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Telling Tales and Whispering Secrets 

A bit of fantasy alongside the current human condition



A daily blog of Short Stories - Essay - Writer's Musings

*stories in draft 

In the Middle | Balance


Midyear, Persephone looks forward to Summer Solstice for winter is her favorite time of year. Gliding toward fall into the quiet months brings energy and calm to balance.




As the sidewalk reflects intense high-altitude sun, the 79-degree breeze cools, balance. A checker board of shade and sun staccato as the Ponderosa pines' scent expresses in the shadows.


Tis time for transition.


A short growing season the seeds planted in March are ready for their summer homes. Each seed pot groans roots seeking more space. Large art pieces, clay vessels pepper the tiny yard having been quiet for months. The cycle is about to begin anew, when ceramic meets fresh soil meets flora.


Persephone finds herself visiting her window. Peering through wooden shutters, regularly observing seedlings and sun patterns. The pine needles drip. She contemplates a simple process for grooming the matter.







Iconic Flagstaff pizza joint, Alpine Pizza calls for lunch as we celebrate a solar return. The booths rustic, the party lands in an intimate backroom. Pies scatter the table. Persephone prefers the chicken Caesar. With a bit of nosh taken in the am, tis in the middle.





The deep forest is not as dense as one would expect. Trees shaped by the mountainside's winds in bow patterns. Trails traversed by animal and man, balance. Stones hug the narrow lanes marking location. Elevated, the spaces between allow expansive views.










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Transformation Knocks | On the Journey


Hands in crisp white gloves, Meredith looks to the sky. Clean ever-reaching blue swarms her senses.


"Meredith. Pay attention!" Says her mother gently taking her hand as they cross the busy street.


The sound of car horns, cyclist's whizzing by and the clomping and clacking of feet replaces blue serenity. Meredith places the correct smile on her face and looks forward following her mother's cadence. A raven caws catching her attention causing her to smile genuinely. Her mother looks down, love in her eyes.


Her mother's hand squeezes returning Meredith to the foreign way of being. She immediately recalls the rules. The pasted smile returns to her face while the elegant black bird remains in her mind's eye. She knows to keep these moments to herself. Looking to her mother, she sees a gentle smile and 'good job' nod.


Meredith is in line.


She reminds herself that she feels connected and secure to be a part of the prescribed way of being. Meredith tells herself, she loves her friends and clothes as well as the gifts her parents regularly shower upon her when she does the right thing. Most of all, she feels secure.



Along the busy city street, Meredith spies another her age. At first, Meredith feels annoyed by her flouncing about and flowing clothes.


She thinks to herself as her brow furrows, "No gloves!"


Then, she begins to feel sorry for the little girl that is making what her mother would call a spectacle of herself. Continuing to watch through her lashes eyes downward, Meredith begins to feel kinship.


"She is doing what I feel inside." Meredith responds with a sense of envy or loss.


As she forgets herself openly observing the girl skipping along the sidewalk her legs bare wearing no tights, her mother takes notice.


"It is rude to stare Meredith. It is not your place to judge." Says her mother in a scolding tone. "You should focus. Stop messing about."


"But I wasn't…."Meredith returns with a plea.


Her mother cuts her off mid-sentence saying, "Focus Meredith or you will scuff your newly shined shoes."


Meredith quickly looks down in search for a scratch on her gleaming black patent leather Mary Janes. She expresses a long sigh of relief as her shoes shine bright in the afternoon sun that bounces off the cool pavement. Meredith returns to her thoughts of the Raven's call. With a straight back, eyes forward, proper smile, she is walking carefully in time with her mother: the trance... or so she seems to the outside world.


She is conflicted for this life promises so much. Her own way of being feels connected to something much bigger and it feels good …familiar somehow.



Suddenly, something on the pavement before her catches her eye. A wave of heat, a mirage, more like a twinkle. She is uncertain. Squinting, Meredith wills the shift to happen again.


"Stop squinting. You'll get wrinkles Sweet One." Her mother has grasped her hand once again more in ownership this time.


"Yes Mum." She replies her eyes glued to the space where she believes there is something more.


Meredith wills the space to open up to her reality. Fear rips through her. Her desire to break free is overwhelming. At the same time, she does not want to lose what she knows.



Meredith whispers. "There's no going back."


"What are you going on about? What is wrong with you today? We're going to be late for tea." Says her mother shaking Meredith's gloved hand, smiling encouragement.


Quietly focused on the gleaming spot ahead Meredith is tired of the process, the charade. She moves forward inwardly on her true untraveled path while appearing to be right in line. She is shedding an aspect of herself. The fear of not belonging nor being told she is good. She no longer has use for the previous reality that was all her own as well.

She feels alone for the first time in her life.



Meredith is drawn to adventure. To explore the sparkles before her. The space calling her.


"Sparkles." Meredith says nodding toward the shining space.


"Why are you causing such a ruckus today? The shortbread you so love is just 10 minutes away." Her mother replies.

More determined to end this experience, her mother quickens the pace.


"This is all on me," Meredith is thinking as she struggles to keep up with her mother. "I've got this… hopefully."



She's reminded that she feels a sense of serenity in this space. As she follows the stars glowing before her, she feels peace. Her shoulders drop as her breathing deepens. She doesn't have to be something or do something that is approved, expected.


Meredith smiles. A genuine smile this time.



Absorbing all she can of this magickal space, she peers into the possibility within.


"I understand my mother wants to keep me safe." Meredith thinks giving her mother's hand a gentle squeeze.


Her mother looks to her and smiles.



After tea, Meredith doesn't don her soft cotton gloves. A bit uncomfortable, she places her hands in her coat taking them out in intervals to swing at her sides. She's trying it out, extending herself. It feels freeing, not rebellious. Her smile is her own as Meredith explores the city buildings surrounding her hoping to spy the big black bird once again.


What seemed impossible before becomes a potential reality.


Her mother quietly shakes her head, smiling. Believing her mother doesn't notice, she continues to explore freedom. Meredith is on her path. She continues forward, in faith, doing a quick skip here and there as they walk the busy city street returning to their apartment.



As the doorman opens the door, her fast friend, Mable, makes her way toward her. Meredith freezes in fear of what Mable will think. She considers placing her hands in her coat. Steeling herself, she keeps them at her sides her smile wide and genuine.


