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Telling Tales and Whispering Secrets 

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In the Middle | Balance


Whether we are leaning into fall or spring, we are in the middle as we honor the cycles. 



A side-story with Chere's character, Persephone.


You'll soon see more of her in the short story:

The Inner Journey, Alchemy and Magicks 





Midyear, Persephone looks forward to Summer Solstice for winter is her favorite time of year. Gliding toward fall into the quiet months brings energy and calm to balance.




As the sidewalk reflects intense high-altitude sun, the 79-degree breeze cools, balance. A checker board of shade and sun staccato as the Ponderosa pines' scent expresses in the shadows.


Tis time for transition.


A short growing season the seeds planted in March are ready for their summer homes. Each seed pot groans roots seeking more space. Large art pieces, clay vessels pepper the tiny yard having been quiet for months. The cycle is about to begin anew, when ceramic meets fresh soil meets flora.


Persephone finds herself visiting her window. Peering through wooden shutters, regularly observing seedlings and sun patterns. The pine needles drip. She contemplates a simple process for grooming the matter.







Iconic Flagstaff pizza joint, Alpine Pizza calls for lunch as we celebrate a solar return. The booths rustic, the party lands in an intimate backroom. Pies scatter the table. Persephone prefers the chicken Caesar. With a bit of nosh taken in the am, tis in the middle.





The deep forest is not as dense as one would expect. Trees shaped by the mountainside's winds in bow patterns. Trails traversed by animal and man, balance. Stones hug the narrow lanes marking location. Elevated, the spaces between allow expansive views.


To find out more about Persephone and her adventurous magicks visit Chere's exclusive page for a closer look at the author's work. Share in her journey on Patreon: Chere is writing fiction on Patreon 

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