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Telling Tales and Whispering Secrets 

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Sacred Pool | Inner Journey Pt. 3


The Journey began last week here on my blog with "Illuminating the Path." 



The Sacred Pool's silky water's temperature aligns with Persephone as she continues her walk to the center. At the under water's cliff edge, she raises her wand, "Duck feather's." she quietly expresses with a flick.


Confidently, she steps into the abyss with her left slippered foot. Her body slowly readjusts to a supine position floating at the pools surface.


"Much thanks." She extends a smile of gratitude to the water element beneath her.


The meditative process takes much from her. Perce's aware that some of the pool's energies have transformed since her last visit. She is not certain the vibrations are in complete alignment with her intentions. She considers them questions.


"Are you ready to release this pattern? Or does it still lie within your 'wheelhouse?" Perce is not sure it is her own manifestations projecting.


No answer.



When walking toward the center of her meditation space, she spied tools lying lazily on the pool's shore. Persephone ascertains whether these tools were discarded by another being. Perhaps energies left for particular use for the next visitor to this sacred space. Or maybe they are indeed manifestations of her subconscious. That is mirrors of the unresolved within.


Before beginning her meditation, Perce considers each tool in turn so to clear the space for her intended work. She brings her awareness to her mind's eye. With adept precision, she lowers her consciousness into the pool. Surrounded by the conducting element of within, flowing water, she inspects the contents of the pool.



The blade, an alchemist's tool for working with the element of air. She considers her breath. The sympathetic rhythm in tune with deep meditation, she is not in need. Next, Perce queries Spirit. The threads are sure, she is in alignment. Perce's still not certain so she checks in with her mind. In equanimity, safe, curious supported by her Shaman's Stone and Ammonite.



"Next." Persephone quietly calls. It perturbs her as the items are sequestering time.


The challis bumps up against her submerged shadow. She queries the golden form's vibration for use.


"Watery…" Perce ponders, "I'm surrounded by it. Need I consider more? The flow?"


She lingers on the challis with her emotional compass in mind. Feeling into a powerful space, she clearly sees her guides, Aldwine, her scepter and Akashics. She feels connected and loved. Her Green Chert and Smoky Quartz point further support her sensitivity.


"Nope." The challis finds another home at the bottom of the pool, nestled in the sand, still in proximity to the blade.



With an uninterested sigh, Perce sets out to examine the set of runes lying farthest from her. Her ghost-like form swims to them in lieu of calling them in. She reaches out to take one of the ivory stone tiles in her spirit-hand when an eerie vibration stirs the soft silty bottom of the pool, the runes barely visible.


With one rune stone in her hand, Persephone uses her mind's eye to seek out its source. Nothing from below the surface. Perce realizes this energy is mucking about in her as above conscious space as well.


Her shadow-spirit below begins to rise to the surface meeting the light, awareness.



As she's reconnected to the corporeal form floating on the surface of the Sacred Pool, Perce takes a moment to breathe integrating what just occurred. Slowly, she opens her eyes to the bright sunny sky above. She feels the safety her buoyant gown about her.  Her wand is held in her left hand with the Shaman's Stone. The Ammonite is softly clutched in her right hand.


Perce comes to a sitting, treading water pose, and looks up to her tools. They stand ready, her staff gesturing she use her yew wand if need be. She believes her Akashics are not for this exercise. She nods in return that she's okay.


Turning toward Aldwine above her, she sees he's standing his head down as he's watching over his charge.


"What is it?" Persephone asks her spirit guide.


"Look to the dark spaces around the pool. You will find the disturbance there."

Aldwine is clearly concerned. "You can do this P."


Perce's not so sure, but decides to give it a go and returns assent to her Lynx guide.



Slowly turning her head, she seeks what's lurking in the shadows. Perce blinks shocked by what she sees. Ghostly faces, the same face repeated. She recognizes the face, but is not certain where she's seen it before.


"Have I dreamt this face? Is it from something I've researched? Has this being been at the pool when I was here before?" Perce's running through all the options she can think of.


Panicking, her heavy gown begins to lose its buoyancy dragging Perce under. Footing is not an option as the center of the pool's depth is unknown. She struggles to break the surface. Her legs catch in the layers of skirting. In terror, she's lost her tools.


A burst of bubbles erupt next to her. Perce is so frightened, she stills. The back of her collar is taken in the jaws of the large cat. Persephone is quickly brought to the surface. With a loud gasp, she takes in air. Her mind goes to the offered blade she didn't keep at her side.


Aldwine swims to the shallows where Perce finds purchase and crawls to the shore. Rolling onto the sand, she covets the oxygen surrounding her. Persephone looks to her guide, wraps her sleeve soaked arms around her the soft cat and begins to weep.


"There. There P," Aldwine purrs to calm Persephone. "You are quite safe."



Part 4 tomorrow as Perce problem solves.


Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

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Goddess Journey Project:
Filled with small details telling stories with colors, objects and symbols, Chere weaves the tale of the Goddess and the path to harmony within.

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Also, I will be going this week to talk about Alchemy and how it inspires my fantasy Sci Fi writing. This new series is a reflection of the craft.

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