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Telling Tales and Whispering Secrets 

A bit of fantasy alongside the current human condition



A daily blog of Short Stories - Essay - Writer's Musings

*stories in draft 

Star Profiles | Earthbound #2


Unique souls Series


A trains passes the platform as she stands tall awaiting as needed. Time is a comfortable construct knowing that good timing is right timing.


Using the subway is not necessary, but it she shows up as one that uses resources carefully.


Others notice her as they make their way onto the train. She has that sense about her that's interesting and curious.



Taking her seat, she does not bother to bring her book out for she notices others around her are better suited to sitting. Smiling she stands and one who might prefer to sit takes the comfortable seat. She doesn't consider them allowing them to do and be.


Communication cords rely on the same vibration as her voice reflects compassion. Others know they can be themselves around her.



While watching out the window, something surfaces. She can't quite put her finger on it. She can feel the impetus to flee.


Pausing…. She asks within, curious. Listens. Now aware, she makes a conscious choice.


Knowing running is not for her highest good, she goes within at the first sign of flight checking in on the feeling body whenever urge arises.


This is a habit.


She stays the course.



Stepping out, she's underground much like how abundance shows for her as it is mostly outside of conscious reach.


She takes the staircase up to the streets above.


She realizes that remaining on task taking steps toward progress supports her dreams as her wealth has already been attained for it lies within.


The subway is crowded, timing and patience serve her well.



She takes in a fresh breath of air atop the stairs.


When her soul senses freedom, she consciously manifests abundance as she knows her purpose well having access to the watery realms of all.


She remains true to herself. She does not lie to herself.


Progress is assured.



The streets are crowded, her Power, passion and vision aligns serving her well when hubris remains silent.


She's precise with conscious intent.


Steady as she goes.



With faith, she expands trusting timing harnessing the beauty of soul.


Who she is in spirit is lovely.



Through the door, she's arrives at her destination as dreams support her journey.


She's fastened to her dreams with a deep passion.


Subconscious power and expansion in space of growth allow her dreams to thrive.


This will endure.


Earthly realms are solved and resolved via embodiment and alignment of a trooper in action, a charming diplomat and a precise worker.


She collaborates with others on similar journey, in tune with abundance in their lives, willing to do the work in a healthy harmonious manner.




Prose astrology reading of one unique soul.


And tomorrow.


Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 62 of 365 Orbit

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Soft Footsteps | Stealing Library Pt 4


Maintaining eye contact with the book, Hazel decides how to reach the now concrete colored book. She figures it's caught so it may as well be identifiable.


"You had to steal yourself all the way up there?" Hazel talks directly to the book.


Tripping over Amelia as she has her nose to the ground sniffing, her canine is on the job as well. Hazel's tickled that Amelia is as interested in procuring the book as she is. Looking around in search of a ladder, Hazel realizes that the wooden staircase is missing.


"I'm not giving up that easy." This time talking to Amelia.


Amelia wags her tail then returns to sniffing about spending most of her time over by the door.


Though it's not ideal, Hazel realizes that her dad's chair is the only object that will get her closer to the book.


"Don't you move!" Her eyes trained on the book, voice clear and a bit stern.


Rolling the heavy chair to the bookcase, she attempts to get it as close to the polished shelving as she can. Pushing against the case, she checks to see if the rolling chair is stable. Satisfied, Hazel climbs back into the chair. This time, she stands extending herself as much as possible. She's about 18 inches from her goal.


Stepping onto the shiny wooden arm, the chair swivels. With a thud, Hazel finds herself on the floor. Amelia trots over to check, licking Hazel.


"I'm fine girl. Thank you though." Hazel wipes her face with the back of her hand all the while her eyes not leaving the book.



Rubbing her stinging hip, she thinks she's noticing the book moving ever so slightly.


"Oh no you don't!" Hazel climbs back up on the chair and then continues with her momentum climbing the shorter bookcase next to the ceiling height case the book is nesting in.


Quickly, she moves until she's got one foot on the short bookcase and another on a shelf below the book. With a thrust, she extends and locks onto her target. The book is icy cold. Hazel ignores the pain not letting up on her grasp.


"Ouch! Geez." Hazel now has both feet on the lower bookcase. She jumps onto the chair and then to the floor in almost a single move. Landing, she falls to her knees burning them on the rug.


Dropping the book, she quickly steps on it. Her foot solidly placed over her reward, she feels the chill through her leather soles.


"There. You stay there." Hazel rubs her bright red knees her fingers still stinging from the cold.  Her cool fingertips feeling good on her rug burned skin.



