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The Nine, The Nine Trilogy. Book 1

Book 1 In Progress

Chere writes speculative fiction. The playing field, planet earth. The challenge, out of this world.

A codified game. Mechanisms with sight granted access to The Nine’s guidance. An unseverable agreement. Being brought to the edge of their capabilities, three mechanisms show potential to survive ultimately living the life of their dreams.

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Inspired by the rise of the earth’s electromagnetic field, Chere weaves a mortuary ghost tale that returns us to ancient wisdom.

Mortician Lilith and historian grad student Otto begin to rise, finding the world around them has suddenly evolved.

Speculative Fiction Flash Stories and more for Patrons: Fellow Traveler and subsequent tiers award

The Magick in her Books

Enraged and on a mission of revenge. With an ancestral thread, the 1890s wild-west meets 1950s innocence.

A young girl. A hidden book. The past comes to present petitioning Noel create change.

Speculative Fiction Short Stories for Patrons: Insider Traveler and subsequent tiers award