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Telling Tales and Whispering Secrets 

A bit of fantasy alongside the current human condition



A daily blog of Short Stories - Essay - Writer's Musings

*stories in draft 

Day Dreams | Manner of life


As she goes about her business, Persephone finds herself in reverie during daylight hours. Walking along the sidewalk she navigates icy patches noticing the abstract patterns created. She laughs at her proclivity for perceiving anthropomorphic forms.


As she's making her way to the local on Leroux to procure a sage bundle, Perce passes tourists carrying paper cups of coffee bundled as if they are on the slopes of the mountain town's resort. Navy peacoat, red and black paisley wool scarf and soft warm leather gloves serve her well.


Her specs have gone quite dark in the sun. Considering downtown streets' patterns in the snow is that of boots, she checks her phone for the temp. Pressing the cloud/sun icon, Perce smiles at the cool 17 degree weather as Sol shines reflecting as if it is a summer day.





Passing time, Persephone checks out finds at the thrift store on Beaver. The shop has been rearranged quite beautifully so her mind swirls about for the reasons why. Have they sold out or new management perhaps? She doesn't care enough to ask, just wonders a bit and then, allows the thought to float away as if a slight breeze arose. Instead, Perce enjoys the visuals.


For certain, she'd like a jacket. Black. Something that would align with her jeans and button downs, Converse. Cruising through, she spies a tall slender Japanese fountain that a friend would love. There's 50s chocolate leather chairs that would serve someone's retro cool style if they didn't look like they'd been fished from the dumpster.


Breezing upstairs, she checks out the ties as she often spies something Hepcat for three bones or so. Nope. Not this time. The first couple of rooms don't interest Perce so much. Making her way to the queue of jackets. Her hand reaches out brushing the black jackets in her size. A simple wool Talbots with gold buttons meets her tingling fingers and she knows she's discovered her intention.




Walking home, Persephone's bags swing at her side as she leaps over puddles. She watches the pines shake off the snow. A mist of white glides through the air shimmering like magick. The trees shush a bit as if relieved to be free of the weight.


As the flurries have been on the ground for a while, the mounds are laced with darkness along the roadways. Perce isn't bothered by the contrast instead appreciating another opportunity to find shapes and forms in the distinctions.


The neighborhood cats make their way across the snow covered road as if it's a balmy afternoon. Persephone questions whether their paws are freezing cold as their pads remind her of the heels of those upright.




Inspiration surrounds dreamers.




And tomorrow.


Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 79 of 365 Orbit


PS- Poe's quote inspires today.


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Quiet Places | Shining Through



Winter's light crests just above freezing. The bright sun doesn't penetrate the snowy ice instead reflecting a promising glare.


Icy brilliance.



Persephone thrives in wintertime.


Her mind clear with energy for days, she goes about in weather. Lovely snow flurries inspire laughter as the flakes catch in her lashes.


Clear days, her glasses quickly darken as she penguin walks on the ice packed snow. Her boots squeak and crunch as Perce's tall dark Hunter's navigate the mostly covered sidewalks with ease.


Warmth within.



Inside, the smoke rises from mesquite suggesting cozy space. Persephone lights candles. The mood shifts calm playful as the flames dance about. Outside the window, sun begins to circle round, the light piercing sheers.


Violet thrives in indirect light. Her furry green leaves shimmer purple as she's leaning into nourishment. Beside her, a sidekick its leaves seeking light growing like a teen.


As sun is down, wooden shades close for the night.





We'll be seeing you tomorrow.


Cheers and best,


Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 78 of 365 Orbit

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Still Dark | Mostly Within


As the year sets off with planetary alignments, the stars taking the lead in the story, she's slow to consecrate her intends. They come to her in succinct sentences breathing deeply. Persephone chews on them a bit going-in, feeling the core of the value.


Then, a couple of words go on a tiny sticky until they are to be etched into the scrolls that will serve throughout the year. The small box, made of cloves, purchased from a museum store way back when serves as their casket.


As Perce considers the sentiments within, she's less inclined to include material or corporeal intents as this is a Capricornian year. She's certain the manner in which she intends to feel will manifest in her consciousness as something tangible.



A sticky summons her on a particular day.  Making intentional moves, she steps into the process. The vintage paper strip is brought out with a particular pencil. The paper is old and was found hiding in the basement of a mansion during an estate sale. She sensed it was intended for her particular use.


