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Telling Tales and Whispering Secrets 

A bit of fantasy alongside the current human condition



A daily blog of Short Stories - Essay - Writer's Musings

*stories in draft 

Secrets Revealed | Garden’s Magick Pt. 3


Eyes on her prize, ten feet in front of her stood aged wooden shelving filled with paint, tools and cleaning supplies. Each step results in an abnormal amount of dust. Half way to her last portal, a winged shadowy figure speeds by nicking her cheek. 


Shaken, Perce takes in a deep breath. She begins coughing the dust stinging her lungs. Still hacking, Perce raises her left hand to her cheek. Blood now on her finger tips, her brows furrow. The choking stilled as Persephone is now angry. 


Marching through the dust, she pushes on the shelving as she did the cabinet at the top of the stairs. The heavy storage rattles as it clicks and begins sliding backward. Still mad, Perce pushes harder than was necessary digging her heels into the soil. 


The shelf is now past the opening allowing Perce to slide through on the right-hand side. Having lost her patience, she continues down the old stone corridor to the open air, the sunshine, the magical garden. 


Stopping at the entrance, she blows a stray hair away from her face and checks on her bloody cheek. As a funeral director often carries a handkerchief, she pulls a delicate white cloth from her skirt pocket inspecting the embroidered initials before wiping the blood from her face. 


Perce's shaking her head folding the cloth so that the soiling won't stain her skirt pocket when a familiar face descends. Introduced by the buzzing sound of hummingbird wings, one of the Fae come in greeting. 




Perce's brows furrow, her left hand shading her eyes. Lowering her hand, she realizes her class ring was stolen by the creature that sliced her cheek. 


"Hello P." The red haired Faerie softly lands. 


"Who stole my ring?" Persephone wants the Faery to remain focused as they redirect a conversation with ease. 


"I've no idea what you speak of." 


Perce's fuming her hands on her hips. "Of course you do. You don't think I'll fall for any Fae tricks today. I'm not playing. I want my ring returned now." 


"You brought an emerald into the garden." The soft spoken Faerie continues. 


"That's my mortuary college ring. The colors are gold and green. It's not really an emerald ring per se." Persephone slows realizing she'll need to barter this one. 


"He's in pain. You must be patient with him." 


"I don't care if he has a boo-boo Momay, he must return what's mine. That ring is important to me." Perce remembers opening the small leather box on graduation, her mother smiling asking her if she likes it. 


"It's a pain of the heart." 


"What? What's happened?" Perce's immediately concerned. 


"His ma'am has taken to the spirit path." 


"She's gone? Where's her body or what do you call it?" Perce is in 'service' mode. 


"Her Fae-form is in-state at the cemetery." Momay is beginning to show signs of grief as well. 


Perce is concerned for her own safety, but continues anyway. "Perhaps I can help. You mean you have a cemetery within this cemetery?" 


"Our place of rest is wherever we are. We've been here for some time now so a cemetery has appeared." Momay gestures toward the small cluster of overgrown trees in the far corner of the huge hidden garden. 


"Let me see it. And please call for the thief. I understand he's hurting but that's no excuse to take what is not yours." 


"Ellyllon will be embarrassed once he's calmed down. You'll get your ring at that time." Momay levitates from the soft green grass and gestures for Perce to follow her. 



Perce notices golden puffs of shimmer rising in the distance. Following Momay, she smoothes her hair tucking the stray piece behind a pin. Her suit coat still buttoned, Perce pauses for a moment as she uses the now dried bloody handkerchief to dust her shoes. She checks her cheek causing the cut to bleed once again. 


"There is going to be a lot of questions once I return to the funeral home." Persephone shakes her head. 


"You're so certain you'll return each time to visit. You know that's not necessarily the case." Momay reads Perce's thoughts as if they were skywritten. 


"I will return." Perce continues walking. 


Momay still leading the way the puffs of golden glittery light getting closer. "So you say…" her voice drifting off. 


Perce grimaces at the Faerie's back her cheek itching from the dried blood. 


Momay smiles and shakes her head continuing to lead the human effortlessly. 




See you tomorrow for day 54 and part 4. 



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 52 of 365 Orbit


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Secrets Revealed | Garden's Magick Pt. 2


The heavy dark wooden door to the men's toilet has a camphor style glass window. Though opaque, Perce can see the comings and goings of the energies on the other side. Etched in the glass then polished black, the sign reads, 'Gentlemen.'


