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Telling Tales and Whispering Secrets 

A bit of speculative fiction alongside the current human condition



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Where is my mind | Topsy Turvy


“With your Feet in the Air 

 Your Head on the Ground.“


                    Where is my Mind 





It is considered when you use your opposite hand to brush your teeth, eat your peas or kick a ball with the non-dominant foot, it’s good for your brain as it encourages new neural pathways.


Changing well ingrained patterns is something we can all get behind. Whether it be the whole Toblerone in one go or binging Netflix.


The rub is that it’s a 62 - 254 days-ish endeavor that creates change. So we’re not talking about the Owl that ascertains just how many licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop here. There are no shortcuts really.


Growth. Neuroplasticity. 



I’m carving a new pathway with Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets Orbit blog. 


So far, it feels like a cashmere sweater. Something I’ve always wanted and it’s surprisingly cozy and comfortable. There has not been a moment where I didn’t feel like writing or was prepped of the topic.  



Your feet in the air.




As the mind can swirl going all topsy-turvy, grounding is key. There’s so much noise and so much to see as well as do that taking it down a notch, perhaps simplifying doing one thing at a time and considering in earnest may bring your own brand of a sense of awareness.


There’s gratification in those waters.


I wrote about an Earthing experience in a previous blog, an ear to the ground per say. I see chakra rad, the feels in my body return and the mind calms with knowing.  


There’s so much to experience during this time of year. Sagittarius season springs much levity and excitement and curiosity around the traditions.  Perhaps maintaining our compass makes the ride even more authentic and rich. 



Your head on the ground. 




~ this can be an existential question as we can postulate its source.  ?


I consider what space we decide to reside in as our perspective is our choice. Perhaps it is a fine balance; not unlike a wine, where reality, acceptance, possibility and dreams reside.



Where is my mind? 




Does your mind sometimes go way out there? Do you reel it back in, the hook grasping a new view on things? 





* Inspired by the song “Where is my Mind?“

By the Pixies.



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