Mable stops eyes bulging uncertain of the smile's meaning.


"Hi!" Meredith says waving with her ungloved hand.


"Uh... hi." Mable returns curious. "How was tea?"


"I enjoyed it. Best shortbread in the city, yeah?"


Mable smiles walking closer. "Yes! The best."


She takes Meredith's hand in her gloved hand asking, "Why?"


Leaving her hand in her friend's, she responds, "It was time." smiling her new smile.


Mable jerks her hand from Meredith's and takes her mother's. Looking back, she smiles at Meredith. The pasted smile. Then, returns forward in step with her mother.



As her eyes follow her retreating friend, Meredith rethinks her choices. She rubs her bare hands together smiling. Then stops, looking toward Mable as she and her mother turn the corner.


"Come on in Mere." The doorman says inviting Meredith to move forward.


Meredith sports her free smile and spontaneously skips through the door. She hears a chuckle from behind as she meets up with her mother at the elevators. Meredith turns and gives Chester a decided nod.


Now she's on her authentic path within. Separate for now.



The stars shine as bright as the glimmer she boldly walked into. She lies in bed eyes wide unable to find the restorative slumber that is usually hers. Fear rips through her as she replays her afternoon's behavior in her mind. She feels alone. In the dark, she senses a chasm within. The embodied peace and playful spirit is unreachable.


Meredith recalls her relationships with fear. She considers the feeling that arises when she has done something wrong or not well enough. Soaking her being in the feeling, she knows what to do so she does it. Meredith embodies courage envisioning the following day.


"Tomorrow. Just tomorrow, I will explore my way of being." Meredith's will says aloud.


Finding her strength, baby steps.


Meredith breathes in a deep sigh surfacing from the void. She discovers sleep on the rim that is transformation. She steps closer to fear.



Awaking, Meredith puts on her robe and paddles to the breakfast table.


"Why are you not dressed?" Her mother says over her newspaper.


A steaming cup of coffee and warm toast before her.


Meredith replies while sitting down opening the lid of the crock. "I will.  I thought I'd have some oatmeal first."


As she spoons the rich oats into her bowl, she quickly pours the milk. Sprinkling cranberries on top, her hand hovers as her mother responds.


"Well you've already cooled your breakfast with milk. So eat." She says returning to her morning read.


Meredith smiles to her mother and bowl of fruity oats. Eating, she senses the rich flavors quite unlike she has in the past.


"Did you do something special? This is so good." She says spooning another bite.


"Don't try to soften me with platitudes."


"I really do like the taste. More cinnamon?" Meredith askes.


"Stop." Her mother replies.


Meredith decides to let it go and focuses on the new experience. Slowly and intentionally, she eats every bite. Feeling a sense of nourishment, she excuses herself to dress.



Taking the risk, Meredith knocks on her neighbor's door down the hallway. Mable opens the door. Looking at her friend's curious eyes, Meredith expresses her wide grin. A bit unsure, but goes for it anyway.


"Shall we go outside and play?" Meredith asks.


Mable answers, "Okay, let me get my coat."


As they walk down the hallway toward the elevator, Meredith stops.


"What?" Mable says while fidgeting.


Meredith says in a serious tone. "Mable, where are your gloves?"


"Guess I don't need them… today." Mable says smiling a genuine smile.


"Okay…" Meredith slowly says smile growing, "Say, there is this Raven…"


She takes her friend's bare hand in hers as the elevator opens they walk toward their path.



*introducing Meredith, Persephone's childhood friend.


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All's Quiet | Winks



The room dark has not changed, yet Persephone senses something is very different. Sitting up in her cozy bed, she blinks turning on the light while looking about for signs. The curtains continue to shade her from the neighbor's ever-illuminated back porch. Her door is closed. Everything is in its casual place; and yet, she feels oddly rejuvenated.


Yawning. Stretching.


She smiles over to Lilith lounging on her own bed that is almost the size of Perce's with ample room for a Giant Schnauzer to snooze in comfort.


Lilith looks for signals that the morning walk is eminent. Assessing Persephone's lack of movement, she lowers her chin to her paws.


"Man! I feel… rested." Perce says to Lilith.


Listening intently, Lilith's eyes focus on Perce.


Persephone continues the conversation saying, "Perhaps tonight we'll see if I can go for a repeat."


Allowing her subconscious to integrate the revitalizing experience, Perce's toes hit the cool hardwoods as she reluctantly emerges from her bed. Lilith stands and stretches Down Dog style. With a squeaky yawn, she follows Perce to the kitchen.




With a cup of afternoon tea, Persephone takes a break from writing. Her legs folded under her, she scratches Lilith's ears as her furry head rests comfortably on Perce's lap. Suddenly, Perce stiffens as a deafening high tone in her ears causes her to spill the steaming cuppa. In response, both Perce and Lilith find themselves standing.


Perce places the hot cup on a table. Clasping her ears, she closes her eyes. The sound vibrates as if it's sharing a message. Curious, Persephone patiently remains with the discomfort. The high-pitched ringing slowly ebbs.


Perce stills.


Eventually in tune, she finds comfort on the couch. Her canine follows her lead curling up against Perce's crossed legs. In the long pause, she closes her eyes absorbing remnants of the energetic experience.


She feels lighter or alight, she cannot quite tell.


Leaning over to smooth out the tea stained pages on the table before her, Perce begins to review her work. Her eyes are sharp. She finds she can read with speed. Editing her writing effortlessly, her pen swiftly creating patterns on the written pages. She realizes she has accessed the right words and phrases without the usual barriers.


In the flow.




Sidewalks empty, there are only shadows to greet. The clack of her heels and clicking of Lilith's nails bounce off the Brownstones marking time and cadence. Perce finds herself smiling at the leaves and flowers that are just beginning to bloom. The fresh air clears her sound lungs the morning's strength from restorative sleep still resonating.


They both miss the crowded streets.


Taking the well-paced walk with Lilith, one last time before bed, she spies a glimmer in the dense foliage near the old park benches. Climbing into the plant bed, she is mesmerized drawn toward a bobbing glowing ball. Lilith shadows excited by the adventure wagging her stubby tail.


The orb finds its way to the center of the leafy ring. As Persephone and Lilith pop out of the bushes, the glow finds its voice.


