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Telling Tales and Whispering Secrets 

A bit of fantasy alongside the current human condition

As Above | So Below


The world below us


Eyes wide open, she spies a dude across the street proselytizing or something. She believes so as his cadence reflects a preaching tone. She squints her eyes to sense if she can hear him more clearly.


Nope, just the inflection along with the stop and go of the cars as they respond to the street light patterns. So she checks her tea won't spill and leans back on the wooden sidewalk bench. One elbow is on the wrought iron armrest.


Closing her eyes, she hears the beat of his speech. Opening her eyes, she notices the pauses are in tune with him looking down to his notes.


Spying an upside down hat on the ground before him, she wonders what he buskers for. "Could it be his church or is it his breakfast?"


She imagines him standing upon a box. Perhaps that would increase his auditory reach as well as his presence: authority. Noticing no one has paused before him as of yet, she smiles to herself as she witnesses the human condition.


Mental exercise complete.





Something tickles the senses. "No, wait… nothing." Head shaking.


"What is that? Why do I keep seeing 1111 or 111?" Curious.


"I'm noticing." Nice!


"That's a pattern for sure." Ah-ha moment.


"Ah, yes. That makes sense." Calming.



Asking before going to sleep.


In the am. "Okay. Right on. Makes sense."



Noticing another pattern.


Laughing as the trigger instigates a reaction in lieu of a response.



Empowered response in lieu of reaction.


"Nice!" Sense of accomplishment. Progress.



Tis what's under the surface.





Cozy quiet space. Snuggled all in. As if, it's a long winter.


"Wait a tick! I don't fit." Cozy becomes a bit uncomfortable.


Wiggling around a lot to find comfort.



A crack in the curtains. Light pouring in.


"What's that?" Curious.


Even more light.



Finally, room to move.


I find myself outside somehow.


Unfolded. Basking in the sunlight.


I have wings.



Flight of fancy. Soaring.


I want to rest. I want to go back to what I know.


The door is closed.



Dragon Fly reality.


Accessing within.





Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.


Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 36 of 365 Orbit



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Star Profiles | Earthbound


Star Profiles | Earthbound

Unique Souls Series


With patient eyes, she gathers her countenance conserving that influence expressing sensuality instead.


Upon first glance, it is obvious she is to be respected.


Having accomplished most of what she puts her mind to; her secret, discipline within.



Last evening, she dreamed of a space where everyone just Do's and Be's…



Still in the feels of the night's dream, she allows space for her beliefs to transform as new information surfaces. Curiously she learns what is new and interesting.


The impetus to engage creating this new reality is immediate. She's courageous not concerned with other's stuff. A feeling of wanting to get there first arises…



Her warrior passion comes alive. She's moving.



Moving sovereign. She rules her corporeal existence creating what it looks like.


When pride and her desire for admiration does not rule, her warrior spirt is rooted in purpose.



She's liked upon first glance and resides comfortably in her authenticity.


A peace tends to surround her essence allowing her charm to be the first seen.



Calming breath she escapes to the wonder of the what if.


With love for who and what surrounds her, she accepts that she's not on this ride alone.



Smiling, ever surviving, deeply empowered and passionate.


She's ever curious, ever learning absorbing transforming into her ever evolving reality.



Her realm, the worlds within books. Her possibility, limitless. Her desire, consistent progress.



And tomorrow.


Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 35 of 365 Orbit


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When Dense Woods Meet Curious Spirited Minds


Just past the last farm and to the left was the edge of town. Beyond, dense trees and foliage along with all sorts of creatures. Most do not venture there. Epic dares and tricks were legendary, but none could be confirmed.


"The trees communicated with their root systems. You can almost hear them whispering." One old man tells his friend as they sit together on the bench outside the local grocery awaiting their wives to reappear.


"With ice cream this time, I hope."  His comrade muses to himself half listening to the older man, well 6 months older.


He's heard it all before and still doesn't believe him. "Jessie, you've got to turn over the record. Try the B side for a while. It may not be as interesting. But friend, I don't think I can listen to you tell that story one more time!" Finger waving for emphasis.  