"How much is this?" Perce inquires holding out the old water stained box.


"Take it along with anything else in the canned storage room." The seller gestures towards a load of rubbish mostly from the 50s – 70s piled upon the shelves inside the cool damp room.


Persephone smiles. "Thanks." Walking away with a sealed box of textured Speedball typing paper. She is confident it is in pristine condition.



The pencil in her hand gleams silver with that perfect 1950s blue on the other end, the Cross engraving gives it a name. Each time she scribes specially with this implement, she remembers Mary and Ruby. On her high school graduation, they handed her a small neatly wrapped gift. Inside, a cool retro style navy blue box was lined with light blue linen. Her pencil nested inside.


"We've never used it. We know how you like things and thought this would be perfect." Mary's pointing to the pencil.


"It's most perfect!" Persephone wraps her arms around her aunts in turn.



Accouterment at the ready, she spins a short yarn that embodies her intention. Using her pencil, she turns the old into a scroll and wraps her talisman thrice with twine. Stone and tiny charms are tucked within. The ends folded in, she seals them with wax.


Anointed, they rest upon her year's stones that represent Capricorn energy. When the scroll calls to her, it is carefully placed in the small clove box resting with others on a bed of the spice.


So it is.



I hope your 2020 intentions are going swimmingly.

There's time. All in good time.


Cheers and best,


Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 77 of 365 Orbit 

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Inner Journey | Present


As yards remain with snow, the roads clear. Journeying out for lunch it's still a very short drive as the sidewalks are unpredictable.


Considered within.



Parking two wheels on the icy snow on the asphalt closest the curb. Transverse icy patch to the sidewalk. On Leroux, it's a short jaunt to Aspen in order to catch the hidden alleyway to SaSoba.


Target Lunch and a chat.



Rich meaty noodle soup that warms bones clearing the mind in juxtaposition with cool crisp seaweed noodle salad.





Considerations. In the middles. What ifs. It wills. Thought still in process. Ebb and flow.


Catching up leads to a trip to the thrift store.



Navigating our way across the icy parking lot, no need to lock the auto.  Much to find; however, an inky Talbot's blazer with gold button is procured for a sweet price. Comrade spies the coolest fountain, tabletop tall Japanese.





Running errands, the drivers allow space for traffic to merge onto the road.

Coast remains clear in right timing. The gas cap with a history of a bit of a hitch opens smoothly.





Our inner world always in play. Perhaps we decide what the outer looks like, yeah?


Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 76 of 365 Orbit

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Sacred Pool | Inner Journey Pt. 3


The Journey began last week here on my blog with "Illuminating the Path." 



The Sacred Pool's silky water's temperature aligns with Persephone as she continues her walk to the center. At the under water's cliff edge, she raises her wand, "Duck feather's." she quietly expresses with a flick.


Confidently, she steps into the abyss with her left slippered foot. Her body slowly readjusts to a supine position floating at the pools surface.


"Much thanks." She extends a smile of gratitude to the water element beneath her.


The meditative process takes much from her. Perce's aware that some of the pool's energies have transformed since her last visit. She is not certain the vibrations are in complete alignment with her intentions. She considers them questions.


"Are you ready to release this pattern? Or does it still lie within your 'wheelhouse?" Perce is not sure it is her own manifestations projecting.


No answer.



When walking toward the center of her meditation space, she spied tools lying lazily on the pool's shore. Persephone ascertains whether these tools were discarded by another being. Perhaps energies left for particular use for the next visitor to this sacred space. Or maybe they are indeed manifestations of her subconscious. That is mirrors of the unresolved within.


Before beginning her meditation, Perce considers each tool in turn so to clear the space for her intended work. She brings her awareness to her mind's eye. With adept precision, she lowers her consciousness into the pool. Surrounded by the conducting element of within, flowing water, she inspects the contents of the pool.



The blade, an alchemist's tool for working with the element of air. She considers her breath. The sympathetic rhythm in tune with deep meditation, she is not in need. Next, Perce queries Spirit. The threads are sure, she is in alignment. Perce's still not certain so she checks in with her mind. In equanimity, safe, curious supported by her Shaman's Stone and Ammonite.



