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Telling Tales and Whispering Secrets 

A bit of fantasy alongside the current human condition



A daily blog of Short Stories - Essay - Writer's Musings

*stories in draft 

She's a real Gem | Solitary Alchemist



Going within, she makes her way slow and steady down into the deep dark cavern that is akin to black Kyanite. Persephone senses the cords, aliens, entities, beings are holding a convention in her inner world.


She's been neglecting her energy spending more time in the mind, less in the heart-space.




A fog surrounds.


The clouds surreptitious. 


When swimming in the soup, she's unaware of the dynamic.




The lack of balance causes small tears and holes about her field. Her own well cared for energy seeps out into the ether tagging along with passing beings. Others, sensing there is a port of call with no docking fees, stream through the open spaces.



The inky stone cave slams her into self.


Her feet paddle across the sharp feathered shards of making up the stone floor. From heel to toe, she's drawn within with each step. as her soul descends into corporeal space, Perce's glad to be home.


Her energetic state clear but not whole, Perce makes ascends from her cleansing cave as light as a feather.


Her feet hovering just above ground, she looks up toward the cavern's opening high above her. The light welcomes.




With Blue Kyanite, she searches through the center of her being balancing the cores while calling her energy to return. She calls in, pauses and then asks... and then calls again aware. Her familiar energy streams inward. All energy sent is received in the exact same condition it was in when directed outward.


She owns, responsible for her whole self.




Persephone's power center lights up as each chakra space illuminates spinning both below and above. The colors calm as a flood of equanimity charges through her inner world.


Tuning in she's turning on.


Centered. Waiting. Patient.





Keeping it simple, she places her magickal stones, Jet and Aragonite, within her body space.


The Jet is softly grounding reminding Persephone that she has an ethereal tribe supporting her energy management system. The Aragonite repairs her auric field allowing Persephone to open her discerning heart-space.


The holes and tears gone, the energetic layers of skin smooth.




Now able to breathe deeply, she's breaking free to roam and be inspired.



Efforts no longer misdirected.


Breaking the chains lifting higher.




She's fully aware of her tribe surfacing.


All in right timing.


In tune with solipsism and self care, for now.





Always mesmerized by the media surrounding the Tucson gem show -inspires.



Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

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