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Telling Tales and Whispering Secrets 

A bit of speculative fiction alongside the current human condition



A daily blog of Short Stories - Essay - Writer's Musings

Talent | Remuneration


"Say… you're really good at that." She tells her boss and friend.


"Whatever." Her boss responds laughing continuing the task of creating a dynamic window display.


"No. I mean it. You could really make some money doing it for people 'round town. You should do it!" She tells the indie record store owner.


"So you're telling me if I'm good at sex, I should be a call girl?" The store owner gets down from the ladder standing back to appreciate her work.


"Nah… I guess not." She mumbles smiling at her boss her attention already back on the engaging display.


Inspired by the John Hughes' classic movie "Pretty in pink"



The arrangements were complete. The family on to the church to finalize the funeral with their Priest.


"Thank you Sweetie." You did such a good job, the elderly widow smiles grief in her eyes.


"You are welcome." She says. "I will see you this afternoon when you bring in your husbands clothing, don't forget his undergarments and socks. Okay?"


"I wan't to thank you for the list, this is really helpful…." The widow pauses. "May I ask you a question?"


"Certainly, I am here to help." The funeral director replies.


"You're such a pretty girl. Why would you do this? Surely, there's a man out there that'd take care of you. Don't you want children?"


The funeral director smiles. "I understand your question. I'm where I should be for now, but thank you for your concern. See you this afternoon?"


The widow's tired smile emerges again she touches the funeral director's forearm, "See you then. Come on everyone, let's go see Father Price."


Vignette of a young woman, 1990's



"You're a trainer. You're a teacher. You're an educator." She's told.


"Hmm…" She replies. "I do enjoy the students providing knowledge and tools in entertaining environments so that they can soar. I like developing systems and engaging curriculum based on neuro research in learning. The world of academia as well as the corporate world is a comfortable place for me to work in…"


"See? That's what I'm talking about." She's being encouraged


"Do I love it? No, not quite." She responds shaking her head.


"Just how do you know that? After everything you've just explained?"


With pause her eyes go to the sky as she considers how one truly ascertains their passions and loves. "For me, number one is 'Know Thyself.' You really need to be in touch with your emotional compass: awareness. Next I'd say, feel the affinity. Are you just interested or is it something you dream and think about a lot? Lastly, is it easy to get to or is it a chore. If there's reticence, then it may not be a passion." There, that's off the cuff, but I'm going with it for now she thinks.


"I gotcha. So what is your passion?" She's asked


"That's easy. I love to write fiction as well as essay. The realms of fantasy and sci-fi are my playgrounds as I integrate fringe science, ancient esoteric systems and magicks alongside the human condition." It comes to her as she's in the flow and continues. "You know, I'm often asked if I have a goal each day: words or time. I respond, I can write all day. I usually have to stop to take care of other things."


"Yeah? Go on." She's encouraged to explain.


"To me that's a good sign that you are doing what you are meant to do. I hope to inspire, illuminate and entertain just as I have been by my favorite authors." She's feeling the feels smiling. She explains further. "My hope is that the tales connect with readers in a way that they befriend characters embody and play with the stories.   And of course, who does not love magick, gods and villains?"


"Yeah, I agree." A wink at the author. "So you've had more than one career?"


"I have. All in right timing. It's been a multipath trajectory as I was:

Meant to serve in the funeral industry,

Meant to develop and train in the corporate world,

Meant to create in the fine art world: photography and drawing,

Meant to teach in academia: English, art and funeral service education;

And now, I am meant to write.


The transition from service, training, creating and teaching to writing full time: entertaining, inspiring, illuminating, connecting.




To me, in the western world, much of our waking hours are somehow connected to what we do for a living. Why not make it part of our journey and something we can feel a deeper connection to. 


What are your passions?



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