"Next." Persephone quietly calls. It perturbs her as the items are sequestering time.


The challis bumps up against her submerged shadow. She queries the golden form's vibration for use.


"Watery…" Perce ponders, "I'm surrounded by it. Need I consider more? The flow?"


She lingers on the challis with her emotional compass in mind. Feeling into a powerful space, she clearly sees her guides, Aldwine, her scepter and Akashics. She feels connected and loved. Her Green Chert and Smoky Quartz point further support her sensitivity.


"Nope." The challis finds another home at the bottom of the pool, nestled in the sand, still in proximity to the blade.



With an uninterested sigh, Perce sets out to examine the set of runes lying farthest from her. Her ghost-like form swims to them in lieu of calling them in. She reaches out to take one of the ivory stone tiles in her spirit-hand when an eerie vibration stirs the soft silty bottom of the pool, the runes barely visible.


With one rune stone in her hand, Persephone uses her mind's eye to seek out its source. Nothing from below the surface. Perce realizes this energy is mucking about in her as above conscious space as well.


Her shadow-spirit below begins to rise to the surface meeting the light, awareness.



As she's reconnected to the corporeal form floating on the surface of the Sacred Pool, Perce takes a moment to breathe integrating what just occurred. Slowly, she opens her eyes to the bright sunny sky above. She feels the safety her buoyant gown about her.  Her wand is held in her left hand with the Shaman's Stone. The Ammonite is softly clutched in her right hand.


Perce comes to a sitting, treading water pose, and looks up to her tools. They stand ready, her staff gesturing she use her yew wand if need be. She believes her Akashics are not for this exercise. She nods in return that she's okay.


Turning toward Aldwine above her, she sees he's standing his head down as he's watching over his charge.


"What is it?" Persephone asks her spirit guide.


"Look to the dark spaces around the pool. You will find the disturbance there."

Aldwine is clearly concerned. "You can do this P."


Perce's not so sure, but decides to give it a go and returns assent to her Lynx guide.



Slowly turning her head, she seeks what's lurking in the shadows. Perce blinks shocked by what she sees. Ghostly faces, the same face repeated. She recognizes the face, but is not certain where she's seen it before.


"Have I dreamt this face? Is it from something I've researched? Has this being been at the pool when I was here before?" Perce's running through all the options she can think of.


Panicking, her heavy gown begins to lose its buoyancy dragging Perce under. Footing is not an option as the center of the pool's depth is unknown. She struggles to break the surface. Her legs catch in the layers of skirting. In terror, she's lost her tools.


A burst of bubbles erupt next to her. Perce is so frightened, she stills. The back of her collar is taken in the jaws of the large cat. Persephone is quickly brought to the surface. With a loud gasp, she takes in air. Her mind goes to the offered blade she didn't keep at her side.


Aldwine swims to the shallows where Perce finds purchase and crawls to the shore. Rolling onto the sand, she covets the oxygen surrounding her. Persephone looks to her guide, wraps her sleeve soaked arms around her the soft cat and begins to weep.


"There. There P," Aldwine purrs to calm Persephone. "You are quite safe."



Part 4 tomorrow as Perce problem solves.


Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 75 of 365 Orbit



Goddess Journey Project:
Filled with small details telling stories with colors, objects and symbols, Chere weaves the tale of the Goddess and the path to harmony within.

* Check out the series here on her blog


Also, I will be going this week to talk about Alchemy and how it inspires my fantasy Sci Fi writing. This new series is a reflection of the craft.

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Sacred Pool | Inner Journey Pt. 2


The Journey began last week here on my blog with "Illuminating the Path."




"Where? Where are you Aldwine?" Persephone is kneeling before her suitcase looking around the perimeter of the blue green pool.


Her eyes pass a ledge. She quickly returns to it doing a double take, "What? Wow! Aldwine, you're so… so furry." Her mouth akin to a cod fish.


"Close your mouth. Yes, it is I. I wasn't so sure you would carry my energetic thread along with you to the pool." He licks his meaty Lynx paw and blinks like a satisfied kitty.


Perce's not sure how this is going to go. "So you're happy with the manifestation?" One leap and he's on top of her, claws and all.


"I am." Aldwine nods.


Persephone expresses a long sigh for she's been holding her breath, "Whew!" her left hand goes to her heart, "Good." Smiling with a nod.