Amelia sniffs around the pinned down book and takes off quite intentionally. She's returned to the door sniffing and lightly scratching about.


Hazel decides to investigate the book from the big desk chair. Placing the book under her arm, she shivers. Going straight for the chair that's still hugging the bookcase, Hazel pushes the seat back to its proper place.


She keeps the book within her space as she climbs up into the desk chair.  After a balancing act, she's on her sore knees so that she can reach the desk. Placing the book on the leather top. The dark green of the desk pad seems to change the book's color a bit.


Hazel realizes it's attempting an escape. "Nope. You stay here with me. I'll let you go as soon as I'm done. No harm. I'm just really curious!"


She tries to open the book, it's frozen shut. "Geez! No!" Hazel feels deflated.


Amelia begins to whine from the left side of the desk. Hazel looks to her friend. This causes a very wide smile to reflect on Hazel's face.



Amelia has an Art Deco style star in her mouth. She stands on her hind legs to reach Hazel's hand.


Reaching down to grasp the warm star, "Where did you get this?"


Hazel's eyes look to toward the space Amelia has spent much of her time in. The door is missing a carved golden star in the center just above the bottom of the door.


"How'd you do that? Wow… you are amazing Amelia" Hazel sends her an air-kiss not wanting to let go of the book or the star.


Amelia jumps up onto the roomy chair and places her front paws on the desk. Gesturing for Hazel to use the star. Hazels wants to do her part and get it right as Amelia has certainly done hers.


She carefully places the star on the book. The book begins to absorb the star, the light dimming. Hazel quickly grabs the star. It responds by warming quickly. Amelia appears to be shaking her head.


"Yeah. Wasn't such a good idea was it?" Hazel's responding.


She decides to sit back on her heels. Amelia lays down in the chair and snuggles in.


Hazel keeps her frosty right hand on the book while she brings the star to her lap and asks. "Thank you beautiful tool. How am I to use you?"



Using her mind's eye to solve the puzzle, Hazel's firing intuition brings Amelia to a stand.


Opening her eyes, "Amelia! I trace a star."


Amelia's paws return to the desktop. Hazel slowly traces a star on the cold book using the warm star clutched in her small hand. The book turns a golden leather with deep blue stars surrounding its edges. The star in Hazel's hand disappears.


Amelia spies a pulsing light and whimpers to Hazel. Hazel follows her dog's eyes to the door. The light fades, the star transformed into a golden engraving.



"So that's how it's done." She winks and scratches Amelia's back.


Amelia wags her tail and licks Hazel's arm. She circles the chair cushion and lies down for a nap, exhausted. Hazel looks to the shimmering book that's inviting her to open the cover.


Hazel's face glows as she opens the book and begins reading. The moving pictures and simple prose tell a story of one's spirit.


A lion pounces about as the book explains how laughter and play must be maintained throughout a lifetime. Hazel can't help but smile and giggle in return.


The book continues encouraging those that 'see,' a third eye blinks at Hazel, to take on the quest to know thyself. Hazel's third eye responds, her consciousness not quite ready to absorb the wisdom.


Hazel breathes and continues. She sees light beings coming to together and separating in an ebb and flow fashion. The last page reads. "Life is meant to be shared and enjoyed."



Closing the book, Hazel yawns and stretches. She sighs filled with energy, yet very tired. Scooting off the chair, Amelia's right behind her. Taking the book off the desk, Hazel walks to the same bookshelf and returns the book. This time at eye level. The book disappears a pulse of light on the highest shelf indicates its destination. The golden leather fades to its quiet concrete color.


Hazel looks up sending gratitude. The book responds with a shower of glittering light that falls down onto Hazel and Amelia.


For the first time in a long time, she's for a nap. Hazel leaves the library. Passing John, she waves thanks and heads for her bed to dream about what she's just discovered. Amelia trots alongside climbing the stairs in time with her friend.


The end.




Happy New Year!


Something new tomorrow. See you then.



Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 61 of 365 Orbit

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Soft Footsteps | Stealing Library Pt 3.


Just as John disappears into the salon with their mother, Hazel's small feet paddle to the library door. The familiar Art Deco style carvings stop her progress. She runs her fingers along the stars just as she had when resting on the staircase.


Stepping back, Hazel admires the pattern on the hefty wooden door. Placing her hands on her hips, she scans the pattern of carved stars. She senses they are a sign of the information that's housed on the other side.


Smiling, she gently pushes opening the quiet door. Passing over the threshold into the inky dark room, she switches on a dim lamp that stands tall just inside the room. The door slowly closes, ajar.