Persephone's unconcerned for this bathroom was deserted long ago. Its plumbing considered too burdensome to maintain. Additionally, the new section of the mausoleum housed opulent restrooms that were only used when services were held.


A bronze plaque next to the door reads, 'Permanently closed. Please use the facilities near the Rotunda.' Perce runs her fingers across the sign wondering why it was crafted with bronze.


She shrugs her shoulders placing both hands on the handle giving it a swift jerk upward while turning the knob. The weighty door sighs as it silently swings open.


Perce senses the stale quality of the air. It's musty and dark with the a bit of light coming from the small window high upon the wall.



This little window is how she discovered the secret space beyond the marble and stone walls of the mausoleum. One afternoon, she'd been called to the hill to take a look at the new installation of niches. While everyone was ooo-ing and ahh-ing at the craftsmanship and beauty of the space, Perce admired them only a moment as her mind began to wander.


"Wait a tick!" she's thinking to herself. "This structure is a ring. What's in the center?"


Once the crowd dispersed making their way back down the hill, Persephone approached the monument shop manager. "What's in the center of all this?" she gestures with her arms eyes seeking answers.


"Oh… that was sealed off a long time ago. Nothing really. You can't get to it actually." Samson casually answers. "See you down the hill." He heads for the doors.


That piqued Perce's interest in a big way. From that point forward, she spent time in the Great Mausoleum seeking access to the elusive area that was calling to her. She'd combed the huge stone building's storage closets, alcoves, bathrooms as well as the chapel and sitting room.


As it had been added onto through last 150 years, it was quite a task. She chose to make it a solitary endeavor for the longer she investigated, the more she recognized something secret was tucked away.



Just for kicks and a bit of a preview for she still had a ways to go, Perce lifted her skirt, removed her heels and climbed up on the old bathroom vanity. Not quite tall enough, she could just get a peek at the lush green timeworn garden. She breathed a sigh of relief, it was all still there.


Feeling the levity of the situation, Persephone jumped down from the sink landing stocking footed on the Victorian marble floor. Putting on her heels, she straightened her skirt, tucked in her shirt and buttoned her suit coat preparing for the next portal.


Just past the stalls, a beautiful floor to ceiling carved cabinet stood appearing as if it was hermetically sealed. There were no visible handles. The doors were so finely crafted they fit together with the smallest seam.


It had taken Perce some time to figure it out, even more time realizing that the bathroom cabinet held mystery. Eyes on the cupboard hands just out in front of her she began walking straight for the two doors. Making contact at the exact same time with each individual door front with similar force, she heard an echoing click. The doors cracked just enough for Persephone to pull them open with ease.


The hollow cabinet's marble flooring matched that of the rest of the bathroom. Her heels clicked through the shallow space to an old wooden staircase. Using her phone illuminating her way, she carefully managed eight steps to the cellar floor.


The smell of dirt and cobwebs flooded her senses as she landed on the dusty floor. Perce didn't enjoying spending time in this space, her eyes already on the last portal. 






See you tomorrow for day 52 and part 3. 


Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 51 of 365 Orbit



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Secrets Revealed | Garden’s Magick Pt. 1

Many ask as she heads out of the offices, "Just where do you go, Perce?" 


Mumbles and water cooler whispers hiss through the hollow hallway eyes on their boss heading out the back door. Persephone turns, smiles and waves. Her people do the same grinning shaking their heads. 


"One day, one of us is going to follow you, all stealth like." The cheeky one bellows. 


Behind her, laughter breaks out. Perce senses their happy demeanor, smiles redirecting her focus walking toward the looming structure on the hill. 




The journey up the rise is topped with pauses as Persephone yawns and slowly stretches. Her mouth open wide with her arms out to the sky. 


"Haaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuwwwhhhh." A long loud yawn escapes clearing calming her mind a bit more. 


Once she gets started the slow slow stretches and yawns continue intermittently as she places one heeled foot in front of the other. Her shoes crunching along the narrow graveled carriage roads. 


Sun comes and goes as the ancient oaks' canopies shade creating icy spots along her trek. She spies the bevy of peacocks pecking at the grass using a deep green carefully trimmed hedge as their shelter. 


These peafowl have been living, breeding and growing old on the cemetery grounds for decades. She expresses another loud long yawn that creates a bit of a stir amongst the feathered crowd. 


