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Telling Tales and Whispering Secrets 

A bit of fantasy alongside the current human condition



A daily blog of Short Stories - Essay - Writer's Musings

*stories in draft 

Energy | In forms


'Twas a ritual of sorts as it occurred each morning without fail.


The sound of the grinder. Water added. And then, the drip.


A steamy cup poured. It may not have the accouterments on the first go.


Not until the eyes are a bit more open than they were a moment ago.


Sips, black sips.



Enjoying timely in perfect time with the temperature.


Next one may have a bit of crème taking care not to cool the elixir too much.


Sips, creamy sips.



The last one, just ½ cup the black liquid is told.


Sips, just a few this time.



Eyes wide open, movement begins in earnest.





Just lean into it, the mind tells the body.


Do one thing and then we'll see.


The body moves harnessing the energy that results.



Another thing follows the initial start.


The body warm now and in tune with muscle memory.



A string of repetitions begin to flow in earnest.


The heart beating in right time, the systems in flow.



Invigorated. Refreshed. Rebooted. Ready.





"You make coffee nervous."


"What? I do? How's that?" she responds.


"You are always moving, always doing."


"Yeah, I guess I am." She's smiling.


"Don't you ever run out of steam?"


"Uh, no." She's surprised by her answer.


"Where does it come from?"


"Within. I was born with it." She's onto her next task.


Innate Power.



Just where does your energy come from? All of the above?



See you tomorrow.


Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 30 of 365 Orbit



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