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The Magick in her Books

Noel loves bedtime. For then, she is free of all the chores girls had to do, which was basically take care of the house and watch over her three younger brothers as her parents both worked. Through the black veil of night, she would read from the dim light of her tiny lamp so that her parents would not call for her to go to sleep.

Reading of adventure, love, war and mystery, she would lie in bed listening to her brothers rough house, as they all shared a room. In response, her father called out with empty threats that were rewarded with giggles from the next room. Her father loved his children so deeply. It was like he was created to be a father.

Noel settled in, crossed her legs on top of her blue chenille bedspread and took off her horn-rimmed glasses. She then carefully began to polish her find with one of her dad’s soft worn handkerchiefs. Her brows furrowed for the realization that she had stolen from her most sacred place was surfacing.

She whispered to the book as she rubs it like Aladdin’s Lamp. “No! Not quite stolen. I am going to return you to the library.” She thought she felt the book swell, and then smiled at her own wild imagination.

The book’s surface emerged with a gorgeous smooth supple saddle like brown leather. Only there were areas of deep-deep red as well. Noel wondered if the book was originally red or brown… or both? She was not sure and the contemplation soon left her mind as she laid her Pop’s hankie down eyes never leaving the book in her lap.

Before opening the polished book with gold embossed pages, Noel closed her eyes and took in a belly deep breath. She held it for a bit her small tummy poking out rounded with fresh air.

Noel called to the ether, “Noel, I’d like to visit your timeline again. If you are anywhere near these pages, please allow me access to your dreamy beautiful place of magicks.” and then slowly, ever so slowly, she let out her breath holding her intention carefully with calm gratitude and child-like anticipation.

Opening her eyes, she found herself considering the vivid red color that seemed to sit upon the gorgeous rich brown leather.

“Hmm… I need to keep this in mind.” She took careful note.

“And now, let’s see what it is you’d like to share with me.” She spoke within.

Carefully opening the book, the cover moved as if it was brand new. The first page was blank. “Well of course it is.” She mused and turned to the next page where details were revealed: 1885 Monticello, Utah.

“Wow!” she exclaimed too loudly.

“Noooeeeel! What’s going on in there?” her mother called.

“Nothing Mom! I’m fine.” She replied.

“Go to sleep child.”

“Okay.” Noel promised.

“Well crap!” she thought for she knew her mother would spy her secret lamp if she kept it on. Noel closed the book and carefully placed it on her bedside table. Quickly turning off the light, chanting “Morning come quickly” repeatedly, she soon feel asleep.

Noel’s dreams were often vivid with a film-like quality. This dream made past dreams seem like grainy visions. The book was glowing and quaking. Noel was glued to what was unfolding before her unable to move.

“Am I scared stiff or am I as curious as all get out?” she asked herself.

The book’s cover flew open. A woman soon began to climb out as if she was coming out of the cellar below their house.
“Okay… it’s scared stiff.” Noel thought and froze having fully awoken wondering if the woman could see she was watching through the small slits of her eyes.

The woman was beautifully dressed in the wool finery of the book’s era: lots of buttons down her fitted coat with a long clean-lined skirt. The woman straightened her hat, brushed off her clothes and then, took her gun from her side holster and checked to see if it was loaded.

“Holy crap! I’m a dead woman sleeping, or pretending to be” Noel was starting to shake unable to still any longer.

“Oh cut the crap. I know you are awake.” The woman looked directly at Noel.

Noel surprised herself with a calm response. “Shhhhh. You’ll wake the house.”

“Only you can actualize me Noel for you found me and you released me from that musty old prison.”

“What?” Noel slowly responded.

“That’s right. I am free thanks to you so I’ll spare your life. And that’s as far as my promises go.”

“Oookaay. How do you know my name and what is yours?” Noel began to sit up.

“I figured you for a lot of questions. You best keep ‘em at a minimum.” The woman was shaking her finger a Noel who blinked sinking into her pillow with each shake. “My name’s Myrtle. Myrtle Haddon. I’ve known you for years young lady. You might as well be magistrate of the library.”

In response, Noel found herself dreaming with the thought of books eyes to the sky, and then quickly landed into reality not quite sure of her next move. “Are you a specter?”

“I won’t provide your silly question with an answer for you are a smart well-read girl. Ohhhhh… if your parents only knew of your acumen.”

“Okay, I get it. You are a ghost. That’s my answer and I am sticking to it.” Noel smiled at Mrs. Haddon for the first time looking at her simple and yet, beautiful wedding ring.

“Good on you young lady. That’s the Noel I know.” Myrtle responded. “Now I’ve got business here and I tend to resolve this wrong doing once and for all.” Myrtle was inspecting her weapon eyes looking through the sights as she spoke.

Noel was more curious than anything. “What business could she possibly have in 1955?” She thought. “I’ll bite, whatcha got goin’ in this era Mrs. Haddon?”

Exasperated, Myrtle sat on Noel’s bed, and readied herself for the tale or what she was willing to reveal. She liked Noel and was very pleased when the very aware-child responded to her Shimmering light.