He continues. "It's been 65 years. Let it go." He shakes his head for he cares for his longtime pal.


"Could you let go of something like that happening to you? I was just ten years old!" His voice shakes with frustration. "I will not for I don't want to forget it. How do you know it won't happen again?"


Will whispers back, "I don't." and turns his eyes toward the two ladies emerging from the grocery, paper bags in their arms.


Both men stand and quickly take the bags.



The girls had built a swell fort. It is at Ella's place, way in the back behind the big red barn. Sitting together, they vote little Daisy into the club.


Daisy sits wide eyed looking to her older sister for cues. Her kin, the oldest of the quartet. She is kind and always says yes when Sara wants to tag along.


Alvina senses Daisy's questioning heart. "You are one of us. Now let me take a bit of your hair for the Brownie Lodge locket."


She pulls the long chain over her head. Dahlia clips a bit of Daisy's hair. Daisy checks smoothing her short bob. Ella comes forward with the small mortar and pestle. Oils and herbs had been prepared and were ready to meet Daisy's hair.


Daisy leans in on her tip toes wondering if her hair will turn to gold or something.

Alvina places her hand on her sister's back. "Give her a bit of space to grind the pellet together. Here, you hold the locket for now."


A big smile moves to the edges of the little girls face. She's never touched the Lodge locket before. Clasping it in her hands as if it's fragile, the locket feels like it has a heartbeat. She freezes, her eyes looking to the other girls. Lub-dub, the gold locket pumps again.


Feeling too grown up to just drop it, she decides to surreptitiously pass it on to Dahlia whose just standing over Ella that's grinding furiously whose elbows are out with faced scrunched in effort.


She's in the rhythm. The sound of the marble pestle rubbing the mortar's bowl gives out a sharp squeak at times. Dahlia steps back a bit.


Daisy sees her opportunity. "Dahlia, here's the locket." She holds out her cupped hands and nods from the locket to the girl already shaking her head no.


"Nope, you gotta manage it until your pellet is ready." Dahlia totally gets what's going on.


Alvina kneels before her sister. You hold the hearts of all that have been here before us Daisy. This is a very important task.


"Do you got this?" She smiles gently to her little sister.


"Uh, sure." Daisy nods pulling the locket back toward her chest. She takes a seat on one of the frayed ottomans.


Ella begins, "Almost…. Got it. Almost…"


"Just tell us when you're ready." Dahlia replies adjusting her hairband. She's ready to motor to the woods. This is her favorite part.


Alvina draws near the mortar's bowl. Ella looks up to her eyes. Serious, she nods. The tallest of the group takes her pincer fingers and grasps Daisy's pellet coming toward the littlest of the group.


Daisy fumbles with the locket trying to open it.


"Leave it be little sister. Extend your hands out and open them up to me." Alvina's pincer fingers leading her to the gold locket resting in little hands. Hovering over the locket she lets go.


Daisy is not sure if she closed her eyes for the pellet disappeared before her. She looks about on the floor around her. Confused, she's not so certain she hasn't messed up the whole thing.


"You did well." Ella takes the locket from her. Your pellet is now safe within the Lodge locket.


"Oh wow. Okay!" Daisy is happy that's over with.


Ella takes the locket. Moving in front of Alvina, who leans forward, Ella drops the chain over her head.



"Now let's head to the woods!" Dahlia is half way out of the fort.


Daisy's eyes grow double the size. She looks to her sister.


Alvina grabs Dahlia's dress hem just in time. "Wait. You explain to Daisy."


"Me? Why? You're her sister." Dahlia's impatience is now apparent. She sees Ella and Alvina's expressions change. "Ah… okay…" she responds resigned.


Dahlia takes a seat on a puffy ottoman and gestures Daisy to sit by her side. Alvina and Ella sit upon the big pillows across from them folding their legs.


"We don't know why, actually. We only know that this has gone on for a long, long time. When the locket came to Alvina, things just started to happen. You know Ella's mum is a kinda wise woman, yeah?" Daisy nods slowly. "Well Ella picked up some things and just sort of new what we needed, her working in her mum's apothecary and all."