"That won't do." Hazel is keen to get this right the first go and quietly closes the library door. Effectively sealing herself in the space.


Another smile, this time of satisfaction. "There." She stands tall and flicks her fingers to the floor grounding herself aligning with the space.



Hazel clasps her hands behind her back and begins to patiently walk around the room. She surreptitiously glances about for the book while overtly examining the contents of the chamber-like space.


While continuing to access her inner compass, she stops on the navy blue tapestry rug reflective with golden stars. Leaning down to reach the fine threads, she feels the soft quality of silk. Amelia sniffs the carpet, sits and looks to Hazel. Her furry friend just as patient, Hazel hones in on the Art Deco stars that recede ever so slightly inviting her to trace the form once again.


Slowly rising still in the 'feels' of the warm carpentry, she harnesses her intuition yet again. While walking toward the pair of soft leather wingback chairs flanking a small table, she looks through her lashes scanning the shelves for her prize. Nothing stands out. So as to not to alert her target, for this book likes to roam the shelves, she takes a seat her feet dangling. Amelia jumps onto the other chair. In pretense, she plays with the Tiffany lamp sitting atop the sandwiched swirling burl wood table.


'Click. Click.'


Her scan of the room results in naught.


Feigning boredom she yawns and then, hops from her perch making her way to the huge wooden desk with leather desktop. The smooth hunter green leather is gilded in the star pattern. She climbs up onto the tufted black leather desk chair. Looking upward and about, she settles up on her knees. Still no sign. She senses she's close to discovering the tome. So as to focus, she takes a moment and traces the star pattern decorating the edges of the leather writing pad.


Hazel begins to hum and looks straight up while Amelia crawls underneath the desk and repeats her modus operandi for curling up under the desks. The dim lamps create a reflective quality in the stars above. Their precisely painted figures gleaming on the deep blue ceiling. She takes in a breath, they're truly beautiful.


She knows the ceiling is decorated, "Perhaps it's all the star tracing today…" She muses to herself.


While enjoying the beauty of the ceiling, Hazel moves her eyes in waves down to the ring of dark hardwood bookshelves that surround the space. With no windows only dim light to guide her, Hazel seeks the book intuitively. She's fully aware the book cover likes to shape shift replicating another reads in the collection.


Still nothing.



Getting down from the cushy desk chair, she rouses Amelia who crawls from her cozy space under the desk. Looking up, Amelia awaits her fast friend's next move.


Hazel decides it's time to break out her trusted spyglass. From her deep dress pocket, she pulls out the small black handle that houses a ring of magnifying glass on the other end.


"The best investment I've ever made." Hazel's polishing the glass talking directly to Amelia who wags her tail over the rug.


This past summer, Hazel worked in her father's offices at the mine. She isn't as keen on the house and kitchen activities as her older sister is. Once paid, she went to her favorite spy magazine finding the earmarked page that invited her into the Detective's Society. Her mail order came quickly with her very own official certificate, badge and spyglass.


Now armed with her trusted detecting tool using her mind's eye, she begins to conjure an image of the concrete colored trade size paperback book. About one inch thick…


Amelia wet noses Hazel's leg interrupting her process. Hazel loves and respects her comrade. She stops and looks to Amelia questioning.


"What's up Amelia?" Hazel coos wiping her leg and then, scratching her dog's velvety soft head. Amelia continues to look toward the door. "Okay. I'll check."


Hazel approaches the door and plants her ear on the thick wood. There's no sound. She opens the door a crack and extends her ear out the opening. Nothing.


"Nope. Sweets, we are good to go." She replies to Amelia's signal. The poodle attempts to stop Hazel and whimpers.


"I'm sorry Amelia. I don't understand." Giving her silky coat a rub.


Back to center, Hazel attempts to summon the book by describing everything she knows about it so far: color and size. She only has an inkling as to the contents. Holding up her spyglass she scans the shelves no longer concerned that she will be noticed.


Her first scan results in nothing so Hazel draws closer to the books. During her second slow methodical scan, she passes a sparkle. Quickly moving her spyglass back to the spot, the glowing book is no longer there.


"This is more difficult than I anticipated." Hazel's talking to Amelia again. Amelia whimpers and looks to the door.


"Do you want to go out?" Hazel opens the door enough for Amelia to squeeze through. Her furry friend doesn't move.


"Okay." Hazel smiles and returns to her quest.


A third pass, Hazel now knows what to look for. On the far wall, spyglass held out at arms-length, eyes on the prize, Hazel discovers a glittering form.





