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Telling Tales and Whispering Secrets 

A bit of speculative fiction alongside the current human condition



A daily blog of Short Stories - Essay - Writer's Musings

The Cosmic Santa Clause is Coming to Town



Dreaming of her Jupiter return coming up next year, she expresses a light and delightful squee! Remembering herself, she quickly stops looking around the snow covered park. No wide eyed responses so she giggles shrugs and continues on her way. The adventure's energy is beginning to rise as tomorrow is the day that the great benefic journeys into Capricorn.


A slight skip in her step, she considers the happy planet and just how much this powerful energy loves for everything to go well, her highest good in mind. She feels supported.


Hands clasped behind her back, open. Her favorite well-worn old wooden bench comes into view. Pleased that no one else ever really bothers to sit there, she makes her way toward the overgrown area of the park. Giving it a salutation along with a bit of gratitude, she takes a quiet seat for everything around her dims a bit when in contact with the rough splintered wood. Clarity rises so she takes advantage.


Closing her eyes, she senses the residue of those that have been here before her. Calm energies from foretime reside. She pays homage acknowledging their place here in linear time as well as their current existence in the non-linear matrix. She asks for wisdom.


"You've been working hard. Your well discerned actions upon your responsible and respectable intentions are being supported girl." An elderly voice of wisdom sounds.


A clear calm voice of gentility begins, "Great progress is yours. You have the opportunity to achieve your dreams, be seen and be acknowledged, as you so kindly connect with us right here."


She considers with nods of gratitude. Indeed, goals are within the Capricorn domain are quite comfortable for her to establish with focus and integrity. As they tend to be in the realms of her career along with some personal motivations, she's ready for a bit of a lift. Smiling to herself, she feels optimistic about the upcoming adventure.


"Nice, slow and steady." She muses to herself though she knows the bench can hear as well.


Standing taking steps toward the cemetery gates next to the park, a sense of confidence arose as she's feeling good about the way of things. Crossing the looming dark iron gate, it creaks a bit. Noticing there were no winds about, she intuited that opportunities will arise if she wishes to pass through them.


Still in the space of awareness, she felt the impetus to experience a bit more. Walking along the gravel road gravestones on both sides, she considers structure and order to be her guide toward what is next.


Jupiter transits Capricorn, 2020 



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