"Just where do you come in all of this?" Daisy asks.


"I was just going to tell you. It's the most important part. You see, my people know the woods." Dahlia emphasizes woods for color.


"What!?" Daisy stands. The three girls circle Daisy leading her out through the forts entrance.


"Trust us." Alvina smiles.


The trio continue to encircle Daisy leading her past the last farm just to the edge of the small farming community. Stopping abruptly, Daisy smashes her nose into Dahlia's back. Dahlia looks back, her brows furrowed.


"Step back. I need to concentrate." She gently takes Daisy's shoulders and guides her backward, the other two girls remaining in step with their newest member.


Dahlia begins hyperventilating, then she holds her arms up and pushes against the air in front of her. An imaginary force causes her to push even harder. The noise of a boulder moving echoes. Dahlia wipes her hands and gestures for the other girls to go first.


Ella and Alvina move in a manner that push Daisy as if she's in a large crowd moving without choice.


Inside the woods, the air smells fresh, the birds singing. Sounds of creatures scurrying about surround them. Coming to a large tree about 100 yards from the edge of town they nestle Daisy in their care. Alvina holds out the locket and leans down toward the base of the tree.


The Faeries fly out of a small wooden door.


Buzzing about. "What's this?!" One little faerie flies close to Daisy who is protected by her friends.


Alvina lets go of the locket and address the swarm. "You are now seen by four. As we are seen by the many Fay."



Be seeing you tomorrow.


Cheers and best,


Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 34 of 365 Orbit

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Bellowing | Not Singing


The sidewalks are wet with more mist than rain. Persephone loves layers and has added a warm sweater underneath her black swing coat, red paisley wool Dior scarf and lambskin gloves. Steam billows in front of her deep red lips as there's that beautiful clean crisp chill in the night air. Clacking, her classic but slightly higher heels, hit the pavement in time with her intentional cadence.


Target, the bistro. Her why, her favorite Brobie is meeting her for a pint.


Well her only brother actually, she smiles to herself looking down noticing the little puddles' mini splashes as she doesn't break stride. The moisture in the Seattle air along with the breeze make her long silky but quite fine hair look beautiful. A tint to her chilled cheeks reflect the levity she feels inside.


Lovely day behind her. Perfect cool wet weather. Beautiful downtown. Just 6 more blocks to go.


Continuing down Pike, she sees a neighbor that lives on her building floor, twelfth. From a distance, gloved waves are exchanged. Her wave is cut off with a yelp and sideways jump as the loud Taxi horn sounds just as its passes. Persephone laughs out loud and gestures to her friend all is well. He continues on his way. Perce returns to her cadence, on a mission with the customary don't bother me city-life stride.


Approaching the gauntlet, she weaves around the homeless that tend to hangout near the 4th street corner. She knows a lot of their stories as she passes them so often: who's dating who, who's in jail, who just got out. She smiles not slowing her pace at all making her way through with ease. Her coat and skirt wave along with the salutations and asking from the rooted crowd.


Steady as she goes. Target in sight. The lights of the bistro her guide. Just 4 blocks to go.



Her left hand reaches into her coat pocket. It's her brother.


Rolling her eyes and laughing, she answers. "Hello…." With sarcasm.


"Hey! You're not gonna believe this. I can sing. I mean I can sing really well. I think I'm going to take some lessons." Her brother is yelling above his stellar car stereo. Harry Connick, Jr. croons in the background.


Perce puts a gloved finger to her other ear drowning out the din of the downtown traffic just to her side. "What? You can sing? Why?"


He responds a bit deflated. "I think it's a good thing. Don't you?"


"Yeah. Yeah, of course." Persephone's wondering if she needs to turn around.


"So listen." Her brother cues up a Connick tune and begins a heartfelt quite loud bellow in perfect time with one of his favorite songs.


Persephone waits until the song ends. "That's good… I'm not so sure about the pitch, but you said something about lessons. Say… are you coming?"


"Yes. I'm on my way. Almost there. So what do you think?" He's excited obviously ignoring the 'pitch' comment.


Perce's tickled by his genuinely joyful voice. He's obviously enjoying his venture to the pub. She thinks his singing pretty good actually.


