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Telling Tales and Whispering Secrets 

A bit of fantasy alongside the current human condition



A daily blog of Short Stories - Essay - Writer's Musings

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Illuminating the Path | Journey Begins Pt. 5


Perce holds her finger out drawing in her sacred book(s.)


She closes her eyes. "Green." She whispers.


Kicking back over by the staff and jumping about, the book(s) freezes suspended in the air with a "Who me?" gesture.


A little louder this time. "Yes…. YOU." Persephone presses ten fingers in the air toward the book(s.)


The book(s) waves a definitive, "No…" and begins softly pulsing in the air remaining next to the scepter.



Aldwine, having watched the volley with amusement, decides it's time to intercede. "Wait, wait… you don't just jump in. Cannonball style! Hold up a minute."


Perce's hands are on her hips. "How come? I'm ready. What's that book(s) got to do that's more important than the pool?"


"The book is ready P." Aldwine lands softly on her shoulder. "You need to take a breath."



"Just how did you come up with the Sacred Pool?" Aldwine's taken aback a bit by Perce's awareness.


"It's my go-to space for considering my soul's journey. And the hunter green book with gold leaf pages is MY Akashics after all." Perce responds realizing that Aldwine's pacing her.


"You are itching to get there with THAT book aren't you?" Aldwine lightens the energetic space.


Perce smiles. "I sure am. I have some things there that will just sing with my Akashics in proximity."


"I understand; however, slow and steady wins the race P." Aldwine waves his wing at Perce's ear. "Go within for you are neglecting a very important aspect of your journey."



Perce begins to pace back and forth in her grotto. Her robes flow behind her. She pauses and attempts to draw the floating magickal book(s) toward her once again. It pulses with a golden light and then shakes negative.


Aldwine patiently rests on top the desk . He murmers, "Be present. There's no hurry. There's plenty of time."


Perce has her fingers to her lips. Head down, she slows. Suddenly, she stops. Her royal robe gleams as she takes her place at her desk. "My intentions. I must handle them specially."


Aldwine responds. "There you go."



Perce carefully rolls the vintage paper into a multilayered scroll. Taking a bit of twine she intentionally wraps and then, knots the roll of paper three times.


"There." She's talking to herself and her talisman.


"Just one last…" Perce takes the candle and drips wax on the seam and twine. "Sealed. So it is…"


Taking the scroll in her left hand, she kneels on a small silk tapestry rug that lies on the cold stone floor. Arranging her robes, shawl and head covering, she places the scroll in her lap.


As Persephone raises her hands to her heart and power center, she nods to Aldwine. He responds by landing to her side.


"I know you may be with me only in spirit at the pool." Perce smiles to her spirit animal, the wise mentor supporting her journey.


Aldwine leans in, "We'll see P." and gestures Persephone to begin.



Perce's grotto naturally harnesses the four corners as well as the above and below. She sends acknowledgement and gratitude.


Placing her hands palms up in her lap, she summons Luna. Perce's eyes closed, she feels a prickling in the center of her hands. Her face warms.


The Goddess has graced her with presence.


Hands to the center of her chest, she looks toward the metaphor of the Goddess, a glowing golden orb floating before her.


She makes her request. "I am in need of your assistance. I am seeding. I am deliberate. I am intentioned. May your energies align with my journey in frequency and vibration."


The Goddess's energy is gentle and kind. A nurturing spirit, Luna sends accent via warmth through Persephone.


Persephone response with grace. Hands in gratitude. "And we will meet again next moon. So it is."


She lifts her grateful hands to the grotto's cloudy blue sky thanking the elements and above/below that maintain her sacred container, her grotto.



Aldwine takes flight. "You've harnessed your tools and guides. I am here for you P as is Luna. Use your book(s) and staff effectively and in right timing."


"Thank you Aldwine." Persephone stands and sends prayer hands in gratitude to the floating snowy white bird.


Without further ado, she takes the scroll in her hand and presses it into the grottos wall. The wall absorbs her intentions. Both Perce and Aldwine feel the power of her intentions seeding in sacred protected space.


Perce holds her ten fingers out, her wands summon. "Come." The book(s) fly into her left hand. The scepter lands into her right.


Perce shimmers and disappears with a last fading star. She doesn't realize her scroll sneaked into the binding of her book just before she disappeared.


Aldwine smiles and expresses a laugh. Taking flight, he vanishes through the magick dark sky ceiling's clouds.



And so the journey continues. Tomorrow the next chapter, per se: Sacred Pool.


Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 71 of 365 Orbit



Goddess Journey Project:
Filled with small details telling stories with colors, objects and symbols, Chere weaves the tale of the Goddess and the path to harmony within.

* Check out the series here on her blog


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