The tale's conclusion tomorrow. Well maybe… I know it's done when it 'tales' me it's done. J

See you then. 



Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 60 of 365 Orbit



Ps- can you believe we've hit 60 days blogging every day already? Thank you for reading these little ditties. I appreciate you.

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Soft Footsteps | Stealing Library Pt. 2


The coast clear, Hazel tip-toes toward the little salon that houses a cozy reading room. Amelia wags along still aware of the 'quiet' command. The medium sized dog's tongue is out as she trots ahead of Hazel smiling her nails clicking on the floor.


Hazel slowly creeps to the entry way. Amelia is surprisingly patient still enjoying the fun. Once to the doorway, Hazel places her hand on the jamb peeking around the corner. The room appears empty. Void of noise, she's sure there's nothing to surprise her.


Walking across the carpet toward the library, she looks into the small cove. The rich dark wooden desk faces her challenging a retreat. A chaise lounge looks toward the desk its rich brown leather inviting touch.


The reading light above the sofa catches her eye. "Why is the light on?" Hazel's inner alarm sounds.


A slow intonation comes from the sofa. "Whatcha doin'?" Her brother leans around the side of the couch's back his eye brows raise up and down playfully.


Hazel giggles softly tip toeing toward her older brother.



She jumps onto the chaise with him and cuddles up. "Whatcha doin'?" she returns the question.


"I'm thinkin' you should be upstairs in bed." He playfully touches her nose with his index finger.


Wrinkling her face with a grin. "Yeah. It's harder than my times tables though." Hazel looks a bit defeated.


"Don't be sad little sister. We can't excel at everything." He smiles squeezing her shoulders in a hug.


Hazel laughs rolling out of the sofa chair landing on her feet. "I've got things to do. Gotta go."


"Okay. How about you tell me what you're up to." Her brother encourages disclosure.


"Sorry, can't." She slides her shoes toward the library and waves.


Her brother returns a 'piano fingers' wave. "To the library… bet it's not to practice arithmetic. Good luck sister." He winks.



A turn of the creakng front door handle and their father comes through the door. "Just came by…" He begins.


A nod to Hazel and her brother makes it to the foyer in a flash sliding in his socks stopping in front of their father. "Hey Dad, why are ya home so early?"


He steals a glance toward Hazel who's peeking out from the small salon's doorway.

Her brother waves her off. She complies crawling to the desk hiding underneath.


Amelia jumps in, circles and lands in Hazel's lap. Her big eyes requesting a petting session. Not thinking about it, Hazel runs her hand down the curly back of her now snoozing dog, listening in best she can.


Dad responds heading toward Hazel, "I've got some papers here I need. I was working on them last evening. They're either in the library or…" he walks into the small salon. "Maybe they're on the desk here."


Like the wind, Hazel's brother is standing in front of the desk shuffling the top's contents about while pushing Hazel's dress into the chair space with his feet. "I don't think they're here Dad. I woulda saw them."


"Okay John. You check here and I'll see about the library." Their father opens the heavy door and disappears inside. The door floats backward closing.


"What am I looking for?" John yells.


"It's my contracts folio, black leather."


"Not here for certain, Dad." John's doing his best to speed up the process.


"Wait!" both John and Hazel freeze holding their breath as their father calls out. "I found it." They both sigh.


Amelia missed the entire exchange as she's in la-la-land with Hazel's expert scratching behind the ears process. Hazels uses both hands. One on each ear, and Amelia's dead to the world.


Their father opens the library door and speeds past his children. He waves gratitude to John holding up the folio for proof. His coat still draped over his arm, he returns his hat to his head and exits the front door.


Hazel begins to stir, her foot falling asleep again.


John whispers. "Wait!" 



"Was that your father?" their mother cruises into the room. "What are you doing? That's my meal plans for the next week." She begins to round the desk.


"No need Mother. I'm just wondering if you need help with the Bazaar." John redirects just in time.


Their mother turns toward the meeting in the other room. John in tow, he pauses whispering. "You owe me!" and follows his mother to the salon on the other side of the house.


Hazel whispers to herself and the now awaking Amelia. "Yes I do brother… yes I really do."



And tomorrow. The tale continues.

I hope you are enjoying it!




Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 59 of 365 Orbit

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Soft Footsteps | Stealing Library Pt 1


Softly heel then toe, Hazel's Mary Janes make their way down the front staircase. Just up from a fitful nap, the eight year old girl's small hand reaches up grasping the railing, balance secured.


"It's so high up. Not sure I can reach it." Hazel's going over her mission in her mind. "I wonder why it's been shelved all the way up there?"


