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Telling Tales and Whispering Secrets 

A bit of fantasy alongside the current human condition



A daily blog of Short Stories - Essay - Writer's Musings

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All's Quiet | Winks



The room dark has not changed, yet Persephone senses something is very different. Sitting up in her cozy bed, she blinks turning on the light while looking about for signs. The curtains continue to shade her from the neighbor's ever-illuminated back porch. Her door is closed. Everything is in its casual place; and yet, she feels oddly rejuvenated.


Yawning. Stretching.


She smiles over to Lilith lounging on her own bed that is almost the size of Perce's with ample room for a Giant Schnauzer to snooze in comfort.


Lilith looks for signals that the morning walk is eminent. Assessing Persephone's lack of movement, she lowers her chin to her paws.


"Man! I feel… rested." Perce says to Lilith.


Listening intently, Lilith's eyes focus on Perce.


Persephone continues the conversation saying, "Perhaps tonight we'll see if I can go for a repeat."


Allowing her subconscious to integrate the revitalizing experience, Perce's toes hit the cool hardwoods as she reluctantly emerges from her bed. Lilith stands and stretches Down Dog style. With a squeaky yawn, she follows Perce to the kitchen.




With a cup of afternoon tea, Persephone takes a break from writing. Her legs folded under her, she scratches Lilith's ears as her furry head rests comfortably on Perce's lap. Suddenly, Perce stiffens as a deafening high tone in her ears causes her to spill the steaming cuppa. In response, both Perce and Lilith find themselves standing.


Perce places the hot cup on a table. Clasping her ears, she closes her eyes. The sound vibrates as if it's sharing a message. Curious, Persephone patiently remains with the discomfort. The high-pitched ringing slowly ebbs.


Perce stills.


Eventually in tune, she finds comfort on the couch. Her canine follows her lead curling up against Perce's crossed legs. In the long pause, she closes her eyes absorbing remnants of the energetic experience.


She feels lighter or alight, she cannot quite tell.


Leaning over to smooth out the tea stained pages on the table before her, Perce begins to review her work. Her eyes are sharp. She finds she can read with speed. Editing her writing effortlessly, her pen swiftly creating patterns on the written pages. She realizes she has accessed the right words and phrases without the usual barriers.


In the flow.




Sidewalks empty, there are only shadows to greet. The clack of her heels and clicking of Lilith's nails bounce off the Brownstones marking time and cadence. Perce finds herself smiling at the leaves and flowers that are just beginning to bloom. The fresh air clears her sound lungs the morning's strength from restorative sleep still resonating.


They both miss the crowded streets.


Taking the well-paced walk with Lilith, one last time before bed, she spies a glimmer in the dense foliage near the old park benches. Climbing into the plant bed, she is mesmerized drawn toward a bobbing glowing ball. Lilith shadows excited by the adventure wagging her stubby tail.


The orb finds its way to the center of the leafy ring. As Persephone and Lilith pop out of the bushes, the glow finds its voice.


"You hear that Lilith?" Perce asks pointing toward her target.


Lilith stands tall paws rooting for a lunge, a low growl sounds.


Persephone responds, "I believe we're okay. I don't sense danger."


She asks Lilith to sit. The low grumble quiets as the hound lowers her guard.


Lilith whines as Perce slowly creeps toward the light. Standing before the glowing orb floating at the height of her forehead, her ears return to the sounds from afternoon tea. This time, she absorbs the tinny ring, her eyes focused on the ball that is nearing her 3rd eye.


Perce's eyes flutter as her ears quiet the energy source finding its way into her consciousness. Opening wide, her eyes see energetic lines geometrically quilted over the space before her. Her fine-tuned ears register the surroundings with a dog's acumen.





"Wow!" Perce says to Lilith gesturing for her to come her finger pointing to the ground at her side.


They both stand in the middle of the small clearing playfully responding to sights and sounds together. As the moment of acute awareness ebbs and disappears, Persephone looks back to where they emerged from the bushes now noticing the scratches on her chin and arms.


Rubbing her forearms to calm the sting Perce says, "Time to go Lilith."


Signaling they will return from whence they came, Lilith decides to blaze the trail for the return. The walk home Perce's mind is quiet.


The streets are still empty as the planet is on pause.




Morning surfaces as Persephone awakes with less sleep than normal. Perce does not move harnessing all the 'feels' surrounding the experience of sound slumber. It is foreign to her. She opens her eyes with a slow wide grin.


"I've done it again." Perce says with a calm morning voice.


Lilith's eyes open as she returns from deep slumber. Having reached for her journal, Persephone recalls her dreams. Carefully documenting as Perce covets dreams that come from the sound spaces within her psyche. As her subconscious communes with soul lessons integrating, Perce is in alignment. Her path illuminated by clarity.


 "My mind isn't… racing at night." She's sitting up looking toward her furry friend saying, "I'm rested. Dreams recalled Lilith."


As Persephone rises with ease her body, mind and spirit restored, Lilith follows sporting a dancing trot. Early walk this morning. Lilith's pleased.






With the stillness we are currently within, do you find you are sleeping well remembering dreams? Ears ringing as we recalibrate?




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