Perce considers the manifestation carefully. The Lynx visits her often during her journeys. As a psychic protector supporting her wellbeing: a sense of equanimity in mind, emotions and body.


Nodding to Aldwine who gestures she should proceed, she opens her case. Retrieving smudging tools as she calls in from the bottomless case, Perce cleanses her sacred space with Palo Santo and Sweetgrass. With intention, she covers her body, mind and spirit with the calming smoke. She blows a waft Aldwines way with a playful smile. The familiar smell brings her to present with her workings. Her spirit guide witnessing her ritual.


As this container is maintained by the elements and the Goddess, she is here to inner journey visiting the within that is to integrate for wisdom in present time.


For Aldwine, she places her left hand in the silk lined leather case. With a drawing motion, she requests a feathery light clear rough Golden Amber as it is his totem along with a pink spotted-brown/black Leopardskin jasper stone. Both stones, to maintain the thread between her and her spirit guide during her time in the pool.


She holds them up to the interested huge kitty on the other side of the small pool. "Yeah?"


He nods his purr reverberating off the stone walls.



She places her index finger to her mouth considering what magicks she should bring with her as she goes within, deep within. Her finger flies to the air as she takes in a breath. She's got it.


Left hand back in the old case, she claws at the lining, asking. When drawing out her hands, she palms jade colored Green Chert for spatial care, black Tourmaline for stability and safe return, and lastly, a chocolatey Smokey Quartz point to keep anything not for Perce's highest good at bay.


"Nice…" She's all-in with the process speaking only to herself.


The space managed with great care, Persephone slowly goes into her ritual case summoning holding her left hand inside touching nothing. Two small items meet her hand pulsing a quick blistering heat.


Perce grasps them in response. Hopeful, she closes her eyes and places them to her heart center. Slowly opening her hand, she takes a peek. Her swirling nautilus slice of Ammonite and cleverly shaped cloudy Shaman's Stone rests in the center of her palm.


Placing her right hand over her left, she extends gratitude for the process. Eyes to the sky, calm, smile on her face, "Thank you." she whispers.


Next, she quickly pulls a green bees wax rolled pillar candle and a light colored ritual cloth along with her anointing oil from her case.


Closing the lid, she taps the top and chimes, "Thanks!" sealing her suitcase of magicks.


Stones anointed, they are placed on a large sacred rock, well special to her as she's used it many times. Her candle is lit, fire.


The Ammonite and Shaman's Stone remain in her palms.

Looking up to another ledge above her, she spies her scepter lazily leaning against the stone wall. She asks. "Say… I cannot possibly hold you while meditating in the water. A smaller version please?"


A perfectly sized yew wand appears in her left hand.


"Thank you." she smiles and nods.


Book(s) begins to stir floating next to her long wooden staff. Perce responds. "Yes, but not yet. I'll let you know."


Persephone stands, her gleaming gown's skirts fall around her. Her soft slippers now under water as she slowly makes her way to the center of Sacred Pool.



Part 3 tomorrow, Perce's going within. See you then.


Cheers and best,


Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 74 of 365 Orbit



Goddess Journey Project:
Filled with small details telling stories with colors, objects and symbols, Chere weaves the tale of the Goddess and the path to harmony within.

* Check out the series here on her blog


Also, I will be going this week to talk about Alchemy and how it inspires my fantasy Sci Fi writing. This new series is a reflection of the craft.

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Sacred Pool | Inner Journey Pt. 1


The Journey began last week here on my blog with "Illuminating the Path."




Persephone grumbles as she makes her way through the dense foliage of ferns and shrubs. "Why is it that I am unable to access the pool directly?"


No answer.



Her ritual attire has transformed from a rich red velvet with gold and purple brocade ceremonial robe to a glimmering gown accessorized with comfortable slippers. Even though she's walking along a narrow earthen path rubbing against the surrounding flora, her dress and shoes remain spotless.


Perce lifts her skirts increasing her pace as she spies the Sacred Tree. She could feel the presence of great wisdom before her prior to making eye contact with the majestic Ponderosa pine. Its roughly barked trunk standing firm as the branches and needles move about in an almost anthropomorphic manner.


Sacred Tree is welcoming Perce.