Noise from the salon stops Hazel. She crouches down watching the adults go down the hallway and under the stairs.


"Good! They're heading for tea in the kitchen." Hazel smiles as she slowly rises. "I sure could go for some cakes…" then thought better of it.


Hazel makes it down three more stairs past the creaking step that only gave out a slow groan. Her hand tires as she's white-knuckling the polished wooden railing, more out of nervousness than anything. She's not a secretive girl so this endeavor does not reside in her comfort zone.


Suddenly, one black patent leather shoe slips on the staircase's rich red tapestry runner. Sliding, she saves her fall by grabbing the railing with both hands. Her other foot left behind, she's almost doing the splits when she hears nothing.


"Fudge on the stick!" She awaits her mother and friends to continue their conversation.


Her mother calls out. "Hazel darling, is that you? I believe your nap is not quite over."


Hazel can hear her mother laughing with her friends while speaking kindly of her inquisitive child.


Continuing their afternoon visit. "She tries; but has so much energy, the naps sometimes fail. She's bright, beautiful and an interesting child to raise. Often, I'm entertained just watching her go about her day."


The ladies respond with assent and details regarding their charges.


Hazel's legs are beginning to cramp. Her back foot has fallen asleep. She moves her hips to her side and lowers her hands to the rungs. Finally, she's seated rubbing her legs and circling her tingling foot.



Several minutes pass as Hazel begins to look closely at the woodwork's carvings at eye level. Not quite ready to move, she occupies her time by tracing the wood's decoration. Inspecting the design closely, she's noticing the fine craftsmanship. Art Deco style stars catch her attention specially. 


Before rising, Hazel puts her short jet black hair behind her ears. Her stylish 1920s chin level bob  doesn't cooperate. After the attempt, her hair quickly falls back to frame her round cherub-like face. The huge white bow a top her head isn't fazed.


Hand back upon the railing, Hazel continues her stealth descent down the stairs. Having passed the ample landing where she paused, her little feet find themselves firmly planted on the first floor's gleaming hardwood.


Looking past the staircase with one eye, she leans in to check on the women. Skirts and the back of one of them is visible from her perspective. She listens in enough to sense they are fully immersed in their conversation planning the next bazaar event.


Hazel's shoulders lower as she relaxes into the next part of her journey. The salon opposite the one the ladies came from. Left from the staircase, her shoes tap on the hickory pecan floor. She freezes after three steps.


"Nothing? Yes!" She whispers drawing her fist toward her celebrating her little win.



Sashaying toward the deep blue tapestry rug in the south salon, she forgoes the last steps leaping onto the thick rug. A rustle from the other side of the couch catches her attention. Amelia bounds over the back of the settee landing in Hazel's arms.


The tawny colored poodle begins giving Hazel a bath taking advantage of the fact that Hazel cannot call out. She wrestles Amelia out of her arms and to the floor. A ball of fluff bounces about circling her legs.


Rustling of skirts along with clacks on the hardwoods alert Hazel that the team of women are on the move.


Hazel's mother's voice is getting closer. "Let's return to the salon. Go on in. I just need to check on something."


Hazel dives over the couch rolling off onto the floor with a thump. Amelia is in love with the game and begins to bark.


"Shhhh!" Hazel signals 'quiet' with her pincer fingers closing.


The curly mass of fur closes her mouth awaiting her next command.


Hazel's mum enters the room. "Amelia. What are you on about? You are going to wake the children. Hush!" She gives Amelia the same command with her fingers.


Amelia looks to Hazel that's hidden on the floor behind the settee and then over to Hazel's mother. Fortunately, her mother does not catch on and her skirt swirls as she turns and crosses the foyer to the adjacent salon.


Hazel's hands on the back of the couch she leans over to see if she's got clearance to get to the little salon next to her destination, the library.



The serial short story continues tomorrow.

See you then. 




Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 58 of 365 Orbit 



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The Pause | When Nothing is doing Something


I'm sensing a bit of a pause before the significant transition to our 20s. 


Perhaps our time is best spent at rest clearing up all that we personally do not desire or require.



We'll be hitting the ground running in January. 


There's a bevy of activity in the stars with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer on January 10th. The astrological stellium on January 12th MST is a real game changer. This stellium is in Capricorn with five planets.  


Perhaps 2020 is an authentic opportunity to reboot. 


When we know what we want and need, we better maintain a productive perspective. 



With clarity. 


We cultivate the ability to allow opportunities as they surface.


Maintaining balance with preparedness: discernment, acumen and courage, we manage our energy.