"Did you have cocktails after work?" She asks smiling large. It communicates through the phone.


Her brother's laughing. "No. And I'm here."


His car door sounds. He's stands waving at this sister just across the street from the bistro.



And tomorrow.


Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 33 of 365 Orbit


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The Cosmic Santa Clause is Coming to Town



Dreaming of her Jupiter return coming up next year, she expresses a light and delightful squee! Remembering herself, she quickly stops looking around the snow covered park. No wide eyed responses so she giggles shrugs and continues on her way. The adventure's energy is beginning to rise as tomorrow is the day that the great benefic journeys into Capricorn.


A slight skip in her step, she considers the happy planet and just how much this powerful energy loves for everything to go well, her highest good in mind. She feels supported.


Hands clasped behind her back, open. Her favorite well-worn old wooden bench comes into view. Pleased that no one else ever really bothers to sit there, she makes her way toward the overgrown area of the park. Giving it a salutation along with a bit of gratitude, she takes a quiet seat for everything around her dims a bit when in contact with the rough splintered wood. Clarity rises so she takes advantage.


Closing her eyes, she senses the residue of those that have been here before her. Calm energies from foretime reside. She pays homage acknowledging their place here in linear time as well as their current existence in the non-linear matrix. She asks for wisdom.


"You've been working hard. Your well discerned actions upon your responsible and respectable intentions are being supported girl." An elderly voice of wisdom sounds.


A clear calm voice of gentility begins, "Great progress is yours. You have the opportunity to achieve your dreams, be seen and be acknowledged, as you so kindly connect with us right here."


She considers with nods of gratitude. Indeed, goals are within the Capricorn domain are quite comfortable for her to establish with focus and integrity. As they tend to be in the realms of her career along with some personal motivations, she's ready for a bit of a lift. Smiling to herself, she feels optimistic about the upcoming adventure.


"Nice, slow and steady." She muses to herself though she knows the bench can hear as well.


Standing taking steps toward the cemetery gates next to the park, a sense of confidence arose as she's feeling good about the way of things. Crossing the looming dark iron gate, it creaks a bit. Noticing there were no winds about, she intuited that opportunities will arise if she wishes to pass through them.


Still in the space of awareness, she felt the impetus to experience a bit more. Walking along the gravel road gravestones on both sides, she considers structure and order to be her guide toward what is next.


Jupiter transits Capricorn, 2020




See you tomorrow.


Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 32 of 365 Orbit




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Feel all the Feels | Transience


The stem of the bright yellow field flower spun between his fingers as he considered his windfall. The entire team was on board. A serene sense of a long exhale surrounded a reality that it was finally going to happen.


As the group gathered by the van, he looked up to find most of them watching him from the distance. Several had their hands over their brows shading their eyes, their smiles reflecting equal feelings.


Others eyes not apparent through their dark sunglasses, their mouths wide open as they shouted their eagerness, happiness.


He stood up from the tall fragrant meadow and threw up both arms, fists in the air.





A calm trust washed over her as she witnesses the goings on before her. Many stroll about, wine glass in hand and perhaps a napkin of nosh as well. Sipping, hushed sounds filled the large hollow space.


The gallery is stocked with large dark moody paintings in shades of green-gray the size of small buses. Little red dots were placed on each of the title cards.


The show has sold out. It is true, this artist has something to communicate that is resonating in a big way.


"It's a beautiful thing." She smiles to herself absorbing the experience while carefully placing the overwhelming paintings in her memory for she hopes to enjoy them for a long while.





The little boy was hijacked by the toe headed girl sitting on the big black leather chair that was obviously made for adults. Totally distracted from his book, he watch her constantly push her glasses up her small nose.


He's amazed that someone could be as absorbed by a book as he tends to be. His mother has to call him at least a half dozen times before he responds when he's reading.


He watches her eyes intently following the lines of her surprisingly thick blue book. Every once in a while, she mouths the words, pauses, looks up and smiles.





It's disgusting really. How they always blow through the line past everyone that's been waiting an hour to ride the 'Pirates of the Caribbean.' They march through like they're on some sort of important mission.