"You hear that Lilith?" Perce asks pointing toward her target.


Lilith stands tall paws rooting for a lunge, a low growl sounds.


Persephone responds, "I believe we're okay. I don't sense danger."


She asks Lilith to sit. The low grumble quiets as the hound lowers her guard.


Lilith whines as Perce slowly creeps toward the light. Standing before the glowing orb floating at the height of her forehead, her ears return to the sounds from afternoon tea. This time, she absorbs the tinny ring, her eyes focused on the ball that is nearing her 3rd eye.


Perce's eyes flutter as her ears quiet the energy source finding its way into her consciousness. Opening wide, her eyes see energetic lines geometrically quilted over the space before her. Her fine-tuned ears register the surroundings with a dog's acumen.





"Wow!" Perce says to Lilith gesturing for her to come her finger pointing to the ground at her side.


They both stand in the middle of the small clearing playfully responding to sights and sounds together. As the moment of acute awareness ebbs and disappears, Persephone looks back to where they emerged from the bushes now noticing the scratches on her chin and arms.


Rubbing her forearms to calm the sting Perce says, "Time to go Lilith."


Signaling they will return from whence they came, Lilith decides to blaze the trail for the return. The walk home Perce's mind is quiet.


The streets are still empty as the planet is on pause.




Morning surfaces as Persephone awakes with less sleep than normal. Perce does not move harnessing all the 'feels' surrounding the experience of sound slumber. It is foreign to her. She opens her eyes with a slow wide grin.


"I've done it again." Perce says with a calm morning voice.


Lilith's eyes open as she returns from deep slumber. Having reached for her journal, Persephone recalls her dreams. Carefully documenting as Perce covets dreams that come from the sound spaces within her psyche. As her subconscious communes with soul lessons integrating, Perce is in alignment. Her path illuminated by clarity.


 "My mind isn't… racing at night." She's sitting up looking toward her furry friend saying, "I'm rested. Dreams recalled Lilith."


As Persephone rises with ease her body, mind and spirit restored, Lilith follows sporting a dancing trot. Early walk this morning. Lilith's pleased.






With the stillness we are currently within, do you find you are sleeping well remembering dreams? Ears ringing as we recalibrate?




For more fiction: Chere is creating fiction on Patreon

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College Daze | The Smell of Books

Hands occupied by my searing hot paper coffee cup, they take turns. As I walk along the sidewalk, my eyes follow the shop signs guiding me to the bookstore. I pause to see what's new in the window today. Maupassant, vintage and the new Grafton, used. I wagered the Grafton would go first and made mental note to keep tabs on Maupassant. Would the brown leather tome remain long enough to be discounted? Fingers crossed, I open the door. My still too hot coffee spills burning my hand.


While I'm inspecting my cuff for the inevitable brown stain, the classic brass doorbell summons the owner. Bob is in today. I smile as he grooves with whatever I choose to do, always happy with the projects I take on. I love a dusted old bookstore, just sayin'. Perhaps I will go with that. In one of my favorite sections of course.


I turn to see a customer is awaiting check out. Finding a safe place for what's left of my coffee, I put my satchel under the counter and assist. It's all done by pencil, add in your head (including the tax,) and then, punch the total into the register. I carefully place a bookmark inside her stack's top book. A duplicate copy of the receipt along with. Old school. No plastic bags. Canvas bag or carry your reads out. Post my expression of gratitude we exchange smiles.


As the reader chimes the door's bell, I grab the feather duster and make a beeline for the back of the store before I am hijacked by the register again. Bob changes the vinyl and I'm slowed by his selection. It's all Bob's music; I can dig it. The duster my baton, I conduct Vivaldi's Spring slowing my pace adding a bit of a skip as cadence. With my enthusiasm, a feather breaks loose and begins to fall. I'm intrigued by just how slow it descends. I pause noticing the plumage appears to have a destination in mind.


Sure enough, the landing pad is a lower bookshelf absolutely covered in dust. I look up and spy a vent that is targeting this particular bookshelf. I can only imagine how old those ducts are. Kneeling down to perform a dust accumulation assessment, that is wipe my finger and inspect the residue, my hand hovers just at the shelf space.


Someone is whispering.


I peer through the stack and spy no one. So I rise and peek around the corner, nothing.


I return for the test though I know this is the area I need to address. Leaning over, once again, the hissing of whispers continue. Coming closer, I realize I am being summoned.


"You!" a gentleman calls out. "Yes, you. Who else?"


I'm frozen at this point awaiting what is next.


"You always say it's the journey not the destination; however, you are so willy-nilly with your creative time. Develop a plan young lady."


Surprising myself, I pull on the book that appears to be the source. I'm smelling a fresh cup of coffee and cigarettes.

Carefully dusting the well-worn book I consider. "That's a sure sign of a worthy read."


The layer of dust reveals Roald Dahl's collection of short stories. The compilation that focuses on life's trials and tribulations: Man from the South and other stories. However, I am told another story. The author speaks to me clearly sharing his creative ritual: space, time, mindset.


"This enduring author's writing practice." Carefully dusting the book's cover, I respond internally to the low sounds emanating words that are a bit clearer now that I've cleaned the book.


The coffee and cigarettes fill my olfactories further gaining my attention.


I sense this information is for my highest good as the delivery alone reflects value. While considering my own writing practice, muscle memory kicks in. I barely notice my pace as I cleanse the space. Surfacing, after what seems like a moment, transforms into my entire short shift. I grab the vacuum to complete the task. Stepping back to assess my work, the area is gleaming. The smell has disappeared. Non-reflective of my efforts; I understand there's a bit of magick going on.


I sigh deeply. Yawning a couple of times to reset my brain chemistry and head for the front counter. Next to my satchel is the bin where the old wooden handled duster resides. My worn leather bag over my shoulder, I throw away the now cold cup of coffee and head for the door.


Before my hand finds the knob, Bob calls out. "Illuminated today were we?"


With one of those slow deep genuine smiles, I turn.


Bob is nowhere to be seen so I return louder than the acceptable bookstore whisper. "Yes. Telling tales and whispering secrets."


"I know you are." Bob's muffled voice answers.


The brass doorbell chimes as I open the door. Vivaldi's Spring dancing in my head as I integrate my writing process sensing I've accomplished so much today in that little bookstore.