Focus is on actionable tasks.



Conceivably, in 2020 we surround ourselves with a sense of fulfillment.


Free and happy as laughter comes easily. 




So we decide. 


We choose what our viewpoint looks like. 



May the ebb and flow of your energy pendulum through the realms of 2020 vision as we prepare for the coming year.



Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 57 of 365 Orbit


Ps- I'm sure you've gathered just how much I enjoy reading. I've a western fantasy that is inspired by my mother's love of fiction novels. I'm working on a serial short story that focuses on my grandmother and her enthusiasm for reading. Should be fun!


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In | Within | Out





Participation Immersed


Integration Close




The rich quality of process Haiku.


Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 56 of 365 Orbit


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Secrets Revealed | Garden's Magick Pt. 6



"I said enough." Momay grows taller as her patience thins.


Perce's very careful how she responds. "I understand Momay. Please give me a moment to explain."


"No. Your games have been played out. You have nothing that interests us and we have what we need." Momay seizes Persephone by the arm. Locked in Fae intention, Perce's helpless.


Surprisingly Ellyllon buzzes before Momay. With a light respectful nod, he looks to Momay for permission to add to the conversation.


"Say your peace Ellyllon. It is your mother we bring back to the light today." Momay responds releasing Persephone from her firm grasp.


Astounded Ellyllon rests on the sill saying nothing. Perce rubs her arm.


"Well? What say you?" Momay's patience with Ellyllon only goes so far. She roughly grabs hold of Persephone's arm again.


Ellyllon stands on the sill. Arms behind his back, he addresses the great Momay. "We've never done this before. Just how do you know it will work?" He's walking back and forth looking down and up to Momay in turn.


Momay shoves Perce onto the small wooden solitary bench in the grotto. She wags her finger that Persephone. "Remain here!"


"You!" She points to Ellylon. "Come!" as she's exiting from the small door ducking slightly.


Ellyllon takes flight following quickly after Momay. He looks back to Perce and closes the door. The lock sounds.



Persephone sighs. She's alone again, but not totally without hope.


"I've gotten to him." Perce smiles to herself.


Just outside the door, she hears several fae buzzing about chatting all at once. The larger beings rustle foliage engaged in the conversation as well. Perce wonders how many have gathered. She realizes her likelihood of escape has greatly diminished.


Ellyllon's high pitched voice stands out. "How do we know this will work? The human assured me, she has something we want."


Another squeak with a swooping buzz. "You don't need another bauble, we need Mab!"


"It wouldn't be a bauble, she wouldn't do that." Ellyllon's obviously batting for Perce's team. Perce believes mostly out of pride. As Mab's son, it wouldn't do to be wrong.


Momay has decided. "Are you willing to take the chance Ellyllon?"


"Ah well…" Ellyllon expected more time to argue his point thereby convincing himself in the process as well. "Yes!" and then calmer and more determined. "Yes..."



Ellyllon buzzes past Momay unlocking the grotto's door. Perce remains seated looking up to Ellyllon who's perched comfortably on the window sill.  A soft rumble causes Persephone to turn her eyes toward the doorway that's packed with faeries. They all look to her as if she must have the answer. Perce moves about a bit on her seat uncomfortable with the responsibility, yet absolutely sure.


After smiling toward Momay, Ellyllon addresses Perce. "Make it quick. You've got five minutes. Bring Mab back to this space and time."


"It doesn't quite work that way." Perce replies as any funeral director would address another that is grieving.


"I have this." Perce unbuttons her coat and pulls the gleaming golden watch and fob from her vest pocket.


The gathered faeries express their awe and surprise.


"It is much more than a bauble." Perce continues.


One of the fae moves about uncomfortably while Ellyllon sends her a dark look. She raises her hands apologizing for insinuating that Ellyllon was interested gathering a prize object.


Perce gains everyone's attention when she stands explaining just how it works. "You need to be pretty precise and pluck the time as best you can. You get one opportunity, then it's done. You cannot repeat your attempt. So choose well."


Momay steps through the gathered fae. "I understand. I've seen this only once before. Ellyllon, you must be the one to go as you are her closest."


"I don't think I quite understand…" Ellyllon is polite attempting to hide his nervousness.


"P's watch and fob will take you to Mab. To the time before your ma'am took the spirit path." Momay already has Perce's travelling device in her hands. "You will go, inform and return. If successful, Mab will be in full Fae-form."


Persephone's already by the door mumbling 'excuse me' and making her way through the crowd when she finds Momay right before her. She looks up to the figure blocking her way.