They calm quickly with a, "Oh, it's just you." and continue about their business as if she's a lawn ornament. 


Persephone smiles as she rubs her shoulders to warm up. Another yawn that begins with an extremely slow stretch is the last. She's landed at the base of the stairs.


The looming Grand Mausoleum's bronze French doors are just the first of several portals she will need to access. Taking action, her strong arm opens the heavy door as she strides through effortlessly. 


Her heels now echoing clacks, they still as she stops in the great rotunda looking up to the stone corbelled ceiling. 


"I close my eyes to sense the space. Hollow yet filled with the residue of those before us. I appreciate the welcome." Perce's extending gratitude. 


In solitude, she's surrounded by people, well the dead actually. Visitors of those gone before us bump up against this magickal space daily, perhaps never really infiltrating its truest reality. Perce is fully aware of just how present each individual being is as they have transcended space-time. Thus her salutations. 




Nodding, Persephone clicks along the corridor with determined trajectory. Flanked with crypts and niches, she's gone left where most go right from the rotunda. The starboard side where 19th century lives have been immortalized, some corporeal forms dust inside the wooden coffins nesting behind their marble crypt fronts. 


"Unless you were embalmed with heavy metals or arsenic that is." Perce whispers giggling at conversation with the ethereal. 


It's a bit of a walk, Perce begins saying names out loud tipping her head in greeting, "Stanford… McConnell… Conness…" her hands behind her back in no hurry at all. 


Perce stops suddenly, as clicking sounds mirror her shoes on the marble floor extending acknowledgement. She does a skip and a jump in return. 


The long corridor is getting darker. Perce is farther from the rotunda. She's used to the oddly dark section of the mausoleum for she's knows the source. Smiling she sees her destination… the men's bathroom, the next portal on her quest.


-continues tomorrow.



Today is the big 5-0! We celebrate with a bit of serial fantasy fiction. 


I am so pleased to be here with you. Thank you for reading my orbit blog, for being here along with me for the journey. Cheers to you. 


May the work continue to inspire, illuminate, entertain. 



See you tomorrow on day 51. 


Cheers and best,


Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 50 of 365 Orbit


Ps- Did you yawn? I yawned and stretched throughout her walk to the mausoleum. 



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Joie de Vivre | Comedic Views



"Wow. Now that's funny." Persephone's wide smile lights up her eyes with mirth.


"Come again?" Dude in the grocery line asks looking at Perce questioning whether she was addressing him.


"Geez, you may lose your load." Perce responds to the five bottles of booze in his arms as they are slowly but surely slipping from the big hug he's giving them.


"What's so funny?" The hugger is more focused on what he may have missed.


Persephone notices he should be focused on his drawers. One false hip move and they're at his ankles for sure.


"Everyone in this line is purchasing alcohol. See the two in front of you?" Perce uses her head to get her point across. "She's got enough wine to placate a ladies luncheon. The guy next to you is obviously into flavored vodkas. I'm thinkin' he's a craft martini bartender. You?"


"What? Yeah." The bear hugging liquor dude's pants are now below his hips. He wiggles as if it will help.


Perce refuses to give up on the exercise gesturing with a surreptitious nod toward those in the rear. "You can tell the Where's Waldo gent just behind is most likely an amateur as he's in his what?... in his 80s and has Goldschlager not so well hidden in his cart. It is festive looking though." She giggles spying the gold flecks floating about the concoction.


Perce continues. "Oh, and the one behind was surely given the task of  night caps, she's got some real players in her cart." She's ogling at the Grand Marnier, Armagnac, Port and Irish crème.


Smiling to the guy in front of her. "So give it up. What's with the basic bar you are about to drop to the floor?"


"Oh nothin', just restocking." The conveyor belt has just enough room, just in time for his bottles as well as his pants to be saved.


Looking down at the bottle nested at Perce's chest, he asks. "What's up with your D.J.? Gift?"


She grabs the spirit's neck bringing it down to her side. "It's actually my favorite Tequila."


"I see… just restocking." He smiles as the cashier garners his attention.


Seeing humor in everyday life.



With a curt gesture. "This is your office. You've got 10 minutes then you'll address the employees." He quickly closes the door.


Perce jumps inside as the door swipes her backside. Looking around her eyes are drawn to the lush green landscape past the long picture window wall, the surrounding walls mahogany paneling.