As I stroll down the sidewalk, my eyes follow the eclectic store signs along the way.


"Now to address the issue of those freaking hot paper cups of coffee." I say to myself.

Is life a journey, a destination or somewhere in between?




* I have so many fond memories of the bookstore. So many nooks and crannies, short staircases, and dark rooms filled with shelved books. I so loved working for Bob and Faye's in Scottsdale while earning my fine art degree at ASU. One of the best college jobs ever.


* I am inspired by an interview where Roald Dahl shares his process and dedication to his craft. He truly embodies his work.



For more fiction: Chere is creating fiction on Patreon

Dahl's interview: Roald Dahl's memorable interview

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Walking along the deserted sidewalk, Persephone takes in a deep breath of open air. The trees at the end of the street promise commune with Gaia. Lilith's pace begins to surge.


"Heel." Persephone quietly signals her Giant Schnauzer.


Lilith immediately slows alongside Perce's already speedy pace panting a wide smile.


"I know. Me too." Persephone says grinning at her fast friend.


Passing sleeping buildings coming to the end of the street, the great park opens up. Its beauty stark and inviting. Lilith has her particular spots to stop indicating to her fellow canines she has been by.


The light signals.


"Walk on." Perce whispers.


Lilith is not used to being cooped up in the apartment for such long periods. Persephone follows Lilith deep into the park lazily looking up as the empty park allows her to daydream. Her curly coated friend is more than happy to play tour guide.


"Home." Signaling, it is Persephone that calls an end to the adventure.


Lilith continuing her role strides along Perce's side much slower than the walk toward the earthy realm in the center of the city.





Detaching the leash, Persephone falls on the couch and takes a sip of her now cold coffee. Pausing, she decides it is good enough for now. Lilith's loud lapping noises make Perce wish she'd left a glass of water on the table.


The walk was longer than Persephone planned. The sun is drawing to a close. Still warming, Perce removes her coat and scarf closing her eyes for a moment knowing Lilith remains where she is, patiently waiting.


With a long sigh, Persephone peels off her coat and scarf leaving them draped across the settee on the way to kitchen. She retrieves Lilith's dinner from the fridge, a hearty meat dish.


"Your favorite." Placing the bowl in the stand, she ruffles Lilith's head.


Lilith awaits the command that it is ready.


"It's yours." Persephone points to the warm bowl of sustenance.


The smell of Lilith's dish causes Perce's stomach grumble. She decides on tea and a bath instead. Remaining at home makes her tired as Perce's office resides here as well. The walks in the park, coffee, lunch, visits, events, meetings….


She misses it.





Emerging from the steaming bath, Persephone laughs at Lilith as she has already curled up in her large bed that is almost the size of Perce's polished wooden antique bed.


"So you did have enough after all. I'm glad Sweets." Persephone sparingly uses her pet name for the larger than life pooch.


Finding bed cozy, Persephone decides to remember her dreams. She wants to know just what is a possible outcome of this pressed upon isolation. Perce regularly recalls her dreams with ease. They often inspire her writing.





Covering her eyes with a soft black eye mask she says, "Tonight I know when I am dreaming. I have excellent dream recall."


Not long after, Persephone's eyes flutter as she swirls within her space of enlightenment.



From abstract Persephone hears first.


The birds are singing and flitting about the tree just outside her building as if she is just across from the park. Perce takes her coffee on the overstuffed chair next to the window in her bedroom.


Mesmerized by the saturated colors.


Clarity of sound and sight.


Nature in line with the human species.



The recently steaming cup now empty, Persephone dawns a tee and loose cotton pants. Her feet bare, she rolls mat out onto the gleaming parqueted floor. The window calls her once again. She takes in a half glass of water.


The asana flow with an amalgamation of Qi Gong and Yoga. The practice honed by listening to what resonates with her body, her mind and how she views soul. After balancing and tuning, Perce settles to meditate.


She knows herself.


Tongue to the roof of her mouth she hums encouraging parasympathetic response. Her body calm, her mind communes with soul. Finding the spaces between each breath, she breathes life into her exercise. She doesn't ask, she allows. Trust.


The practice leaves her energized. Lilith paddles over to the mat and drops her leash. Persephone rubs Lilith's back and scratches her ears.


"Fantastic timing Lilith. As always." Persephone says as she stands heading to her walk-in.

Dark sunglasses and hat shade her from the gleaming sun. Lilith's alongside, trajectory the park.


The hour-long walk tops her self-care encouraging appetite. After feeding the ravenous hound, she grabs an apple and some almonds. An isolated part of her living room, her office is light and airy facing the windows.



Perce's been writing for several hours while Lilith snoozes in a sunny spot on the soft rug. A call from the street. Buzzing in, she walks over and opens the door. She then heads to the kitchen and puts the kettle on.


Chester strides into the apartment his head replaced by the most beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers.


"Wow. Those are so beautiful and smell lovely!" Perce says examining the variety taking her time to gain the scent of each of the flowers.


Chester responds to Persephone looking around the bundle in front of him. "You can have one spectacular bouquet as center piece or a pair of two still quite large arrangements for the table."


"Indeed." Perce says letting out a squeal of excitement. "Let's place them in this for now."


Persephone retrieves a large ice bucket from the kitchen's bar. The kettle's whistle screams.

"Would you like some tea?" Perce shouts over the sound.


Placing the flowers in the bucket, Chester is nodding his head, "I would. Black tea with one of those cinnamon teabags you always have would be nice."


"White?" Persephone asks.


"Sure. If it's cream." Chester replies.


"It is."


Sitting by the window, they watch the finches chasing each other about enlisting a bee in their game. The viewers chat about the dinner party tonight. Persephone doesn't adore cooking but she absolutely loves having her friends over for libation and repast. No reason necessary.



Warm hugs, and Persephone and Lilith leave Chester at the sidewalk going in opposite directions. A stop by the park for Lilith's call of nature, Perce picks up an afternoon demi-capu while continuing on to the apothecary.


The old wooden doors open just in time for her and Lilith to stroll through. The beehive tiled black and white floor draw them to the counter where Sophie is holding up a dark brown bottle.


"It's done! We've not bottled the rest as of yet, but I just knew you'd be in."


Persephone takes the bottle smelling the concoction while Sophie greets Lilith looking to Perce for permission to treat the already anticipating pup.