Momay pushes Perce back to her bench. Persephone's forced to be seated. "You will remain until we have confirmed Mab is with us in present."



Perce stands pushing Momay back. "No! No, I will not. You require my permission to use the time piece. This is a great gift as there are a finite number of journeys that can be made."


Persephone buttons her suit coat and puts on her sad heels that had been returned to her during her imprisonment. "I will be taking my leave now. You will return my great great grandfather's watch tomorrow. Please place it by the stained glass wall in the rotunda."


Momay knew they had no choice. Looking to Ellyllon, she was assured that he was not willing to harvest Perce's essence.


"Very well P." Momay is speaking to Perce's retreating backside.


Outside the grotto, the path to the cellar is clear.


Persephone begins down the stone pathway when she turns, "Oh! And I expect my class ring returned too! I mean it Ellyllon."



The End.


Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 55 of 365 Orbit


Ps. The following day, after 20 minutes reassuring her team, Persephone walks into the great mausoleum. On the sill of one of the stained glass windows sits Perce's time piece and ring.

Scrolled on a bright green leaf, 'You are cordially invited to tea. Please come as soon as you can. I will regale you in the tale of how my son saved my life. With much gratitude, Mab.'


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Secrets Revealed | Garden's Magick Pt. 5


Pacing to keep the tiny space from feeling like it's shrinking around her, Persephone problem solves. She doesn't feel the victim as she's too focused on getting back to the mortuary down the hill.


"Another half hour, they're going to check and see if my car is still here." Persephone talks to herself.


Considering her team, she smiles recalling the joshing that went on as she stepped out though the back door of the funeral home hours before. "It feels like so long ago…"


Realization sets in. "I've got to figure out exactly what the Faeries want. There's zero room for error here."


Perce doesn't believe it is her per se. She senses that Ellyllon's grief is a big factor. Having spent time with the troupe, she also understands the Faerie's sense of balance and recompense.


"Exchange. What to barter?" Persephone's hands are on her hips as her stockinged feet pace the rough stone floor. She thinks about taking the torn silks off when her left hand meets something sacred under her jacket.


She shakes her head as she continues to walk, now in circles. "No, not that. I can't."



A few more turns about the small grotto's space, Persephone sighs. Unbuttoning her jacket, she looks down to her fitted vest a beautiful filigreed fob is smartly clipped outside her vest pocket the outline of a round object portents what lies within.


She rubs her fingers along the fob until she meets the initials scribed, her great-great grandfather's in Edwardian script. "Just what are your thoughts on this?" she asks the time piece.


Silence. "So now you're going to remain silent. I could really use your input here. I mean, would it even resolve their issue?"


Perce polishes the watch and fob regularly. Each day, she carefully winds the shiny 18 carat gold 17 jeweled watch. The clockmaker told her to keep it running so she's diligent. It keeps perfect time. She's hasn't needed to adjust it since its cleaning.


Perce's pacing speeds. "I can't do it. I can't." Tears fall from the corners of her eyes.


"I can hear you. You know." Ellyllon's at the window his voice menacing.


Persephone whispers, "Crap!" shoving both the watch and fob into her vest pocket, she quickly buttons her suit coat. "Why do I fear this tiny creature?" She whispers to herself.


Ellyllon continues to toy with his captor. "Just what would you like to propose? As if you could really could offer anything other than what we are going to take from you very soon."



Perce goes for it. "Oh… I'm not so sure I could part with it actually. It's very special to me and is made of precious things."


Ellyllon perches himself on the sill. "Just what do you have? Do you have it with you by chance?" his faerie love for objects that are all essentially thought of as theirs is taking over.


"Perhaps I do, but surely it's not an equivalent for my class ring and whatever you've got going with my blood. You still have that little vial by the way?" Perce's in negotiation mode. She's spent enough time with the Fae to know how to catch Ellyllon's attention. "Just what do you need with the little emerald bracelet you have around your mother's wrist?"


Ellyllon responds as expected. "I need your emerald and your blood to draw upon your essence. You humans don't use your life force wisely anyhow. It's a loss of very little consequence."


Perce yawns as if she's bored. Steeling her energy as her own while creating an energetic boundary even a fae cannot not permeate. She's got the goods now. She wants more information.


"So what of it? Why the essence?" She goes for the emotions. "She's dead. There's nothing you can do." Perce leans against the stone wall and yawns again long and deep for good measure.


Sensing Ellyllon's fury, she flicks her fingers toward the earth ridding herself of any last cord he can use to conduct her energy.


"You humans really understand nothing." Ellyllon is squeaking he's so angry.


