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Telling Tales and Whispering Secrets 

A bit of fantasy alongside the current human condition



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Sacred Pool | Inner Journey Pt. 1


The Journey began last week here on my blog with "Illuminating the Path."




Persephone grumbles as she makes her way through the dense foliage of ferns and shrubs. "Why is it that I am unable to access the pool directly?"


No answer.



Her ritual attire has transformed from a rich red velvet with gold and purple brocade ceremonial robe to a glimmering gown accessorized with comfortable slippers. Even though she's walking along a narrow earthen path rubbing against the surrounding flora, her dress and shoes remain spotless.


Perce lifts her skirts increasing her pace as she spies the Sacred Tree. She could feel the presence of great wisdom before her prior to making eye contact with the majestic Ponderosa pine. Its roughly barked trunk standing firm as the branches and needles move about in an almost anthropomorphic manner.


Sacred Tree is welcoming Perce.


Perce maintains eye contact with the gateway as her tools follow alongside. She calls her wand that's awaiting her command.

"Staff." Holding out her left hand.


Perce's polished yew wood scepter arrives quickly. She grips it comfortably setting an end on the forest floor.


The book(s) flaps about softly at her right shoulder, she smiles addressing her summoned resources. "You may as well manifest as the lovely deep green book that is my Akashics right now. We will be arriving soon."


Easer to comply, the book(s) transforms with a glow into the old leather book with gleaming gilded edged pages. The new form gives Persephone a nod and gestures she enter the portal.


"I am on it. Be patient." She smiles as she's enjoying seeing the records of her energetic past outside of the ancient library she usually visits for access to her ever-history.



Perce turns her smile toward Sacred Tree. Calm serenity rains down on Persephone as she opens her mind's eye. About 8 inches from the entry that leads to Sacred Pool, Perce taps her wand on the forest floor.


Three taps and a wooden door surfaces for the tree's wide trunk. Three more taps and the door slowly opens. With intent, Perce step over the threshold. Three taps on the floor of the inside of Sacred Tree and the door vanishes.


Perce lets go of her staff exclaiming, "There." wipes her hands together and then with her hands to her sides, she flicks the remaining energy toward the ground. Gratitude for harnessed energy that is now available for use, she lets out a soft sigh.


Her tools float alongside her as she walks to the inside wall. Kneeling down, Persephone draws a rough rose quartz stone from her pocket. With her fingers, she digs a small hole.


Kissing the stone, she smiles to Tree and whispers, "Thank you."


Perce places the stone in the hole and covers it up giving it a loving pat before standing.



Gesturing to her scepter and book(s,) she calls out from the third stair. "Well… come on."


Perce's eyes are to the sky as she climbs the great tree's staircase. Step by step, she's preparing for entrance to her Sacred Pool. It's access unconventional. Perce considers if she had found another route during her first visit, perhaps she wouldn't need to psych herself out like this.


Persephone considers using her wand. She instead begins her preparations by yawning and stretching. Calming the circuits in her brain. After several rounds, still slowly climbing the stairs, she shakes the subsequent tense energy from the rest of her body with a wiggle.


At the top of the staircase, her staff and book(s) still just behind her, she walks out onto the tallest limb. Looking down at the cloud cover, she stretches her hands to her sides and jumps.


Perce feels the mist of the clouds on her face. She can hear book(s) flapping just behind her to her right. Persephone can feel staff with her to her left. As the clouds clear, she's warmed by the jungle's humid sunny atmosphere. Placing her hands before into a point, she clears the water without a splash.



As it's always a bit harrowing Perce floats on her back for a moment. Her staff and book(s) have found a shady area to rest. Looking about, she notices the changes.


"Hmmm… the keys are new. Fun." Perce talks to all that is around her. The leaves rustle as the water laps on the shore of the pond. Some sounds are foreign to her.


Persephone loves keys and would enjoy it if they are a part of this journey, "Well see…" she muses.


Stepping out of the pool, Perce finds her vintage leather suitcase that conveniently appears here from her hallway closet at home. As the meditation requires some crystal magick and fire, Persephone's brought accouterments.


Before opening her leather suitcase, she calls her guide, "Aldwine!" Louder than is necessary.


"Here child." he answers with a purr.




And so the journey continues. Be seeing you tomorrow.


Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 73 of 365 Orbit



Goddess Journey Project:
Filled with small details telling stories with colors, objects and symbols, Chere weaves the tale of the Goddess and the path to harmony within.



Also, I will be going this week to talk about Alchemy and how it inspires my fantasy Sci Fi writing. This new series is a reflection of the craft.

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