Before her is a conference table seating eight. A Chinese black lacquer privacy screen hugs the corner. As her eyes continuing to cruise right, she notices a modern couch with coffee and end tables.


The back wall home of her credenza, lateral file and executive style mahogany desk. The largest black leather chair she's ever seen is turned towards her  inviting her to take a seat.


Persephone's small figure dives into the swivel chair. Spinning, she presses the height lever swirling down as if she's on a curving slide.


She lands at the bottom and adjusts the height to match her petite legs. "Geez, just how tall was your last owner?" she smiles to herself.


Grinning, she looks around taking in the old world smells, clean textures and warm dark colors. At the edge of her desk, a marble name plate.


"That's lovely", she picks it up not realizing how heavy it is. Perce baubles the long triangular form finding purchase just before a sharp corner cracks the desktop.


She squeals a bit recognizing she's as nervous as heck.


She hadn't prepared anything for the staff. She realizes now that of course, she would address the entire team. There was just so much to organize before her first day. She's been preparing for the day's meetings with her management team, assistant and contemporaries.


"If it's the Whole Town in five, then so be it." She looks to her phone and stands peering into the wood framed tall mirror straightening her smart black suit smoothing her hair. She presses on a bit of lipstick.


Perce smiles embodying the joy of landing the position. Just as she's fully straightened, her assistant wraps her knuckles on Perce's door and peeks in, "You ready?"


"Let's do this." Perce smiles at the warm eyes holding the question.


If you are nervous, have fun with it.



Lightening up. You?


And tomorrow.


Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 49 of 365 Orbit



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Proximity | The Pasodoble


Perce never sleeps well when she knows she's has an early commitment. Tossing and turning for hours before finally calming the mind enough to find slumber, she's out of it. It's not that she'd be up anyway for she may or may not. The rub is she feels pressure; and more importantly, her morning routine of coffee, research articles, and practicing her Welsh-French-Latin is disrupted.


On the other side of the coin, Persephone would do anything for GoGo who needs an oil change along with a once over. A half cup of coffee, zero research articles, no language practice but a shout out text to her Sis, and she's up and ready to head to GoGo Passat's favorite VW shop. Having served her make vehicle since the 60s, R & R not only has GoGo continuing to run like a dream, but Perce feeling she's done all she can for her ride as well.


Persephone's lack of sleep exacerbates this morning's creative reverie she's finding herself in. The crisp morning chill along with the juxtaposition to a heated leather seat keeps her attentive to the trek along Route 66. Passing the grocery, she promises herself that she will stop for the cupboards have been wanting for days now. She's losing weight.


Walking into the garage, she's always glad to see the proprietor and his fam. Exchanging vibes, key passed on, Perce heads to the café to perk up and hopefully practice her languages.



It's difficult to decide. She's realizing she might want to ground a bit, but doesn't want to leave the creative space behind. Perce struggles through the ordering process and find a seat in the very back corner. She likes her 6 covered and considers that she can practices languages without disturbing the others.


Just about ready to get started, a gent squeezes in the last chair behind her.


"It's the only outlet." He explains.


Feeling a bit vulnerable, she looks to her watch. Another 25 minutes. She decides to absorb her surroundings. The first to come to mind are the ladies meet, two in constant conversation obviously catching up. They are in the flow. Across, another pair this time men talking tennis and golf. The team behind the counter continues to busy themselves going about their tasks seeming happy about being there.


A nudge of energy behind her brings Perce to consider proximity.


Turning her eyes to the sky, she considers. "If I was in The City, I would not contemplate the space issue. Perhaps the numbers form a sort of blanket of individuals. The balance may make closeness appear usual. Or perhaps the noise of it all cancels out awareness as it's no longer particular."


Turning to the chap behind her, she finds he concurs as he's from Boston. He adds. "So just outside our somewhat densely populated mountain town is space, there's lots of open road before you meet up with another populated area."


She agrees. "That has got to be a factor in the feels around personal space."



She looks out the window at the Dispensary across the parking lot. "Now, that's vicinity, yeah? A bit of nosh after…"






She then goes on to consider space time travel. "If I was to head to Vegas from here (Flagstaff,) it would be more than twice the distance from NYC to the Hamptons. Both are weekend destination getaways."