Perce maintains eye contact with the gateway as her tools follow alongside. She calls her wand that's awaiting her command.

"Staff." Holding out her left hand.


Perce's polished yew wood scepter arrives quickly. She grips it comfortably setting an end on the forest floor.


The book(s) flaps about softly at her right shoulder, she smiles addressing her summoned resources. "You may as well manifest as the lovely deep green book that is my Akashics right now. We will be arriving soon."


Easer to comply, the book(s) transforms with a glow into the old leather book with gleaming gilded edged pages. The new form gives Persephone a nod and gestures she enter the portal.


"I am on it. Be patient." She smiles as she's enjoying seeing the records of her energetic past outside of the ancient library she usually visits for access to her ever-history.



Perce turns her smile toward Sacred Tree. Calm serenity rains down on Persephone as she opens her mind's eye. About 8 inches from the entry that leads to Sacred Pool, Perce taps her wand on the forest floor.


Three taps and a wooden door surfaces for the tree's wide trunk. Three more taps and the door slowly opens. With intent, Perce step over the threshold. Three taps on the floor of the inside of Sacred Tree and the door vanishes.


Perce lets go of her staff exclaiming, "There." wipes her hands together and then with her hands to her sides, she flicks the remaining energy toward the ground. Gratitude for harnessed energy that is now available for use, she lets out a soft sigh.


Her tools float alongside her as she walks to the inside wall. Kneeling down, Persephone draws a rough rose quartz stone from her pocket. With her fingers, she digs a small hole.


Kissing the stone, she smiles to Tree and whispers, "Thank you."


Perce places the stone in the hole and covers it up giving it a loving pat before standing.



Gesturing to her scepter and book(s,) she calls out from the third stair. "Well… come on."


Perce's eyes are to the sky as she climbs the great tree's staircase. Step by step, she's preparing for entrance to her Sacred Pool. It's access unconventional. Perce considers if she had found another route during her first visit, perhaps she wouldn't need to psych herself out like this.


Persephone considers using her wand. She instead begins her preparations by yawning and stretching. Calming the circuits in her brain. After several rounds, still slowly climbing the stairs, she shakes the subsequent tense energy from the rest of her body with a wiggle.


At the top of the staircase, her staff and book(s) still just behind her, she walks out onto the tallest limb. Looking down at the cloud cover, she stretches her hands to her sides and jumps.


Perce feels the mist of the clouds on her face. She can hear book(s) flapping just behind her to her right. Persephone can feel staff with her to her left. As the clouds clear, she's warmed by the jungle's humid sunny atmosphere. Placing her hands before into a point, she clears the water without a splash.



As it's always a bit harrowing Perce floats on her back for a moment. Her staff and book(s) have found a shady area to rest. Looking about, she notices the changes.


"Hmmm… the keys are new. Fun." Perce talks to all that is around her. The leaves rustle as the water laps on the shore of the pond. Some sounds are foreign to her.


Persephone loves keys and would enjoy it if they are a part of this journey, "Well see…" she muses.


Stepping out of the pool, Perce finds her vintage leather suitcase that conveniently appears here from her hallway closet at home. As the meditation requires some crystal magick and fire, Persephone's brought accouterments.


Before opening her leather suitcase, she calls her guide, "Aldwine!" Louder than is necessary.


"Here child." he answers with a purr.




And so the journey continues. Be seeing you tomorrow.


Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 73 of 365 Orbit



Goddess Journey Project:
Filled with small details telling stories with colors, objects and symbols, Chere weaves the tale of the Goddess and the path to harmony within.



Also, I will be going this week to talk about Alchemy and how it inspires my fantasy Sci Fi writing. This new series is a reflection of the craft.

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Solar Return



Orbit round the Sun


Tis arbitrary indeed


Keep count if you'd like





Haiku musings regarding my birthday today.


Be seeing you tomorrow.


Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 72 of 365 Orbit

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Illuminating the Path | Journey Begins Pt. 5


Perce holds her finger out drawing in her sacred book(s.)


She closes her eyes. "Green." She whispers.


Kicking back over by the staff and jumping about, the book(s) freezes suspended in the air with a "Who me?" gesture.


A little louder this time. "Yes…. YOU." Persephone presses ten fingers in the air toward the book(s.)


The book(s) waves a definitive, "No…" and begins softly pulsing in the air remaining next to the scepter.