"Sure. She'd love one." Perce says giving permission as Lilith sits ready for her handmade savory treat.


Perce askes. "This serum smells divine. So it's the same as before?" 


"Well no." Sophie responds talking over Lilith's energetic crunching.


"What's different?"


Sophie is serious now for she knows a proper skin regimen is very important to Persephone's soft glowing skin.


"It's better!" Sophie says smiling confidently. "This will give you more moisture and you need that."


"I do!" Perce laughs smiling, "And I need bath soap as well as a half-pound of Lilith's treats."


"Which soap bar would you like this time?" Sophie asks.


Persephone responds, "Surprise me. There are so many beautiful treatments to choose from. Intuit what you think best."


"You got it!"


Package in hand, Perce turns waving in gratitude one more time before she and Lilith depart. The sun greets the duo as they head for the market, the city streets live with honking cars, buzzing scooters and bicycles. Persephone heels Lilith who is eagerly anticipating more little tasty nuggets.



The market is open air this time of year. Everything local and handmade, Persephone looks for what has just come in, ripe and ready to eat, from the fields and gardens.


Perce sences a hand on her shoulder. Another party guest greets her with a hug and gives Lilith a vigorous ear rub.


"Oleta! Lovely." Persephone says in such gratitude that in this huge city, she often runs into her friends.


"Hey!" Oleta says looking around at the stands and lively shopkeepers, "You shopping for tonight?"


"I am" Perce nods.


"Well I am glad I ran into you. I'm bringing dessert. And yes, it is your favorite." Oleta says in an overly serious tone so that Persephone will not protest.


"Pots de crème! I won't discourage you." Perce's grin is ear-to-ear, "I'm really thankful I didn't eat lunch now. I picked up some Montenegro last week. Should pair quite nicely, you think?"


"Beautiful! Synchronicity. Gotta go! See you tonight," Oleta blows a kiss before turning into the crowd.


Perce says looking over at Lilith while giving her a good scratch. "Don't you just love that when that happens?" 


"Walk on." Persephone says as she focuses on the ingredients for this evening's meal.



A couple of items were not available. One not ripe enough to pick and another no longer in season. Even though she was not totally successful, Perce is satisfied with the groceries blooming from her two large canvas bags.


Lilith's head is high as she trots alongside Persephone. She is quite pleased with the trip as it is a resounding success. Perce makes note to half her dinner portion while smiling at her cheeky canine.


"You take the idea of samples to a whole new level Sweets." Persephone says laughing aloud.


With pauses to chat with friends and neighbors on the way home, Persephone lays the bags on the kitchen counter with a thud. Placing the creme in the refrigerator, she believes the rest of the groceries can wait.


The kettle on, she places a biscuit on a small plate. Lilith checks in to see if she's going to get a bit of nosh.


"I get it Lilith, but after this afternoon's smorgasbord, perhaps we wait until din-din." Persephone responds.


Understanding the cue din-din, Lilith heads to the window for a nap. Circling a couple times, her large form finds the perfect spot. She settles in with her nose under one paw.


A bit of earl grey and her nutritive biscuit on the side table, Persephone is curled up as well. With her feet underneath her and a book in her lap, she reads while crunching and sipping. Perce intermittently pauses to reflect on the words while looking out the window at the bigger than life city before her.



After a long luxurious bath, Persephone's long hair flows about her shoulders. Her dress light yet easy-stylish, floats as she makes her way to the kitchen. Lilith has relocated; but is still in snooze mode.


The neighbor, Samson, is gracious enough to come early. Italian, he's the perfect chef for the pasta and salad menu. All fresh ingredients from today's market, he is having a blast. The Prosecco Persephone opens may be a part of his levity as well as the dance he has going.


Persephone sips on her glass of bubbles while cleaning up behind the cook's magic and chopping as instructed. She sets the table and prepares the fresh bread slicing, oiling and rubbing a cracked piece of fresh garlic on each piece. Nesting them in baskets, the long table is ready for guests.


Call from below. Seems as if everyone has arrived at the same time.



Opening the door, she awaits her friends. Seeing a few with butts to trash, she realizes they were out there smoking before coming up.


The flood of energy is bright filled with levity.


After sparkling glasses empty, the gathering sits eyes wide as the large dishes make their way from the kitchen. Perce provides Lilith din-din. Her furry friend awaits as everyone finds their seat raising their glasses to Samson.


As the plates begin to pass, Persephone signals to Lilith who too begins her meal. Surprisingly there is no need for tunes tonight. The conversation free form punctuated by the popping of corks. The red wine making its own music.


With love and gratitude to Oleta and then to Perce, the crowd jackets and scarves their way to the door.


Persephone finds Samson in the kitchen. "I've got this. You are a gem."


"I know you do. I'll keep you company."


The pair completes the task in silence smiling down at the evening's accoutrements as they begin to gleam finding their homes in the drawers and cabinets.


Samson makes his way out as Perce goes to the window. Looking down to her friends below, some with their after dinner smoke streaming from their fingers, her eyes smile. They sense Persephone. Looking up, the jocular crew wave smiles.


Persephone's hand on her companion's back she asks, "Ready for bed Lilith?"



Wide awake now, Persephone writes down her dream. For this night, strong patterns emerge.



See you next week.

Cheers and best,

Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets 



Ps. photography by JR Korpa on Unsplash

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Musings | Triplicate


We're on a Road to Nowhere | Pacing


Persephone finds herself overwhelmed by the energetic atmosphere that surrounds her.




There are beginnings of an endeavor sure to enhance current endeavors. There are current endeavors in process. There are endeavors, she'd rather hand off (if it was possible.) There's her absolute favorite endeavor, writing.


Still overwhelmed.



Checking out the time on her iPhone, she considers that perhaps she should take a break. Perhaps that will improve her mood, calm the nervous system per se.


"Break from what?" Perce laughs to herself for she hasn't really gotten started. "My Yoga practice and some breaky. That was it."


She's shaking her head considering a bike ride to calm the circuits. Looking over at her city bike, she realizes, she'll need to check tire pressure. Persephone finds the task of pumping tires too taxing right now and lets the idea of outdoor activity float away.



