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Telling Tales and Whispering Secrets 

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Sacred Pool | Inner Journey Pt. 2


The Journey began last week here on my blog with "Illuminating the Path."




"Where? Where are you Aldwine?" Persephone is kneeling before her suitcase looking around the perimeter of the blue green pool.


Her eyes pass a ledge. She quickly returns to it doing a double take, "What? Wow! Aldwine, you're so… so furry." Her mouth akin to a cod fish.


"Close your mouth. Yes, it is I. I wasn't so sure you would carry my energetic thread along with you to the pool." He licks his meaty Lynx paw and blinks like a satisfied kitty.


Perce's not sure how this is going to go. "So you're happy with the manifestation?" One leap and he's on top of her, claws and all.


"I am." Aldwine nods.


Persephone expresses a long sigh for she's been holding her breath, "Whew!" her left hand goes to her heart, "Good." Smiling with a nod.


Perce considers the manifestation carefully. The Lynx visits her often during her journeys. As a psychic protector supporting her wellbeing: a sense of equanimity in mind, emotions and body.


Nodding to Aldwine who gestures she should proceed, she opens her case. Retrieving smudging tools as she calls in from the bottomless case, Perce cleanses her sacred space with Palo Santo and Sweetgrass. With intention, she covers her body, mind and spirit with the calming smoke. She blows a waft Aldwines way with a playful smile. The familiar smell brings her to present with her workings. Her spirit guide witnessing her ritual.


As this container is maintained by the elements and the Goddess, she is here to inner journey visiting the within that is to integrate for wisdom in present time.


For Aldwine, she places her left hand in the silk lined leather case. With a drawing motion, she requests a feathery light clear rough Golden Amber as it is his totem along with a pink spotted-brown/black Leopardskin jasper stone. Both stones, to maintain the thread between her and her spirit guide during her time in the pool.


She holds them up to the interested huge kitty on the other side of the small pool. "Yeah?"


He nods his purr reverberating off the stone walls.



She places her index finger to her mouth considering what magicks she should bring with her as she goes within, deep within. Her finger flies to the air as she takes in a breath. She's got it.


Left hand back in the old case, she claws at the lining, asking. When drawing out her hands, she palms jade colored Green Chert for spatial care, black Tourmaline for stability and safe return, and lastly, a chocolatey Smokey Quartz point to keep anything not for Perce's highest good at bay.


"Nice…" She's all-in with the process speaking only to herself.


The space managed with great care, Persephone slowly goes into her ritual case summoning holding her left hand inside touching nothing. Two small items meet her hand pulsing a quick blistering heat.


Perce grasps them in response. Hopeful, she closes her eyes and places them to her heart center. Slowly opening her hand, she takes a peek. Her swirling nautilus slice of Ammonite and cleverly shaped cloudy Shaman's Stone rests in the center of her palm.


Placing her right hand over her left, she extends gratitude for the process. Eyes to the sky, calm, smile on her face, "Thank you." she whispers.


Next, she quickly pulls a green bees wax rolled pillar candle and a light colored ritual cloth along with her anointing oil from her case.


Closing the lid, she taps the top and chimes, "Thanks!" sealing her suitcase of magicks.


Stones anointed, they are placed on a large sacred rock, well special to her as she's used it many times. Her candle is lit, fire.


The Ammonite and Shaman's Stone remain in her palms.

Looking up to another ledge above her, she spies her scepter lazily leaning against the stone wall. She asks. "Say… I cannot possibly hold you while meditating in the water. A smaller version please?"


A perfectly sized yew wand appears in her left hand.


"Thank you." she smiles and nods.


Book(s) begins to stir floating next to her long wooden staff. Perce responds. "Yes, but not yet. I'll let you know."


Persephone stands, her gleaming gown's skirts fall around her. Her soft slippers now under water as she slowly makes her way to the center of Sacred Pool.



Part 3 tomorrow, Perce's going within. See you then.


Cheers and best,


Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 74 of 365 Orbit



Goddess Journey Project:
Filled with small details telling stories with colors, objects and symbols, Chere weaves the tale of the Goddess and the path to harmony within.

* Check out the series here on her blog


Also, I will be going this week to talk about Alchemy and how it inspires my fantasy Sci Fi writing. This new series is a reflection of the craft.

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