I've heard the 'Yo-Ho' song a million times now. It's practically ringing in my ears my body can't help but move to the music. The stanchions are no longer interesting as I've swung them every which way possible.


I've memorized every person around me. Obviously, as bored as I am.





"I cannot believe the hubris! Just how can they get away with it?!"


I'm so angry, I almost cannot breath. My side hurts and I just want a cocktail. Maybe a cigarette. Oh wait, I don't smoke! I'm willing to give it a go!


I take down my tequila and tonic like it's a refreshing 7-Up.


Puffing on my appropriated Gallois, I stop waving it about for emphasis as I continue to think to myself, is it possible that something like this could happen?!





I don't know about this…


"How far down is it?" I look down not able to detect the bottom through the thick fog just below the swinging bridge.


I take a step looking through six inch spaces between the rope tied boards at my feet. I step back to solid ground hugging the pole nearest me. Shaking my head, I'm in disbelief emphatically saying no.


Hand on each side of the bridges ropes, I step forward again. I decided to feel for the board instead of looking down. I cannot find the second board. My footing slips through and I am down on my knees.


Shaking so badly, the bridge begins to swing dangerously.






I knew the worst would happen. I was the first to express it was not a good idea. I repeated my view on several occasions. I have zero desire to point that out.


He competed anyway.


I just feel so sad about the whole thing. It's like it's all I have the ability to sense right now. It's painful. I mean it hurts really bad.





Oh wow! I like that.


"What is it exactly? How does it work? Can we get one?"


Oh my! We can do so many things with it. I can't wait to work with it. It's a real game changer!





"Kay sera sera. Whatever will be will be…"


I observe fully aware and engaged, noticing.


I choose not to respond nor react.






Do you feel all the feels?

Are there some that you tend to embrace madly or stay away from like they're the plague?

Do you have specific emotional arenas you tend to spend time in?



We'll be seeing you tomorrow.


Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 31 of 365 Orbit


Ps- Celebrating the 2nd month of my 365 day Orbit blogging every day! Cheers to you and thank you for being here. Enjoy the reads! And away… we go!



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Energy | In forms


'Twas a ritual of sorts as it occurred each morning without fail.


The sound of the grinder. Water added. And then, the drip.


A steamy cup poured. It may not have the accouterments on the first go.


Not until the eyes are a bit more open than they were a moment ago.


Sips, black sips.



Enjoying timely in perfect time with the temperature.


Next one may have a bit of crème taking care not to cool the elixir too much.


Sips, creamy sips.



The last one, just ½ cup the black liquid is told.


Sips, just a few this time.



Eyes wide open, movement begins in earnest.





Just lean into it, the mind tells the body.


Do one thing and then we'll see.


The body moves harnessing the energy that results.



Another thing follows the initial start.


The body warm now and in tune with muscle memory.



A string of repetitions begin to flow in earnest.


The heart beating in right time, the systems in flow.



Invigorated. Refreshed. Rebooted. Ready.





"You make coffee nervous."


"What? I do? How's that?" she responds.


"You are always moving, always doing."


"Yeah, I guess I am." She's smiling.


"Don't you ever run out of steam?"


"Uh, no." She's surprised by her answer.


"Where does it come from?"


"Within. I was born with it." She's onto her next task.


Innate Power.



Just where does your energy come from? All of the above?



See you tomorrow.


Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 30 of 365 Orbit



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What is Love Anyway | Soulmates


Love fills her as she sees the love innate within, in another.


Interdependent, their Soulmates are selves.



The stars pass in circles as she walks the edges of the planet for she's expanded.


The new heals allowing for openness and space so that brand new perspectives and ways of being are introduced for her consumption, if she chooses.


She looks to the stars thinking.


With discernment, she takes time to educate herself before going all in.



Considering that her perspective will seem alien to those that know her as her past, she accepts rejection with a 'next' vibration.


Letting others as well as opportunities continue on their own path in that they may meet again someday or not.



Looking in the mirror, the focus on who she is.


She maintains her power within.


If she see fear in her eyes, she fears speaking her truth.