Still feeling the buzz that creates an environment where a cogent thought is just out of reach, Perce decides to bring her swirling headspace in line with her heart and gut. Her awareness meets in the middle: the heart-space.


The space is metallic. It feels rough and dull with blackened areas. Persephone attempts to lighten up the chasms with energy rolling her shoulders back. Loving heart energy begins to warm the center of her chest. Perce observes gray smoke streaming from the front and back turning into white sparks just before disappearing.


"Sending back to where it originated, in its original form." Her eyes are closed, she smiles. "Integrating the scarab-ed wisdom of what's mine, the surplus to the ether. So it is."


Persephone claps loudly three times. The center of her palms hot, she hovers them over her heart space and asks her most pressing question that is actually a feeling.


"Enlighten me Perce-Wise." She whispers her chin lowered.


The answer is almost immediate as Persephone's wise-self responds with an iridescent voice, "You have plenty of time."


Time's abundant.

Right time.



Feeling the Impetus | Shout it on the Mountain Tops


Organized, especially since this recent super full moon in Virgo, Persephone is clear on how to feel into her purpose as well as what steps to take to get there. The working parts are in tune as if the 'jewels' are in alignment with her stars.


Going over recent illuminations, her eyes are skyward as she smiles. Perce looks down at her calendar enjoying the dance of color, form and sequence as her plan is mostly polished for she's been working on it since the beginning of February during Merc Retro's pre-shadow phase.


She considers the rhythms of the tasks noticing her priority has neatly carved out time 'specially as 50%.


The sprockets tuned, turn their cogs aligned perpetuating the process.



Her phone rings.

*not on the calendar


Persephone doesn't hesitate answering the call. "Greetings!"


She's loves chatting with this individual. The conversation begins quickly and flows as if it has no reason to end. As subjects go deeper, she begins to talk about the details, timelines, feelings regarding her intentions.


Before she knows it, her day's attention units (for the brain has a finite few each day) and the motivation behind her tasks has been talked-out in depth.


Thought mutual goodwill exchanged.



Persephone gets off the phone and finds her will to eye her calendar is gone.


(Her mind considers intentions complete, the motivation switching station in the brain dimmed for the day.)


Sitting back in her chair, Perce considers taking a break.

*though she hasn't began her day in earnest



The mind chatters | Content


Persephone notices the curiosity surrounding her. In the small space regular's eyes follow her movements as they try to place her. She is not from here and doesn't quote, 'wear the uniform.'


Perce's here because she chooses to be.



A passerby, "You work for the City?"


"No." Perce responds smiles and continues on her path.



Going about her business, she stops to banter, with a couple of witty ladies, about cheese. Words like 'Big Cheese,' 'Head Cheese' and 'Babybel' float about the conversation on waves of ebb and flow. The pause is too long for them to dive into types of cheese and their attributes.


Cheeky. Fun.


Moving along.



Passing by the original questioner, the passerby asks again. "I've been around here for years." Intent on getting answers. "Who are you? And do you work?"


Persephone busts out laughing. "Did you hear what you just said?" repeating the questions to the cringing passerby.


Passerby's making excuses. "That's no quite what I meant."


"I would think not," Perce responds smiling.



Persephone continues about her business noting the lack of alignment while grooving her authentic sovereign vibe at the same time.


Neutrality from within.

On the Path.

With Discernment.




So it is, yeah?



Be seeing you soon.

Cheers and best,

Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets 

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The Raven and the Mouse



Ever aware of the fast moving furry creature with the long tale, Raven assesses best trajectory toward her prized pecan tree. Taking flight her wing span dark shines in the cool sun. She's hungry and peeved that little creature follows her always in pursuit of dropped sustenance.


Banking, her left wing tips upward as she looks down spying the annoying rodent with ease. Raven rights herself and flaps gaining speed. Her eyes forward. Target somewhere farther away from the trailing mouse below.




Mouse looks up and smiles waving at the Raven while admiring her beauty. Mouse is so thankful for the nibbles Raven drops.


"It's like lunching together." Mouse twitches her whiskers her eyes trained upward grinning at her fast friend.


This trek is more challenging for Mouse as the raven has gain elevation and appears to be in a bit of a hurry. Mouse is not willing to disappoint so she speeds along taking risks jumping across the larger rocks as the terrain is rough in comparison to the grasslands where the tasty pecans grow.


She doesn't give up.




"Are-you-kidding-me?!" Raven is starving and quite surprised by the mouse's endurance.


She banks again heading back to the pecan trees hoping that the mouse will be left in the dust long enough for her to have her fill.




Mouse is shouting skyward having course corrected on a dime. "I agree bird! The pecan grove is much better place to have a bit of a nosh,"




Raven's eyes narrow with disgust, "Is she squeaking at me? That little brown furry creature cannot reach me!"  


On target Raven zeros in are her favorite tree. Unbeknownst to her, it is just next door to the mouse's cozy burrow.


Landing gracefully on the tree's limb, Raven grasps a pecan with her strong and sure beak and heads for the sky. Honing in on the rock beside the waving pecan tree, she drops her snack.


Raven calls a shrilling sound thrilled and at the same time in a bit of a hurry. She lands on the rock with a couple additional flaps of her wings as she settles before the cracked pecan.




Mouse begins to run out of steam as the terrain is up hill. The boulders with wide crevices require she take some serious leaps scrambling up the opposite sides after she lands.


Mouse's weak jump doesn't have sufficient reach, "Eeeeeeeeeeeek!" She falls between two huge stones.




Raven is maintaining an eye-out for her nemesis. She's entertained by the gusto in which the mouse has been attempting to return to the field. Raven sees the fur-ball in the air now and then as it makes a pathetic attempt to return in time to harass Raven.


Head up, Raven pauses with a huge piece of nut in her mouth as she stilled by the mouse's painful shriek.


"Still harassing me, are you?" Raven nibbles at her pecan.




Mouse is wedged between the boulders. She cannot move. She cannot breath.


As a last ditch effort, she cries out with a loud, "Squuueeak….." Her call for help quickly dropping to a whisper.


Mouse's head leans against the rock. She closes her eyes.




Raven's unamused by the game being played on her, "What was that?"


She returns to her nut, then quickly drops it looking for the bouncing mouse leaping across the rocky field.




Raven turns leaving the pecan searching for movement. She sighs as she sees flying fur.


