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Telling Tales and Whispering Secrets 

A bit of speculative fiction alongside the current human condition



A daily blog of Short Stories - Essay - Writer's Musings

All's Quiet | Winks


With the stillness we are currently within, do you find you are sleeping well remembering dreams? --Ears ringing as we recalibrate?


Rip Van Winkle is welcome in All's Quiet | Winks

Adult Fantasy Short Story


A side story with Chere's character, Persephone.
You'll soon see more of her in the short story:

Inner Journey, Alchemy and Magicks.


A sleepless night rises Persephone and her dog, Lilith. A walk in the park proves to have the answer. Magicks ensue. Persephone discovers her calm, her winks... [archived] 



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