She knows that it's a cue that she has handed her power to another.


Projection may result which never turns out positive.


So she aligns within to shift and breakthrough fears.



Dancing, she allows joy in.


Recognizing beauty in things and pleasure of experience, she's all in for the corporeal ride.



When fortune sparks, love or abundance, she leans in.


She expands toward what feels good using her inner compass.


Not hesitating to experiment, she accepts windfalls with grace.


She's thankful, filled with gratitude that makes her giggle holding her hands to her heart.




Her arms outstretched, she's liberated honoring her own uniqueness feeling freedom as her own authority, sovereign.


The differences she embodies brings levity and smiles as she embraces them.



She understands that it resides, all of it, within.


With that she quickly creates change, learning swiftly, course correcting on a dime as needed.



She harnesses the sense of adventure holding all of this in her heart space.


Causing new love energy to flow through her being.



Always listening, she downloads wisdom.


Her inner compass signaling her that her wise self as well as those in the higher realms are offering guidance.


She opens her third eye to listen carefully with openness and poise.




Venus does a Meet Up with Jupiter and plays a bit of 'Ring Around the Rosies' with Uranus.


A moment in linear time.




Would you like to play?



See you tomorrow.


Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 29 of 365 Orbit


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The Nine Trilogy | Louis


In response, Eastman offers up a reverie of Louis' Observation for all to enjoy, popcorn with milk duds included as his Observation was a game on so many levels. During Louis' Observations by Will, the fighter was found to be an extreme athlete.


His approach was very personal and no one had ever witnessed his pre-fight routine. Louis harnesses the power of Qi Gong creating energy balls thrusting them and absorbing them in turn. His source was somewhere between earth and the ethereal for he summons his force from deep below his feet and at other times, skyward.


On the outside, Louis was considered simple. Few know the intense complexity of the inner workings of his spiritual practice. His strength is inter-stellar.


The Nine create space for fun sitting in the arena awaiting the fight. Herrman lifts his hands and summons a dome over their space so that they won't be bothered by fans wandering around. The spectators unconsciously find themselves giving a wide berth around the Nine.


Luna and Noel giggle at the sight and are entertained while waiting for the main event.


"Lllllet's get ready to rummmmblllllle!" they hear from Buffer and sit up a bit.


Will's really talked up this guy. The Nine are looking forward to this observation for it could be life or death for Louis; he's in quite a position for his Observation.





Nine Gods at play with Mechanisms skyrocketing beings towards their view of illumination. If a mere human may dare.


A codified game. Mechanisms with sight granted access to The Nine's guidance. An irrevocable vow. Being brought to the edge of their capabilities, three mechanisms show potential to survive ultimately living the life of their dreams.


Chere writes speculative fiction. The playing field, planet earth. The challenge, out of this world.



Would you like to play?



And tomorrow.


Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 28 of 365 Orbit


Ps- draft The Nine Trilogy



The Nine Trilogy excerpt

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Tint | Tone | Shade

Her hair flies about her as she's moving in circles arms out facing the sky. "Life's meant to be shared and enjoyed!" She shouts to the air above her.


Groans from her longtime fast friends as they've heard this from her since high school.


"Really, you should try this." She continues to move her brogues in the soft grass hidden from view. Her tweed coat swinging about her as if to assist in taking flight.


She's laughing. The sun reflecting off her face creating a glow that matches her view.






The expression contains zero tells.


Poker face.


"Do you want to stay? Or do you want to go?"


"Eh…" Shoulder shrug from poker face.


"Are you hungry? I can make you something to eat. I've got onion soup, your favorite. Or maybe you want a cup of coffee?"








The room's walls begin to move boxing them in the darkness. The smaller the space becomes, the more they see nothing.


Reaching out before them, they feel for something that may assist their escape. Thick spider webs wrap around their fingers so sticky they cannot break free.


A sudden fury passes through the tiny pitch black space. They begin to squirm creating a vibration that is lifeless.


Fear returns.






What's your vibe today? Feeling a tint? A bit tone? Or just shade?



See you tomorrow. 


Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 27 of 365 Orbit



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