"No..." Raven hops toward the boulders, "that was a chipmunk."


Before she really considers her response, Raven's in the air. Circling quickly several times, she sees nothing.


Raven calls deep, loudly.




She lands where she considers she last saw the mouse. Hopping about peaking over the rocky ledges, she spies nothing.


Raven begins to rattle a call as she flits about flying from boulder to boulder.




Mouse's eyes slowly open as she realizes her fast friend has come to her rescue.


With little air left in her petite lungs, she mews quietly, "eeeeeeek. eeeeeek. eee…"


Then nothing.




Raven is keen to hear from the mouse. She hears the soft plea.


As the last of the mouse's breath expresses a whisper of a sound, Raven is peering over the rock side at the little creature wedged far below.


Raven notices the creature's shallow breath. The body moving ever so slightly. So as not to startle, Raven calls a soft warbling tone. Cocking her head side to side, she assesses the situation.


Then flies off.




Mouse opens her eyes just as the Raven's tail disappears. Mouse is hopeful at first watching the ledge for movement.




Finally, Mouse so very tired, closed her eyes for what she considers the last time.




High above Raven soars. A beautiful thick piece of cotton string from her stash of treasures in her beak.


Landing at the ledge of the deep crevice, she drops the string carefully while stepping on the other end.


Raven calls to the dead-like creature below. "Warble, warble, coo."




Raven holds onto the string with her beak, a steady grip, as she rolls her eyes and decides to get closer to the mouse.


Raven thinks to herself. "What have I gotten myself into?"




As tiny pebbles and sand begin to fall, Mouse stirs. Opening her eyes, she notices a wiggling worm dangling dragging across her nose.


Adrenaline kicks in. Mouse's peepers widen and she clamps down on the line in fear. Looking up, Mouse spies the backside of the raven.


Her eyes narrow as she attempts to focus in on just what is in her locked jaws.




"Mrmrmm." Mouse mumbles looking up at Raven's rear having ascertained the other end of the worm is in Raven's beak.


Seeing flashes of Raven's eyes, Mouse notices that the huge black bird is nodding. Mouse's curious return has Raven energetically bouncing her head up and down.


Mouse nods in return steeling her jaws her limbs now numb. "Ohhhhh I get it."


Raven takes strides as she leaps her way to the top of the crevice. At the top, she looks down to the mouse and flaps her wings a couple of times. The string still firmly clamped in her beak.


Mouse's eyes bulge as she realizes what's about to happen. She shakes her head, No!


Raven slowly nods an emphatic yes and flaps her wings.


Mouse closes her eyes.


Raven takes off slowly until the line is taught. Once she senses Mouse is in-the-ready, she ascends slowly thankful there is weight on the opposite end of her string. Mouse emerges from the deep crevice, limbs limp.


Raven takes Mouse up up up.


Mouse slowly opens her eyes looking up at Raven soaring above her.


"Thank you for the gift of flight." Mouse says to herself.


Mouse's eyes are wide. "Now take me down, please!"


Raven softly lowers Mouse next to her favorite pecan tree. Mouse hops around as if she's being stung as the sensation is returning to her limbs.


Raven piles her coveted string next to the dancing mouse and gestures pushing her treasure toward Mouse. Mouse pauses sniffing at the string, then crawls into its center while looking up to Raven.


"Thank you Friend." Mouse squeaks, "Thank you for looking after me."


Raven calls in return. Wings spread, she flies past the tree's limb capturing a pecan continuing skyward. Mouse, knowing her friend's routine so well, takes a moment to carry her new prize to her burrow. While dropping the pecan, Raven notices Mouse's home for the first time.


Landing on the stone by the tree, Raven pecks unmercifully at the broken pecan shell flicking pieces toward patiently waiting Mouse.




Sharing repast.




Ah yes, we carry much dialogue within when we focus without, yeah? 

Be seeing you soon.

Cheers and best,

Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets 

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Endures | Analog Tolstoy

Unconsciously turning the two gold class rings on her right hand same finger, Persephone finds herself thinking of Tolstoy. More specifically Anna Karenina, as the rings are an homage that remind her of strong elegant character writing. His enduring female lead is feminine, intelligent, schooled and independent. 

Many years ago, when Anna Karenina was at end, Perce responded to the work by walking to her dressing table, opening her golden vintage jewelry box and retrieving another of her class rings. 



Sliding the blue gemmed ring over her red gemmed ring, she already wore each day, Perce remembers the character, the tale, the writing, the lessons.

Perce's brows furrow as her mouth turns downward, "In response to love, she acts upon a permanent solution to a temporary problem…" 

Anna Karenina's final words were epic and memorable to Perce as she can still hear the train's shrieking brakes.

Forever in mind.


Lounging in her office, Persephone's eyes roam her large bookcase honing in on the section of TBR classics. Her eyes widen and then, focus on Tolstoy's last tome as a train passes by clicking rhythmically along the tracks not too far from her abode.

"Hmm… this read is post his personal epiphany. Could be interesting." Persephone considers diving in as Tolstoy is a quick read for her. 


His writing style flows gently painting elaborate colorful pictures while engaging with action and ever-relevant dialogue. 

She recalls his impetus to write after his pen had been stored away for over 20 years. It was for a cause. He knew he still had the talent; his readers same.

Perce laughs speaking out loud in tune with the faint noise coming from the fading locomotive and boxcars. "Funny that you draw from something that occurred back when you were writing as platform for your current state of mind and transformed ideas." 


Ah yes, the writer's mind. 


Persephone cradles the vintage analog book in both hands. The creases and shelf wear narrating their own stories, that of other experiences from foretime. Conceivably several hands have held this 54-year-old paperback book. 

Perce observes how loose the spine is, "Maybe they folded the book as they read." 

She draws the book closer to her nose. The read conveys a hint of the rich smell of an old book. This is a scent that can trigger many an avid reader to explore further the back shelves of a bookstore. In this case, following ones nose can result in treasure.

Supporting the book, she draws the energy toward her. Persephone seeks not that of the story or Tolstoy, but that of the object's particular past. 

The feel of the book begins to resonate in her hands. The vibration consistent and calm.

"Only one other owner. Well, you evidently liked to read while eating Granny Smiths. Why the apple stickers plastered inside the front cover?" She queries the book.

No answer.