Perce's voice still even. "Try me."


"As we rebalance the wrong, Mab can return to us."


"Yeah, yeah so you say. Have you done this before?" Perce's thinking she may not need to barter with her watch at all. Fear abating, her confidence front and center.


Ellyllon takes flight landing on a small bench in the grotto. "Well no…"


Perce goes in for the win when Momay appears through the stone wall. Her tall form showing her sadness. "Enough of your nonsense P. Ellyllon, ready the grave for Perce's "je ne sais quoi." We need to get started."


Persephone places her hand where her great great grand's watch is hidden. Returning to panic mode, "I've got something better Momay."





The conclusion tomorrow.


Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 54 of 365 Orbit



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Secrets Revealed | Garden’s Magick Pt. 4


The short trek becomes a chore as the dense foliage catches Perce's stockings. The fae leading the way is nonplussed simply elevating as needed. Momay's hands are clasped in front of her. She's becoming more somber as they near the Fae burial grounds.


Perce's awareness has been hijacked as she's not paying attention to the near destination. Head down, Persephone spends more time monitoring her steps. Her heels are a loss. The scrapes and scuffs on the leather as deep the dried cut on her cheek. 


With the mind's eye, Momay observes the mortician behind her. She stymies Perce placing a vine, stone, hidden pot hole before her keeping her from focusing on the glittering light show just ahead.


Perce's eyes meet the glimmer. She stops in realization. As the goings on are not what they appear, she finds her inner compass anchoring herself securely. While insuring that her pace and demeanor do not reflect her change in countenance, she continues on.



Through thick eyelashes, Persephone steals a peek at a pulsing glimmer fifty feet down the path. She queries her memory for any information she's absorbed while visiting the faeries in the past. Her stomach flips, her intuition is telling her to beat feet back to the cellar.


Perce surreptitiously gazes behind her. Her eyes bulge as she spies a wall of dense foliage covering the path. She's being fenced in, herded. Her options have been robbed from her. She is no longer in choice.


Momay almost sings. "Focus on your poor choice of footwear. You may trip and fall."


Perce yawns redirecting her focus from Momay's alluring energy. Her mind clears of Fae persuasion.


She returns dreamily, "Of course, my heels." deluding Momay into sensing her awareness as imprisoned.


In pretense, Perce uber-focuses on the ground while sneaking quick glances before and after her. She jumps as the Faerie glitter lets off a sharp crack. Righting herself quickly, Perce relaxes into false ignorance.


Momay's grief leaves her vulnerable and unaware she has lost her hold on the human.



Reaching the cemetery, Persephone is almost entranced by the beauty and color of the surrounding space. The headstones floating shapes descriptive of the Spirit's Fae existence.


"Whaaa. Wow…" Perce intentionally enjoys the beauty of Faerie-transitioning while observing every detail before her. She's seeking her escape.


Mab lies in-state floating above the puffing shimmering ground below her. Mab's tiny robes opulent. Perce's never seen a fae adorned as the transitioned being before her.


She notices her ring on Mab's wrist being worn as a bracelet. "Hey!" Perce yells pointing at her class ring.


The surrounding faeries look to Perce as if they've never met her before. Perce panics, inside that is. She's steeled herself for the worst.


Ellyllon appears Perce's blood in the small vial between his tiny fingers.


He's glaring at Perce and points to his mother, "This is ALL YOUR FAULT!" The tiny being shouting.


Perce's calm. "What? How?"


"Just whatever you've been spraying in the cemetery!" Ellyllon is off his head.


"You misunderstand. We only use natural abatements. There's nothing that could hurt or even injure anything."


"Thing! Are you calling our Kind things?!" Ellyllon is on a roll.


"No!!" Perce shows her cards.



Momay steps in. "She's in choice. I've lost her."


Perce slowly starts taking steps backward. The fae are full swing in flurry fighting one another buzzing about shaking fists and pointing fingers. Persephone takes advantage of the situation throws off her shoes, turns and breaks out in a run. She uses her hands to make way as she's dived into the jungle of vines and shrubs Momay built while hiding the pathway.


Ellyllon notices first. "She's making a run for it!"


The smallest fae shoot toward Perce buzzing about her like swarming bees.


"Stop it! Please! Stop!" Perce anger has turned to fear.


"Place her in the grotto until we figure how to harness what we need from her." Momay is calm pain still etched on her face.


The fae carry Perce to a small stone cave. She fights to free herself; however, she's no match for the hive like quality of the little beings.






See you tomorrow for day 54 and part 5.


Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 53 of 365 Orbit



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