. "Tell me more. This is going to serve you well during our journey."


"Well… it's for both ascertaining my place within my journey and intending by feeling as if the future has already has taken place. You know, trying it on for size per se. I do account for the rhythms of life and course correct as needed. Intentionally that is. The key and greatest challenge for me is taking action. I can dwell in my head a bit too much."



"I understand…." Aldwine's feathers are close to Perce. She can feel his warmth and kindness. With wisdom, he guides. "It is time for you to take the next step in the process."


"It's the green book, isn't it?" Perce smiles in anticipation.


"Right you are!" Aldwine adores his charge.





The conclusion tomorrow.


Cheers and best,


Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 70 of 365 Orbit


Ps- I will be going live next week to talk about Alchemy and how it inspires my fantasy Sci Fi writing. This new series is a reflection of the craft.

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