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Telling Tales and Whispering Secrets 

A bit of fantasy alongside the current human condition



A daily blog of Short Stories - Essay - Writer's Musings

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Endures | Analog Tolstoy

Unconsciously turning the two gold class rings on her right hand same finger, Persephone finds herself thinking of Tolstoy. More specifically Anna Karenina, as the rings are an homage that remind her of strong elegant character writing. His enduring female lead is feminine, intelligent, schooled and independent. 

Many years ago, when Anna Karenina was at end, Perce responded to the work by walking to her dressing table, opening her golden vintage jewelry box and retrieving another of her class rings. 



Sliding the blue gemmed ring over her red gemmed ring, she already wore each day, Perce remembers the character, the tale, the writing, the lessons.

Perce's brows furrow as her mouth turns downward, "In response to love, she acts upon a permanent solution to a temporary problem…" 

Anna Karenina's final words were epic and memorable to Perce as she can still hear the train's shrieking brakes.

Forever in mind.


Lounging in her office, Persephone's eyes roam her large bookcase honing in on the section of TBR classics. Her eyes widen and then, focus on Tolstoy's last tome as a train passes by clicking rhythmically along the tracks not too far from her abode.

"Hmm… this read is post his personal epiphany. Could be interesting." Persephone considers diving in as Tolstoy is a quick read for her. 


His writing style flows gently painting elaborate colorful pictures while engaging with action and ever-relevant dialogue. 

She recalls his impetus to write after his pen had been stored away for over 20 years. It was for a cause. He knew he still had the talent; his readers same.

Perce laughs speaking out loud in tune with the faint noise coming from the fading locomotive and boxcars. "Funny that you draw from something that occurred back when you were writing as platform for your current state of mind and transformed ideas." 


Ah yes, the writer's mind. 


Persephone cradles the vintage analog book in both hands. The creases and shelf wear narrating their own stories, that of other experiences from foretime. Conceivably several hands have held this 54-year-old paperback book. 

Perce observes how loose the spine is, "Maybe they folded the book as they read." 

She draws the book closer to her nose. The read conveys a hint of the rich smell of an old book. This is a scent that can trigger many an avid reader to explore further the back shelves of a bookstore. In this case, following ones nose can result in treasure.

Supporting the book, she draws the energy toward her. Persephone seeks not that of the story or Tolstoy, but that of the object's particular past. 

The feel of the book begins to resonate in her hands. The vibration consistent and calm.

"Only one other owner. Well, you evidently liked to read while eating Granny Smiths. Why the apple stickers plastered inside the front cover?" She queries the book.

No answer.

Smiling, she goes and places the soft book at her bedside.


Perce prefers analogue reads. 

Her view is that eyes traveling through the material aspects of recorded symbols that culminate in meaning are more emotive to the brain. 

The experience is a bit of a dance as there are other senses in play as well.

As she combs over her book collection, Perce doesn't mind the heavy hardbacks for she appreciates how they rest homed within her bookshelf. 

There's a particular action that is turning pages. Persephone's eyes find their way to the bottom of the page as she turns to the next as if she is reading music. 

And of course, the smell. The paper pressed with ink wafts up into her olfactories as the pages turn. She pauses considering how one would describe the scent of a book. Cigars without the smoke component perhaps.

Smiling, Perce's made her choice in earnest. It's time to read Resurrection.

Are you an analog or digital reader? Do the classics capture your attention? 

Be seeing you soon.

Cheers and best,

Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets 

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