Perce sees she's finally hit the finish line as her phone indicates it's time to head back to the garage. With her taste of a dark roast in hand, she smiles as there's a Matadors just down the street from her place as well.


Turning, she expresses "Cheers." to the gent inches from her chair.


Heading out across the parking lot, Perce looks up as she passes the particular 'leaf' sign and continues toward her meet up with GoGo.


Noticing. Taking note…





See you tomorrow.


Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 48 of 365 Orbit



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When Darkness Comes | Allow


She calls it The Void.


Most of the time, Persephone feels, it just is. She allows the nothingness to flow until light emerges finding herself on the other end of it. If discomfort surfaces, Perce will slowly stretch and yawn recalibrating her mind relaxing the heightened centers.


While swimming in the darkness, Persephone focuses on a sense of curiosity.


She turns her head to the side eyes to the sky carefully considering the dynamic. Smiling, "Hmmm, that's interesting" or "Wow, what's that about?"


She makes certain that she maintains a childlike playful vibe as there is no reason for that energy to leave us as we age.


Perce is open, receiving.




There's silence in the space in between. Perce senses there is peace resting within conclusions and calm acceptance of what will never be answered.


She doesn't require finite endings. Some things distance in right timing.


When in doubt, Perce draws from the deepest spaces of her mind and feeling body, intuition. She doesn't hesitate to open up to the unknown realms and states of being that provide answers either.

Wisdom often surfaces when she queries just before closing her eyes to sleep for the night. Nesting in she finds that comfort space. Heavy blankets soft pillows with a couple of deep breaths. She smiles and asks within feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude.



Having lived in a funeral home may have something to do with it; however, Perce does not fear the inky darkness that comes nightly nor the chasms of shadowy spaces that appear to contain nothingness. She's used to walking through the dark mortuary at night passing visitation rooms where those that are no longer reside for a short while. Their caskets their beds.


She's knows better. She believes otherwise. Perce accepts those far-reaching spaces as rich in opposites, like anti-matter. They just are.



Because Perce trusts, she allows the darkness to come. She does not run, mask or evade the sensations. When feelings associate with pain and discord, she still allows them to flow through. Persephone focuses on discovering the emotions, centered in the brain, that are signaling a flood of chemicals that create the sensations of malaise or dis-ease.


Insight lies within the source. Query is the path to understanding.


The wisdom is in accepting that our corporeal experience includes both the ebb and flow. With grace is key.




So many are evolving, including me. I thought I'd take a page from Jung as he inspires this piece.


May you find your groove, your compass that maintains a sense of fulfillment no matter the transient state of things within.


As within so without.



And tomorrow.


Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 47 of 365 Orbit




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The Magick | It's the Little Things


Stirring slightly, she's still in that dreamy state; however, Persephone is lucid enough to ask her pressing question again. The one she fell asleep with last night. Silently she queries smiling.


Deciding that's quite enough, she heads to the living room to put on the coffee. The sounds of steam and drips result in eye-opening fresh coffee aromas. Not wanting to miss it, she lands on the couch. Twisting, she leans toward the dark wooden blinds and peeks out hoping for at least a little dusting of snow.


Turning back, Perce's a bit disappointed for she's in love with the mountains. It's mostly what the elevation brings: dreamy cool bright snow and pine scents. The ravens are a bonus as she often observes an Unkindness close by. They roam about the needles pecking while in deep conversations with each other.


With the sigh of the last big of steam making its way through the grounds, Perce goes for her cup. Not a favorite, but it's the only mug she has as she hasn't loved one enough to procure another.  The larger vessel best in the morning time, Perce warms her cup with hot water preparing for the dark rich brew.


Savoring her coffee, she sits in intention. Reviewing the day, it's one that's away from her computer. Her 'gig.' About 6 – 8 times a month, she heads out to work. She loves the change in routine. The day's review is quick with less intensity than her next effort.


That is to feel what her day will look like. She feels into the gig, the writing, the reaching out, the connections as well as what those moments of just being will feel like.



The morning is chilly with darkened clouds streaming above. Bundled in her layers, she's topped with a dark tweet coat, red paisley scarf and soft warm black gloves. Checking the door, she turns straightening her holiday wreath before heading to her auto, GoGo. The evergreen, holly, laurel and pine Yule wreath that is studded with chunks of quartz wired with cloves is righted.


