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Telling Tales and Whispering Secrets 

A bit of speculative fiction alongside the current human condition



A daily blog of Short Stories - Essay - Writer's Musings

From One | To Another


Soon we rise from our teens as linear time leads us into our twenties, 2020.


This is a period when we don on our 'big girl' and 'big boy' pants. We own the seeds we've been sowing, tending to our pastures abating what is not for our highest good while fertilizing and taking great care for those dynamics we feel good about.



We consider that we embody sovereignty.


We are responsible for ourselves.


Self-parenting is now the norm as we ask 'why' so as to not project onto the nearest being in our space.


Harnessing our inner wisdom, we draw from intuition that is the feeling compass along with the mental body's inner knowing. Though it might be easier to just place our heads deep in the sand, quit or throw a fit, we instead course correct responding in lieu to reacting.



Our 'big pants' require that we step up in emotional maturity: pause – ask – act.


The teens are now behind us. Our 'adult training' is over. We've graduated. As it is important to feel all the feels in right time with right intensity; we have developed and therefore, we own the feelings as well as the responsibility to process them. Moreover, we understand that feelings are a chemical response to an emotional reaction in the brain. That is why we ask before we act.



As we live 'for reals' in the present, we understand that our corporeal experience is a reflection of within. We let our true being express, that is live in authenticity understanding that there are others in existence on the same ride.


We have left the seeding - growing years having birthed this cycle, we lean into what we will cleave; the path we develop in integrity for the next nine years.



Now that we're in our twenties, we begin to discover the tribe that endures. Because our foundation is a beautiful amalgamation of all the feels, self–love along with that love reflected in others, and mindful intent, we step out wearing our 'big pants:' interdependence.


As a teen, we felt and sometimes just had to endure all the feeling responses that surface with growth: some excruciating, some pure joy. The rollercoaster ride segues into a more undulating path when you live in your purpose in integrity. Life begins to ebb and flow when in grace.


This space attracts those that are on a concurrent ride. The connections support mutual growth and enriching life experiences. These networks are authentic and healthy. Your inner compass feels good about the alignment, most of the time.




The key is in recognizing the cycles. There's power in remaining aware of the human condition. There's relief in understanding that the cycle will begin again.


Knowing that each round integrates into evolving wisdom, the journey conveys a sense of fulfillment. Fulfillment the baseline of equanimity.



May you do your twenties with a bit of Some Kind of Wonderful meets St. Elmo's Fire. Living life out loud. letting your freak flag fly!



*I'm beginning to feel the pull of the transition towards the following year. You?



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