Aldwine, having watched the volley with amusement, decides it's time to intercede. "Wait, wait… you don't just jump in. Cannonball style! Hold up a minute."


Perce's hands are on her hips. "How come? I'm ready. What's that book(s) got to do that's more important than the pool?"


"The book is ready P." Aldwine lands softly on her shoulder. "You need to take a breath."



"Just how did you come up with the Sacred Pool?" Aldwine's taken aback a bit by Perce's awareness.


"It's my go-to space for considering my soul's journey. And the hunter green book with gold leaf pages is MY Akashics after all." Perce responds realizing that Aldwine's pacing her.


"You are itching to get there with THAT book aren't you?" Aldwine lightens the energetic space.


Perce smiles. "I sure am. I have some things there that will just sing with my Akashics in proximity."


"I understand; however, slow and steady wins the race P." Aldwine waves his wing at Perce's ear. "Go within for you are neglecting a very important aspect of your journey."



Perce begins to pace back and forth in her grotto. Her robes flow behind her. She pauses and attempts to draw the floating magickal book(s) toward her once again. It pulses with a golden light and then shakes negative.


Aldwine patiently rests on top the desk . He murmers, "Be present. There's no hurry. There's plenty of time."


Perce has her fingers to her lips. Head down, she slows. Suddenly, she stops. Her royal robe gleams as she takes her place at her desk. "My intentions. I must handle them specially."


Aldwine responds. "There you go."



Perce carefully rolls the vintage paper into a multilayered scroll. Taking a bit of twine she intentionally wraps and then, knots the roll of paper three times.


"There." She's talking to herself and her talisman.


"Just one last…" Perce takes the candle and drips wax on the seam and twine. "Sealed. So it is…"


Taking the scroll in her left hand, she kneels on a small silk tapestry rug that lies on the cold stone floor. Arranging her robes, shawl and head covering, she places the scroll in her lap.


As Persephone raises her hands to her heart and power center, she nods to Aldwine. He responds by landing to her side.


"I know you may be with me only in spirit at the pool." Perce smiles to her spirit animal, the wise mentor supporting her journey.


Aldwine leans in, "We'll see P." and gestures Persephone to begin.



Perce's grotto naturally harnesses the four corners as well as the above and below. She sends acknowledgement and gratitude.


Placing her hands palms up in her lap, she summons Luna. Perce's eyes closed, she feels a prickling in the center of her hands. Her face warms.


The Goddess has graced her with presence.


Hands to the center of her chest, she looks toward the metaphor of the Goddess, a glowing golden orb floating before her.


She makes her request. "I am in need of your assistance. I am seeding. I am deliberate. I am intentioned. May your energies align with my journey in frequency and vibration."


The Goddess's energy is gentle and kind. A nurturing spirit, Luna sends accent via warmth through Persephone.


Persephone response with grace. Hands in gratitude. "And we will meet again next moon. So it is."


She lifts her grateful hands to the grotto's cloudy blue sky thanking the elements and above/below that maintain her sacred container, her grotto.



Aldwine takes flight. "You've harnessed your tools and guides. I am here for you P as is Luna. Use your book(s) and staff effectively and in right timing."


"Thank you Aldwine." Persephone stands and sends prayer hands in gratitude to the floating snowy white bird.


Without further ado, she takes the scroll in her hand and presses it into the grottos wall. The wall absorbs her intentions. Both Perce and Aldwine feel the power of her intentions seeding in sacred protected space.


Perce holds her ten fingers out, her wands summon. "Come." The book(s) fly into her left hand. The scepter lands into her right.


Perce shimmers and disappears with a last fading star. She doesn't realize her scroll sneaked into the binding of her book just before she disappeared.


Aldwine smiles and expresses a laugh. Taking flight, he vanishes through the magick dark sky ceiling's clouds.



And so the journey continues. Tomorrow the next chapter, per se: Sacred Pool.


Cheers and best,



Telling Tales | Whispering Secrets

Day 71 of 365 Orbit



Goddess Journey Project:
Filled with small details telling stories with colors, objects and symbols, Chere weaves the tale of the Goddess and the path to harmony within.

* Check out the series here on her blog


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Illuminating the Path | Journey Begins Pt. 4


Aldwine observes Persephone as she inspects her tools.


