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Telling Tales and Whispering Secrets 

A bit of speculative fiction alongside the current human condition



A daily blog of Short Stories - Essay - Writer's Musings

Solar Return



Orbit round the Sun


Tis arbitrary indeed


Keep count if you'd like





Haiku musings regarding my birthday today.


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Illuminating the Path | Journey Begins

Inner Journey, Alchemy and Magicks
Illuminating the Path | Journey Begins

Chapter 1 Persephone visits her grotto to prepare for her journey within. There's tools to gather and magicks to prepare. She needs assistance in order to be ready for the arduous journey...[archived]


To share in the journey, visit Chere's author page on Patreon

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New Decade | New Vibe


Life accelerates


Be aware, present, ready


Accept your rewards




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Up the Drive | Intuit Terrace

It's nice to tag a ride, sometimes.


A side story with Chere's character, Persephone.
You'll soon see more of her in the short story:
Inner Journey, Alchemy and Magicks.


Persephone cruises alongs the water's edge highway in her favorite ride. Once home, she intuitively seeks her mate. Flowers for her and a bit of nosh round out a swell sunny day by the bay.


Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets blog

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Re-approach | Meet Cute

Flash of the past


A side story with Chere's character, Persephone.
You'll soon see more of her in the short story:
Inner Journey, Alchemy and Magicks.


Flying is not definitely not one of Persephone's favorites. She gets bored. But wait, this could be an interesting flight after all...[archived]

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Take Flight | Freak Flags


During Capricorn season, we can be challenged with a sense of worthiness


When it surfaces, we may respond by guarding our authentic selves. We resist, not allowing our beautiful light - unique light to shine.



Let your freak flag fly.


Shine on!


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Star Profiles | Earthbound #2


Unique souls Series


A trains passes the platform as she stands tall awaiting as needed. Time is a comfortable construct knowing that good timing is right timing.


Using the subway is not necessary, but it she shows up as one that uses resources carefully.


Others notice her as they make their way onto the train. She has that sense about her that's interesting and curious.



Taking her seat, she does not bother to bring her book out for she notices others around her are better suited to sitting. Smiling she stands and one who might prefer to sit takes the comfortable seat. She doesn't consider them allowing them to do and be.


Communication cords rely on the same vibration as her voice reflects compassion. Others know they can be themselves around her.



While watching out the window, something surfaces. She can't quite put her finger on it. She can feel the impetus to flee.


Pausing…. She asks within, curious. Listens. Now aware, she makes a conscious choice.


Knowing running is not for her highest good, she goes within at the first sign of flight checking in on the feeling body whenever urge arises.


This is a habit.


She stays the course.



Stepping out, she's underground much like how abundance shows for her as it is mostly outside of conscious reach.


She takes the staircase up to the streets above.


She realizes that remaining on task taking steps toward progress supports her dreams as her wealth has already been attained for it lies within.


The subway is crowded, timing and patience serve her well.



She takes in a fresh breath of air atop the stairs.


When her soul senses freedom, she consciously manifests abundance as she knows her purpose well having access to the watery realms of all.


She remains true to herself. She does not lie to herself.


Progress is assured.



The streets are crowded, her Power, passion and vision aligns serving her well when hubris remains silent.


She's precise with conscious intent.


Steady as she goes.



With faith, she expands trusting timing harnessing the beauty of soul.


Who she is in spirit is lovely.



Through the door, she's arrives at her destination as dreams support her journey.


She's fastened to her dreams with a deep passion.


Subconscious power and expansion in space of growth allow her dreams to thrive.


This will endure.


Earthly realms are solved and resolved via embodiment and alignment of a trooper in action, a charming diplomat and a precise worker.


She collaborates with others on similar journey, in tune with abundance in their lives, willing to do the work in a healthy harmonious manner.




Prose astrology reading of one unique soul.

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Soft Footsteps | Stealing Library

There's something about a story that discovers magicks.


A precocious young girl. A book that that tells secrets. Hazel must steal away to the library during her obligatory nap. She's smart, determined and a little underhanded...[archived]


New Novella!

Middle Grade Fantasy Fiction

WIP in editing process


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The Pause | When Nothing is doing Something


I'm sensing a bit of a pause before the significant transition to our 20s. 


Perhaps our time is best spent at rest clearing up all that we personally do not desire or require.


We'll be hitting the ground running in January. 


There's a bevy of activity in the stars with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer on January 10th. The astrological stellium on January 12th MST is a real game changer. This stellium is in Capricorn with five planets.  


Perhaps 2020 is an authentic opportunity to reboot. 


When we know what we want and need, we better maintain a productive perspective. 


With clarity. 


We cultivate the ability to allow opportunities as they surface.


Maintaining balance with preparedness: discernment, acumen and courage, we manage our energy.


Focus is on actionable tasks.



Conceivably, in 2020 we surround ourselves with a sense of fulfillment.


Free and happy as laughter comes easily. 



So we decide. 


We choose what our viewpoint looks like. 



May the ebb and flow of your energy pendulum through the realms of 2020 vision as we prepare for the coming year.




*I'm sure you've gathered just how much I enjoy writing middle grade fantasy fiction. I've a western fantasy that is inspired by my mother's love of fiction novels. I'm working on a serial short story that focuses on my grandmother and her enthusiasm for reading. Should be fun!


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In | Within | Out





Participation Immersed


Integration Close




The rich quality of process Haiku.



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