Smiling, she goes and places the soft book at her bedside.


Perce prefers analogue reads. 

Her view is that eyes traveling through the material aspects of recorded symbols that culminate in meaning are more emotive to the brain. 

The experience is a bit of a dance as there are other senses in play as well.

As she combs over her book collection, Perce doesn't mind the heavy hardbacks for she appreciates how they rest homed within her bookshelf. 

There's a particular action that is turning pages. Persephone's eyes find their way to the bottom of the page as she turns to the next as if she is reading music. 

And of course, the smell. The paper pressed with ink wafts up into her olfactories as the pages turn. She pauses considering how one would describe the scent of a book. Cigars without the smoke component perhaps.

Smiling, Perce's made her choice in earnest. It's time to read Resurrection.

Are you an analog or digital reader? Do the classics capture your attention? 

Be seeing you soon.

Cheers and best,

Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets 

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The Dance | When Life Serves you Lemons


The base of Persephone's neck holds tension feeling like steel lies within. She moves her neck back and forth hearing the crackling as her ears touch shoulders in turn. She finds herself attempting to alleviate the symptom, not the source.

She just doesn't feel good.


"It's as if I am not thriving, My quality of life… I'm suffering." A lump in her throat surfaces with the truth.


In present time, Perce has acknowledged the dynamic; she problem solves. Again. Her mind courses through the files of study on Alchemy. She considers her practice looking over at the knotted string smiling and shaking her head. She's been working on that skill for so very long as her acumen ebbs and flows.


Persephone talking to herself pointing to the jute line nestled in a small antique glass jar her grandmother gave her. "You're akin to a golf swing. I consider that I may integrate the task as mastery… and then, I've lost it as if I've never experienced any success."


She's elevated by the magicks that surround the journey.


Balance doesn't really exist.




As mystic, she's drawing from a feeling that aligns with her cognition as she labels the emotion from the brain that has sent out the chemistry for bodily response.  Moving about while yawning, she attempts to shake a bit of the feeling coursing through her being.


In that moment, Perce's struggles with belief. An alchemist knows the power of imagining and proclaiming as truth including all the feels that place it in future reality.


"Why do I forget this dynamic so easily? I can boldly write it on a red Post-It and not see what's right before me. I wear an uncomfortable ring as symbol and find myself leaving it by my computer having unconsciously removed the constrictive band. Hmmm…."


The human condition deserves compassion.




Wow. The sense of rested. Persephone's calm and clear as her sleep was deep and kind to her. She folds the sheet and bed cover making her bed. Perce then arranges the comforter. The bed made, she folds a triangle sliding out of her cocoon allowing her feet to land in their open toed slippers. Lastly, three pillows fluffed. She nods a smile of gratitude.


Paddling to the kitchen, Perce presses the already prepared coffee for its first brew of the day. The aromas of rich dark Italian roast float to her open nose and closed eyes. The familiarity causes her to stretch ironing out the tension that comes along with the journey of sleep.


Sipping on her morning concoction holding a bold red mug, she warms her hands. Perce smiles. She feels better than she has for a long time.


"It's time to grow… And now I integrate." Persephone says as her lips form a long awaited smile.


All in right timing.




The day shows promise as she looks to her maroon binded calendar holding overwhelm at bay. Knowing that she will not accomplish it all, Perce takes action.


So far, so good.


Around 2pm, the brain chemistry does its inevitable dance. Lowering dopamine to levels that erase any form of motivation, she responds by taking a break rewarding her mind, body and soul. As of late, it's been a bit of a movie or read along with nuts and dark chocolate. Tolstoy's last tome has her attention right now.


Coffee beckons so she makes the afternoon cuppa still treating Perce includes sweet cream. Back to the tasks at hand, Persephone's relieved her long dark pause may be coming to a close.




Have you ever had a spell of no movement? You know, where you cannot quite access your groove? Do you tend to trust at those times or do they tend to be a bit of a train wreck?


For me, it can go either way...


Cheers and best,





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When the Foot Reaches the Mouth



Perce's elbows are plastered to her side, riding center of the back seat though is doesn't have anything to do with her being the middle child. To her left, her dreamy good looking guitarist in the band. Her BF to her right, her bestie A.


"Shotgun," Junior, the drummer, always calls it first.


At the helm of the old Pontiac Tempest Chris, lead singer, steers with his knee.



Persephone's feeling the giggles as something arbitrary comes to her ever charged mind.


A elbows her, "What?" smiling. "Just tell us."


Perce goes for it without truly letting the idea sink in.


The surface of the view floating about she asks, "What is the worst name you could give child? Like ever?"


The seats squeak as all but the driver turns to Perce with a faces reading, "Where is this going?"


Not bothering to read the energy around her, Perce reveals her thought in a blast, "Eunis!! E-u-n-i-s. Isn't that just the worst?"



Chris's eyes bulge from the rearview his head is subtly shaking back and forth. A's elbow hits the ribs with a sharp painful blow. Persephone looks to Zachary in confusion. Her boyfriend uses his finger and traces it across his neck. Persephone withers as she looks around.


Confused by what she'd call over-reacting, she senses a slow deliberate movement from the front seat.


Junior's body turns before his head, his drumsticks fisted in his left hand. His piercing eyes' finally meet Persephone. His lips a straight line.


He rests his right elbow on the seat and points his sticks at Perce. Drumming them up and down at her receding chin, he shakes his head. Perce's eyes show fear. Her Bestie locks elbows with her showing solidarity.


Junior flashes the drumsticks about an inch from Persephone's nose as Zachary leans into toward his perplexed girlfriend.



Junior quietly states, "That's my sister's name." and then turns around.


Chris, A and Zach state in unison, "She didn't know."


Persephone leans in to neutralize the situation. Chris' stealth head shake in the rearview has her slowly sitting back taking a moment to consider before responding.


The front leather seats begin to squeak as Junior's shoulders shake up and down.


Perce smacks him, "Geez! You had me going. I mean, of course, no one would name their kid, Eunis."


"Shut it. It IS her name." Junior states while facing forward letting it go.


The remaining three look to Persephone as if she's just won something.



Realizing, she's not coming back from failing to filter her ever racing mind, Perce smiles.


She's human. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers swirling about in her head.



Does your mind race a bit these days?

Just sayin'

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