"There." She smiles. Nodding at its perfection taking in the pungent woody aromas.



Turning into the Chevron station, the sound of "White Christmas" rings from the pumps' speakers. As she exits her car, she pulls the gas release making her way to the pump. She spies the friendly attendant and gives her a wave. A wide smile and nod returns.


Once at the pump, she notices her gas cover is still seamless with the car. She wedges her credit card in to see if it just needs an assist, the cover does not budge. Working with the release button and cover several times, she realizes the freezing temps have affected the mechanism. She goes inside to seek help.


Just inside the door, she stops and asks those queued up at the register. Immediately there's a response with one individual going for her husband as he knows cars really well.


Outside, he remedies the situation quickly. They both smile at Perce. She returns well wishes for the season, Happy Christmas, smiling as the kindness that surrounds her.



Pumping her gas, she sees their car pass and waves. Two guys smile and return the wave. Laughing, she explains, she thought they were someone else. The dudes continue to smile one saying, "Well, hello anyway!"


GoGo full and content, she's makes her way in to procure her Rockstars. She always consumes one energizing Rockstar during her gig. Inside, she and the cashier talk of the 'gas cover assist' kindness, both warmed by the friendly support.


Perce extends a, "Happy Christmas! If I don't see you." as she's leaving.


The kind woman returns, "What are you talking about? I'll be seeing you next week!" smiling and waving.



As she's almost to her gig, she stops at the Dollar Store to pick up a couple of supplies. Quick to the register, she's served by a happy young dude she sees often when she stops by. They banter with their usual light and cheerful vibes.


Smiling and well wishing, Perce waves heading for the double sliding doors.


He calls leaning over the stacks of product. "See you soon."


Perce's elevated by the comradery and co-acknowledgement.



The gig was is a bit of a workout so she heads to Sprouts to pick up the necessities for a fresh chicken and black bean burrito she's been craving.


Perce's hands are full for she doesn't get a basket, keeping it simple. The added bag of oranges are weighing her down a bit as she stands in the '10 or Less' line.


The smiling man in front of her tells her to go in first looking down at his basket. He's gesturing toward his cart that includes a number of bags of fresh fruit.


"You don't have much more than me. Thank you though. I'm fine." Perce responds smiling.


After a few 'are you sures,' he completes his transaction and it's her turn at the register. She expresses, "Happy Christmas." to the gent and his boys.


Turning to the cashier, banter ensues and as they enjoy each other's company.


As Perce leaving, the lovely woman at the register looks to her and says, "You are a beautiful spirit."


The kindness chokes Perce up a bit inside. She smiles. "Right back atcha."


The cashier extends prayer hands to her chest. Persephone returns the gesture. Hearts warmed by the exchange.



Seeing and being seen. The human condition.


Nudging the collective that is one; and yet, we are each sovereign.




May you be SEEN.

SEE you tomorrow.


Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 46 of 365 Orbit


Ps- I consider that at soul level, there is kindness along with the spirit of co-acknowledgement. In the space of observing, perhaps we notice it a bit more. Yeah?



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From One | To Another


Soon we rise from our teens as linear time leads us into our twenties, 2020.


This is a period when we don on our 'big girl' and 'big boy' pants. We own the seeds we've been sowing, tending to our pastures abating what is not for our highest good while fertilizing and taking great care for those dynamics we feel good about.



We consider that we embody sovereignty.


We are responsible for ourselves.


Self-parenting is now the norm as we ask 'why' so as to not project onto the nearest being in our space.


Harnessing our inner wisdom, we draw from intuition that is the feeling compass along with the mental body's inner knowing. Though it might be easier to just place our heads deep in the sand, quit or throw a fit, we instead course correct responding in lieu to reacting.



Our 'big pants' require that we step up in emotional maturity: pause – ask – act.


The teens are now behind us. Our 'adult training' is over. We've graduated. As it is important to feel all the feels in right time with right intensity; we have developed and therefore, we own the feelings as well as the responsibility to process them. Moreover, we understand that feelings are a chemical response to an emotional reaction in the brain. That is why we ask before we act.



As we live 'for reals' in the present, we understand that our corporeal experience is a reflection of within. We let our true being express, that is live in authenticity understanding that there are others in existence on the same ride.


We have left the seeding - growing years having birthed this cycle, we lean into what we will cleave; the path we develop in integrity for the next nine years.