"They're simple, yet powerful." Perce muses as she grasps hold of her long staff.


The yew wood is carefully crafted. She's pleased as Yew is her favorite right now. The wood gleams with her touch. It warms with her intensity of hand.


"I look forward to what's in store." She's speaking to both Aldwine and her scepter.



She holds out her hands in front of her.


Perce's eyes follow her summoned book(s) that is flitting about her warmly lit grotto. Soaring amongst the colorful lamps then swooping down almost extinguishing the single candle flame residing on the desk. She smiles at the playfulness.


Using her eyes, she draws the book(s) to her hands by eyes on her flying object and eyes to her ready hands in turn. The book(s) is keen to connect and quickly lands in her outstretched palms.


The warmth is loving. The book currently rich hunter green, the full account of her energetic existence before her.


Perce whispers. "It's still here…."


She closes the book opening it once again. Her eye's meet a beautiful violet book with pearlescent pages.


With a squeal. "The higher realms are still with us Aldwine!"


Her spirit guide responds. "Did you sense your summoning was that transient?"


"Well… no. I'm just so grateful." A wide smile is directed to the snowy white owl.

Persephone repeats the process.


The violet tome deepens to a rich purple.


"My people are with me always; however, here in this concentrated space," She gestures toward the book with her eyes and returns directing her gaze to Aldwine.

"they all reside: my wise-self, my ancestors, my elders, my guides… the lot of them."


Perce rubs the pages and closes the book(s.) Walking to the small desk, she places the book down. It quickly flies away hanging out by Perce's tall magical wand.


"I've gotta get used to that." Perce laughs as Aldwine lands on the desk.



As he looks over the glowing pages before them, "You have been quite thorough here, Persephone."


"Yeah, thanks. Call me 'P.' My close-ones do." Her eyes remain on the pages as her hand floats over the penciled script on vintage Speedball paper.


Aldwine gets a bit choked up. They haven't even begun and Perce is already sensing their adventure will be rich in connection. He so enjoys those spirits that are 'all in.'


"Tell about this process P."



"Well… I begin on 12th Night and for 12 days. I write." Perce takes a seat.


She leans on the desk as Aldwine settles.


Her chin resting in her hands, she continues. "At first, I take stock of the year. With honesty, I consider what went well. I write until I'm repeating myself. Then write just a bit further and the crème rises. I do the same with what went pear-shaped, challenges as well as what I was not aligned with." She looks to the pages.


"That takes courage. It's a bit taxing." Her spirit guide is fully in tune with his charge.


Perce raises up and takes in a deep breathe, letting it out. "Yeah it is. And it's not done then. I take each of the subsequent 12 days and focus on an area of my life. I decide what it will look like in following year. You know, this or better."


"You are not a Clairvoyant P." Aldwine sounds more stern than he intends.


Perce laughs. "You are indeed right about that. But that's part of the joie de vivre of life. The je ne sais quoi."


Aldwine opens his feathers a bit as he's laughing. "Oh… okay. If that's what you tell yourself P."


"I do!"


"And there's wisdom in your perspective." He smiles having ruffled Perce's feather a bit.


Perce laughs realizing Aldwine's teasing is a sign he's pleased with her progress so far, as her mentor and all.



Persephone is suddenly more serious. "I really focus on the feels. You know, accessing my wise-self. I use my mind. That is my logic, reason and intellect along with how my body feels when manifesting my purpose."


Aldwine is standing straighter leaning in a bit. "Tell me more. This is going to serve you well during our journey."


"Well… it's for both ascertaining my place within my journey and intending by feeling as if the future has already has taken place. You know, trying it on for size per se. I do account for the rhythms of life and course correct as needed. Intentionally that is. The key and greatest challenge for me is taking action. I can dwell in my head a bit too much."



"I understand…." Aldwine's feathers are close to Perce. She can feel his warmth and kindness. With wisdom, he guides. "It is time for you to take the next step in the process."


"It's the green book, isn't it?" Perce smiles in anticipation.


"Right you are!" Aldwine adores his charge.





The conclusion tomorrow.


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Day 70 of 365 Orbit


Ps- I will be going live next week to talk about Alchemy and how it inspires my fantasy Sci Fi writing. This new series is a reflection of the craft.

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