Now that we're in our twenties, we begin to discover the tribe that endures. Because our foundation is a beautiful amalgamation of all the feels, self–love along with that love reflected in others, and mindful intent, we step out wearing our 'big pants:' interdependence.


As a teen, we felt and sometimes just had to endure all the feeling responses that surface with growth: some excruciating, some pure joy. The rollercoaster ride segues into a more undulating path when you live in your purpose in integrity. Life begins to ebb and flow when in grace.


This space attracts those that are on a concurrent ride. The connections support mutual growth and enriching life experiences. These networks are authentic and healthy. Your inner compass feels good about the alignment, most of the time.




The key is in recognizing the cycles. There's power in remaining aware of the human condition. There's relief in understanding that the cycle will begin again.


Knowing that each round integrates into evolving wisdom, the journey conveys a sense of fulfillment. Fulfillment the baseline of equanimity.



May you do your twenties with a bit of Some Kind of Wonderful meets St. Elmo's Fire. Living life out loud. letting your freak flag fly!


See you tomorrow.


Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 45 of 365 Orbit


Ps- I'm beginning to feel the pull of the transition towards the following year. You?



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In Dreams | There


Part 2.


She finally raises her head. As the Giant Schnauzer that has been afraid of the kittens before her, this time smiles at the little energies. Sitting back, she looks about her. Her attention no longer uber focused on the kittens. Pieces, the parts all integral require singular focus in right timing. She's no longer scared of the complexity.


Some beg for a bit more attention. With another pause, using discernment, she decides what requires attention or action, and for what duration. She nods about smiling as she creates her task path. A transformed route that will no longer stall her most actionable. That space will never be set aside again.


She considers what she's been waiting for. Every conversation, process, end point leads to this chamber.


"Why stymie the adventure? Why hold back?" She looks up inquiring within, digging several layers deep into the 'why.'


A paper along with her favorite pen from her desk and she begins to write in earnest. Her left hand expressing freely as the mind communicates. The mind, in conversation with the emotional body, accesses the deeper realms inside. She's in flow with grace.


Returning to present, she places her pen back in the desk drawer. With both hands, she holds up the paper and carefully examines its contents. The pattern surfaces slowly clearly. Into her awareness, she decides the chain is broken and takes a mental step forward. She strolls past the kittens directly toward source, the integrity of the endeavor.


Walking through the keyhole, she shades her eyes as the room glows with light, her inherent light. She's been stoking this fire with all the little things surrounding this space. The kittens call outside, she understands they need attention in right timing and right intensity. One thing at a time, she takes note and remains present.


Sitting in the core, the seat that all other working pieces and parts ebb and flow from, she's fulfilled.


Metaphor of fulfillment.

Are you with me?


And tomorrow.


Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 44 of 365 Orbit


Ps- Check out yesterday's Part 1 for the prelude to this little tale.



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In Dreams | Forward


Part 1.


Head down, she's in stride uncertain which tiles will lead her toward her dreams. The aspects of the whole swirl about making it difficult to ascertain whether she's coming or going. Cracks in between grab at her heels as the journey is filled with stops and starts.


Each square is an integral component. Some require time and consistency where others are more strategic. If you don't know the game, you can get lost in the tasks nothing of value resulting.


She steps on a tile. The energy flows in response. This one square is always a pleasure and easy for her to get to. She feels good after the task looking forward to the next experience. The process feels natural.


Another stone requires her attention. She's a bit out of her league and doesn't quite understand just how to navigate the dynamic. She's warned not to spend too much energy without carefully monitoring its progress. Not sure where to begin, but will be by next Friday.


Her boot lands on a familiar slab. She's sees steady progress and is thankful for those tiles. She engages as she knows the drill. Processing with integrity, she smiles when she presses 'Post.'


This stone is solid and feels like home. Her safe space, she doesn't always give it the attention it requires as she's hijacked by the others. She promises each day to get there. She does, just not as much as she wants to.


Just beyond, she spies the beautiful space that houses what defines her purpose, her dream. The measurements are taken there. She assesses value in that space. She hasn't paid any attention to it as of yet. Perhaps, it is time to open that gate and step in for once that gate is open, and the other stones are a bit more worn, she can submit her completions pitching for the show.


Metaphor of an endeavor.



Can you relate?


Be seeing you tomorrow.


Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 43 of 365 Orbit



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